Dear Friends, > We are returning to Hungary to work on the Roma and Friends Camp in Balatonlelle.> > And we are happy to announce that the DNAWO

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Dear Friends,

We are returning to Hungary to work on the Roma and Friends Camp in Balatonlelle.

And we are happy to announce that the DNAWORKS Roundtable will be held at

Golem Szinhaz (1, Holló street, Budapest 1075, Hungary)

Wednesday, 14 July, 18h-21h.

We very much look forward to seeing you, reconnecting, and hearing about your work this past year. Please share our invitation with any other colleagues you may want to invite.

The goals of the DNAWORKS Roundtable:
- To learn more about each others’ practices and the structure of artistic communities and organizations in Hungary;
- To share the work that DNAWORKS does; and
- To begin dialogue about possible future collaborations.

Please RSVP to us at

Looking forward to seeing you soon,

Daniel Banks and Adam McKinney
Co-Directors, DNAWORKS


DNAWORKS Roundtable at the Andrassy Hotel. Budapest, Hungary, 2009

Quotes from the DNAWORKS Roundtable 2009

"I would be very interested in meeting more Hungarian choreographers. I think that we don't really know each other. In Hungary, not many people know about my work. We don't know each other..."

"The dialogue itself is part of the work. This is not something people think is needed or important, unless it is a business or production meeting...communication itself in any form is not given the space or time."

"I have been in many conversations, but nothing came of them. What is the next point? When is the next meeting?"

"For me, this group showed me that a lot of people want to solve the Hungarian problem. So, I am happy to hear that and I would like to be a part of that. I want to talk about that and to find some sort of solution to our problems in Hungary."

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