As we approach the season of exchanging gifts, and as my apothecary gains momentum again, I've been sifting through old recipe journals. This inevita

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As we approach the season of exchanging gifts, and as my apothecary gains momentum again, I've been sifting through old recipe journals.

This inevitably leads to many sighs of good memories, interesting realizations, proud moments of recipes that have stood the test of time, and hysterical laughter.

Boy did I write some funny stuff.

So this week is a medley of recipes you can easily do at home for lovely gifts to give, and some recipes that I would simply mark "WTF". Hopefully the difference will be quite obvious.

Enjoy :)

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Labia Liniment - 1999


Ok. Labia liniment. I think I spelled it wrong though. But after you have a baby - who cares!!! You just want your "down there" to feel all better. Fast.

Hence this incredibly effective perineum spray. I kept mine in the fridge!

Labia Liniment:

Distilled water, 1 quart
1/2 cup each herb:
Leaf and Root of Comfrey (fresh or dried)
Calendula Blossoms,
Chamomile Flowers
Bach's Rescue Remedy
Pure essential oils of Lavender, Chamomile (blue or Roman), Sandalwood, and Cypress


Boil up about a quart of your distilled water.
Pour this over your herbs (in a heat-proof jar or pot)
Let steep for 4 hours
Strain and let cool.
Add 8-15 drops of each essential oil to the infusion
Sandalwood can be replaced with Clary Sage or Myrrh
Cypress can be replaced with Blue Yarrow
Add Rescue remedy, per your preference based on bottle directions.

Shake this up well, and pour into a 4 oz mister bottle. Keep all refrigerated, freeze the extra if you want it to last longer.

Spray liberally onto perineum after using the bathroom or as often as needed.

Indeed this would make a welcome gift for any new mom - but do us all a favor and give it a better name. lol.

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Bathing Beauty

Baths with a sachet of fragrant herbs are a much needed healing ritual during the cold and demanding weeks of winter.

A muslin baggie can be filled with a combination of dried herbs, oatmeal, clay, salts, and (if desired) essential oils, for an easy to give, easy to use, luxury bathing treat.

Dried herbs to consider:

Mint, Chamomile, Lavender, Roses, Sage, Rosemary, Basil, Bee Balm, Comfrey, or Pine needles.

Kitchen Items to consider:

Soothing Oatmeal
Slippery Flax seed,
Powdered milk (keep in mind proper storage if giving away as a gift)

Epsom Salts are an excellent addition. They are easy to find and relatively inexpensive. Epsom Salt/Herb bath teas are a welcome gift for athletes!

And if you're into essential oils, you can mix drops into a large bowl of your tub tea ingredients. Just be sure to use oils that are high quality, and not going to be irritating. Remember they are fat-soluble (not water soluble) so they won't distribute in the bathwater very well. Powdered whole milk will help.
EO's like Cinnamon, Birch, Ginger, and Clove should be avoided in the bath teas for gifts as they will penetrate the skin with more vigor as the hot water both vaporizes the oil and opens the pores of our skin. Use the dried spices instead.

When all is happy-happy in a bowl together, scoop into the muslin baggies and pack them up for presents!! (Make sure you make one for your own stash, too ;)

To Use: Simply plop a baggie into the tub and it will infuse while the bath is filling. Use as a wash pouch if it's not scratchy.

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Yeast-End (?) 1999

Some days I wonder if I was just lactating my brain cells away.

Who wants to receive a powder named Yeast-End? Or have that on their shelf for all to see?
Sheesh. Some discretion please.

AND ... who wants their crotch died black with walnut powder!!!

I'm marking this one: WTF.

If you want to make a good home powder, stick with Kaolin Clay, Rose powder, Comfrey root powder, and some simple essential oils of choice. Nothing with strong color, and nothing that will sting or smell like ben-gay.

(And yes - those are bananagram letters - I'm a total addict)

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Chilly Putty

Aside from being a banangrams addict, I also hoard alliterations and bad puns. It makes life with two homeschooing kids fun.

Hence this recipe for a foot softening balm. We used this recipe at a beach-front spa day in, maybe, 2001?

I'd say it's a bit over-done, and a simple rosemary, sage or calendula salve would do the trick just fine, with the addition of some nice lanolin. But it sure gave me a chuckle.

We also made foot scrub out of soft beach sand that day. mmm

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Well Then.

I'm guessing this potion was for WTF DAYS - considering the "w" at the bottom of the page that never got completed.

I do have faint, blurry memories of spraying this all over the house and hoping for a peaceful outcome.

Now-adays, I wouldn't hesitate to make the same formula for my teenagers.

To make? Don't follow this quantity-lacking recipe and spray plain oils all over. Add these oils at about 6 drops total per 1 oz carrier.

Your carrier can be a hydrosol, distilled water, or a mixture of tinctures and distilled water.

Be sure not to use a plastic spray bottle. Use glass and label clearly - out of reach of children! Shake before use.

Willow Rose1

Willow ~ Rose Duet

I think that's probably enough self-inflicted embarasment for today .... so I'll leave you with a wish for fun and delightful gift-making times, and my apothecary links to let you know I've come up with a few more elegant items to show for the last decade of creating.



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