Recompetition NewsBabies Can't Wait Update, March 2012 Here's an important Recompetition update thanks to the CAPLAW e-newsletter: Implementation o

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Recompetition News

Babies Can't Wait Update, March 2012


Here's an important Recompetition update thanks to the CAPLAW e-newsletter:

Implementation of the new competition requirements from the 2007 amendments to the Head Start Act have begun. The new Head Start regulation on competition, 45 C.F.R. Part 1307, became effective on December 9, 2011. In mid-December 2011, the Office of Head Start released a list of 132 grantees that would be required to compete for continued funding and sent notification letters to those grantees. The letters informed the grantees that the competition decision was based on HHS’s determination that they had at least one “deficiency” since June 2009. The list included a number of very large public grantees, such as New York City, Los Angeles, and Detroit, and over 50 Community Action Agencies. A number of the deficiencies related to health and safety issues, such as a child left on a bus or facilities maintenance issues.

In January 2012, HHS issued funding forecasts projecting that it would post Notices of Funding Opportunities for these service areas on March 23, 2012 and applications would be due on May 22, 2012. It appears, however, that the Office of Head Start may be delaying that posting date by at least several weeks.

A lawsuit has recently been filed in federal court attempting to stop implementation of the Head Start competition regulation. The parties bringing the lawsuit are the Ohio Head Start Association, the Ohio Association of Community Action Agencies, and the Massachusetts Association for Community Action. The suit claims that the regulations are invalid and should not be enforced because the new system does not reflect the expressed intent of Congress that only those grantees that are not providing “high quality” and “comprehensive” Head Start services should be required to compete for continued funding.

The complaint alleges that the regulation arbitrarily departed from the recommendations of the required expert panel by setting just one deficiency as a trigger, that the retroactive implementation of the rule (by looking at deficiencies going back to June 2009) was illegal, and that the regulation did not have a rational basis. It claims that by publicly labeling those grantees as not “high quality” they will be at a disadvantage in any competition.

The lawsuit asks the court to rule that the regulation is invalid and to require HHS to go back to the drawing board to draft a new regulation that complies with the statute. The court has not yet taken any action on the lawsuit.

Well, we don't know what will happen! But if you find your program still on the Recompetition List when the dust settles, our expert consultants can help you craft a grant application that is evidence-based and provides fresh and useful strategies based on your community needs.


Fiscal Services: Paul Michelson

Correcting audits with findings
Implementing auditor recommendations
Financial management
Fiscal compliance
Internal control systems
Federal administrative requirements
Cost principles
Fiscal Checklist Requirements
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PDM and ERSEA: Mary Sweikert

Community assessment
Human Resources
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Health, Prenatal, Nutrition Services: MaryKay Borders, RN, RD

Integrating health, nutrition, and prenatal

services into the curriculum
Observing and recording health and nutrition
Support of breast-feeding
Health and nutrition requirements
Required prenatal services
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Preschool Child Development: Yolanda Gonzales

Language development
Creative arts
Social-emotional development
Approaches to learning
Physical health and development
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Infant Toddler Child Development

Social-emotional development
Dual Language support
Learning and development
Culture and family beliefs
Home-based Program Option
Center-based Program Option (child care)
Family Child Care Program Option
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Family and Community Engagement: Linda Kimura

Respond to each culture, goals, circumstance
Comprehensive, individualized family pathways
Respectful, empowering sharing
Supporting children’s learning
Research and outcomes-based services
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