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You are receiving this email because you are a Rose Program Insider and/or a member of Life Force Families.

Candlelit Bath Time, March Book Club, Pregnancy “Gut Check,” Scarlet Millet and more!

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Amanda Dennis (Co-Founder, Life Force Families)

We’ve added a new element to our nightly routine – about 45 minutes before bedtime, my husband and I put on soothing music, turn the lights in the apartment down low, and give Madeline a bubble bath by candlelight. After this, we cuddle in our bed and I rub Madeline’s feet, legs, arms and back with essential oils. The first night we did this, Madeline said three times as I rubbed her little body with the beautiful fragrances, “I’m so happy!” Both of our hearts melted and a new ritual was born!

We normally give her a bath around bedtime but the simple steps of reducing the lights, adding soft music, and oils has really brought the relaxation and transition to bedtime to a whole new level. Our children feel and experience as much stress living in the world as we do and taking the time to help them unwind from the activity of the day can be a pleasurable experience for the whole family. Added bonus? The oils leave their heavenly scent on our sheets!

This week’s digest includes:

Amanda’s Pregnancy Blog – “Gut Check: 12 Week Nuchal translucency (NT) Scan”
Recipes – Susie Castillo’s “Scarlet Millet
Do you have Life Force? – Kyro the Coconut Water Connoisseur
Weekly Channel Excerpt - Cause and Effect
March Book Club
Community Posts

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Pregnancy Blog Entry #2: Gut Check - 12 Week Nuchal translucency (NT) Scan

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"With this pregnancy, I wasn’t sure how the process would work! Do I still go to the doctor even though I’m working with a midwife and doing a home birth? Do I still need to do all of the screening and testing I did with pregnancy #1 (I remember lots of peeing in cups, weighing-in, blood tests, and ultrasounds!) Is there a true benefit to any of this screening and testing or is it just another part of the “system” that I am not as excited about this time around?" Read more.


Susie's Scarlet Millet

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I used only dill on this day and topped it with a Hass avocado. It was delish!" - Susie Castillo


Susie Castillo

"So there's a great macrobiotic and organic restaurant in West Hollywood called M Cafe that's one of my favorite places to have yummy meals. I don't like it as much as Real Food Daily but it takes second place on my "healthy places to eat in L.A." list. One of my favorite side dishes at M Cafe is their "scarlet quinoa" but I thought I could perfect it at home using the healthier alternative to quinoa -- which is millet -- and some of my favorite ingredients like garlic. Low and behold, I made it and it turned out great! My Scarlet Millet is one of the best dishes that I've created since starting my adventurous healthy cooking life : )"

Click here to view recipe and comment on recipe.

Click here to visit Susie's website.


Do You Have Life Force?


Kyro Mills (8) Montclair, NJ

Kyro Mills does!!!

Click here to watch the video of Kyro the Coconut Water Connoisseur.

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Cause and Effect.

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Cause and effect is one of the key natural laws of the universe. We can either put in motion the causes that result in our children’s vitality and blossoming, or we can be a part of the causes that result in imbalances and suffering. These are the years when we are shaping our children’s bodies and perspectives. If you take an empowered approach and they see joy in it, they will receive it well because they want their parents to be happy, and every child responds to the flow of positive energy. However, if you seem nervous, overwhelmed, or overly rigid about this approach to life, they will have no reason to believe in its life-generating effects; they will see it as a burden rather than a joyful expression of life and love.

Enjoy the process and remind yourself that the goal is progress, not perfection. Use your own intuition and expert knowledge of your family, and take full advantage of the community resources we’ve provided here for all parents. Remember, we are all connected and in this together! Read more

Excerpt from Curriculum Channel: Elementary School

Click here to view full Curriculum topics for Elementary School:

The “Dance” – Learning when to be flexible and when to be firm
The Ideal Elementary School Daily Diet
Bagged Lunches
Public and Private School Cafeteria Foods
Converting the Picky Eater
Home Life
Dealing with a Hectic Schedule
Social Activities
TV, Media, and Video Games


March Book Club!


Teaching the Attraction Principle to Children: Practical Strategies for Parents and Teachers to Help Children Manifest a Better World

Date: Tuesday March 1 - Thursday March 31, 2011

Book: Teaching the Attraction Principle to Children: Practical Strategies for Parents and Teachers to Help Children Manifest a Better World [Hardcover]

Why: We chose this book per Dr. Palevsky's recommendation during our live interview in February. This will be a new read for us all!

Book Description: The keys to helping children understand and apply the ATTRACTION PRINCIPLE™ are contained in this book. It will guide you in helping them to use these transformational concepts to live their best lives and manifest a better world. Using the combined power of the ATTRACTION PRINCIPLE™, your strong desire, and this book as your guide, you can channel the energies of the universe to create what you desire for yourself and for your children.

Discussion: The discussion for this book will take place all month long in our online community Discussion Forum! Please post questions, thoughts, comments here so we can join together and learn.

Buy Now via Life Force Families Online Store.


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