A Pathway to Hope April/May Newsletter The Importance of Training And Socialization -Bridget Gallagher, Canine Behavior Specialist Why dogs need to


The Importance of Training And Socialization

-Bridget Gallagher, Canine Behavior Specialist

Why dogs need to be socialized?

Dogs by instinct are social beings. They are pack animals, and the structure of the pack consists of a hierarchy system. In their world there is the Leader and then the Follower position, just like in the military. As a pack, they live and function as a family unit and take care of each other. Each dog is different. Some dogs are naturally confident, some are insecure, and each has a distinct personality. It is an absolute necessity for them to be in the company of others whether it is with other dogs and/or humans. It is their way of life! To have a dog living alone in a yard or isolated in a home is traumatic for them and cruel.

The importance of training is:

To learn how to communicate to your dog in a language they understand. Dogs have a completely different perception of the world than we do. They do not speak or understand the human language. They see the world as consisting of prey and predators, survival and claiming territory. They act on instinct and learn through association and contrary to popular belief, dogs cannot rationalize; therefore, they cannot be spiteful. They need structure, rules, and boundaries. It is important for dog owners to know how dogs think, learn and communicate. It is essential to learn their way of life and being, so that everyone is happy.

The most beautiful thing about dogs is that they are amazingly resilient.

Some have been traumatized and/or abused and are doing the best they can to survive both physically and mentally. As a result, some even become aggressive because they feel the need to defend themselves and they do not trust others.
BUT - No matter what they have been through – No matter how traumatized they have been – with a little help in the right direction, dogs are able to completely let go of the past and be happy and live just for today!

Dog Charmer: Bridget Gallagher - Canine Behavior Specialist
Tel: 973-931-9181
Email: bridget@dog-charmer.com

Dog Charmer
Pack Walk

Mark your Calendars!

Training and Socialization Opportunities offered by The Dog Charmer & A Pathway to Hope:

Contact us at pathwaytohope@yahoo.com for more details.

Saturday, May 19th
Basic Obedience session for adopters and fosters
North Haledon DPW Building
37 Willowbrook Ct. North Haledon
Join us for a basic obedience training session . Bring your dogs and any questions you may have on their behavior!
$20 suggested donation

Sunday, May 20th
Pack Walk and Pathway Play Date at the Dog Park
11am Play Date / 12pm Meet at the Dog Park for pack walk
South Mountain Reservation
Crest Drive off South Orange Ave., South Orange
If you need help with leash walking, this is the perfect session for you! Work with Bridget to master the walk!
$20 suggested donation

Looking for a way to socialize your puppy?? Sign up for Puppy Playtime at Corrado's Pet Market in Clifton.
Saturdays at 2pm
Puppies must be 6 month of age or younger and have proof of 1st distemper and bordetella vac.
$10 per session


Pet Sitting Share

Looking for a place for your dog to stay while you are away on vacation without doubling your vacation cost? A Pathway to Hope can link you up with other previous adopters to trade dog sitting. ALL have been screened and approved to adopt through vet check, references, phone interview and home visit. Please contact pathwaytohope@yahoo.com to sign up. Once we have a network of sitters, we'll set-up a message board to allow for quick and easy contact and networking to trade pet sitting!


Most Adoptable



Darla is one unique pooch! She is a Catahoula dog and has eye blue eyes. Darla is being fostered by Bridget, so couldn't be in better care! She loves to play, go for long walks and have her belly rubbed. She is very affectionate and loves to cuddle. She is obedient and is learning so much with Bridget that she will do well in almost any home.

For more information on Darla please visit her Petfinder profile, or email us at pathwaytohope@yahoo.com.


Paulie Juno

We are always in need of foster homes for our dogs and sometimes cats. If a calmer adult dog would best suit your household or a curious active puppy, we will match you up with the right dog for you. Have questions about fostering? Email and be set up with a foster mentor to help guide you through the process.



Ways to Help

These two sweet, scared dogs are living under cars at a gas station outside of Atlanta, GA. We have a rescuer down there that is trying to save them before they go to Animal Control. We are working with Rescue Me GA, Inc. out of the Atlanta area to try to save them. The yellow lab crawled to her and cowered and let her pet him. The husky mix was shaking with fear and likely in heat right now. Both willingly ate the food she gave them. Shelia of Rescue Me GA is willing to take them, and we will support her with your help, if we can get enough funds together to at least guarantee a month of care for both while we work on their long term plans.

We need to raise funds for their vetting and to board them ($10 / day). If you can help save these pups, please donate through our paypal (pathwaytohope@yahoo.com) or online How you Can Help (or mail checks to A Pathway to Hope, PO Box 165, Hawthorne, NJ 07507). Please note "Gas Station Pups" so we can use the funds accordingly.

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Click here for more information or to sign up.

Volunteers Needed

Interested in volunteering, but aren't able to foster? Contact pathwaytohope@yahoo.com to find out about volunteer opportunities, including driving for volunteer transports, attending events, event planning, helping with screening & home visits and more!


Monetary donations are always appreciated as many of our rescues come in needing special medical care. A link for donations can be found on our website at apathwaytohope.org. We are in need of dog treats, small martingale collars, cat carriers, litter boxes and frontline or advantage for both dogs and cats. Check out our wishlist as well on Amazon.com!


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