DNAWORKS is now scheduling HaMapah tour dates! Contact us now to bring HaMapah and other DNAWORKS programs, including film and dialogue workshops Hi

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DNAWORKS is now scheduling HaMapah tour dates!

Contact us now to bring HaMapah and other DNAWORKS programs, including film and dialogue workshops Hip Hop Theatre, trainings and more to your community!

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In Hebrew, HaMapah / המפה means “the tablecloth” or “the map." HaMapah / המפה weaves contemporary dance with archival material, personal interviews, Yiddish and American songs, and video set to traditional, contemporary, and classical music. In HaMapah / המפה, McKinney explores issues of identity, culture, self-hood, and community.

In exploring his African, American, and Jewish heritages, McKinney dances the personal and the collective, the local and the global, and the present and the past. HaMapah/המפה invites audiences to consider and envision the possibility of a global Jewish identity.

As part of the program, immediately following the performance, DNAWORKS Co-Directors McKinney
and Banks lead a community dialogue about the audience's relationship to the core ideas of the piece – the personal and the collective, the present and the past.

Conceived and performed by Adam McKinney
Directed by Daniel Banks
Lighting by Lenore Doxsee
Video editing by Pam Traynor
Costume by Irina Kruzhilina

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Click here for a video excerpt of HaMapah/ המפה, performed at the Center for Jewish History
New York, NY (May 2009)

"McKinney is a magnetic and elegant dancer"

-Micah Kelber, The Jewish Daily Forward

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The Jewish Daily Forward praises Adam's dancing:

"Even the beginning movements that they had started to piece together into a dance look beautiful and playful. McKinney is a magnetic and elegant dancer, and his physical charisma spills over to both young men. Sitting between them, he provides a model of composure to imitate, inspiring them to extend their movements. At the same time, he looks on encouragingly, and then physically riffs off their ideas. The dance and the interaction look restorative and graceful."
- Micah Kelber, The Jewish Daily Forward

The Jewish Daily Forward quotes Co-Director Daniel Banks about the role of DNAWORKS:

"There are a lot of holes in the world’s circuitry, and our work is to connect the circuitry. We do that by inviting people to share what is unique about them, and that helps people understand each other and love each other in different ways."
-Daniel Banks, Ph.D., Co-Director, DNAWORKS

To read the full article about DNAWORKS in the Jewish Daily Forward, click here. (March 12, 2010)

Audience and Participant Reactions to DNAWORKS Programming

"Daniel and Adam's mission of community healing through the arts is imperative today. They have changed people's lives for the better around the world."

Lynn Nottage, 2009 Pulitzer Prize for Ruined

"The world would be a much better place with more "Adams" and "Daniels" in it."
- Rabbi Dr. Analia Bortz, Congregation Or Hadash, Atlanta, GA

"Thank you again for your generous spirit, for sharing your teaching, and for your ability to create such a special space for collaborative learning."

Evelyn Serrano, California Institute for the Arts Faculty

“What an amazing, provocative gathering last night. I am still reeling with ideas and emotions.”

“Yosher Koach for an outstanding and meaningful program. It was indeed a huge success!”

“Thank you to Adam and Daniel for being a powerful force behind opening up our consciousnesses and minds...”
- Program Participants, Atlanta Georgia

"Watching the filmic oral history and listening to Adam McKinney speak is a relief and a challenge and a joy. Adam brings to this presentation a deep understanding and analysis of the intersections between racism and anti-semitism. He is brave enough to say many of the things that "the Jewish community" has not always been prepared to hear and we need to hear it! He challenges so-called mainstream North American Jews to look at the stereotypes we ourselves have absorbed and perpetuated. By his very presence, as well as the presence of the subjects of his film, he lets his audience know that Jews of Colour are a substantial part of the Jewish diaspora. He speaks on both a macro and a micro level, providing a tantalizing invitation to what a global Jewish community could look like, while also offering a personal model that our Jewish children of colour can emulate."

Lainie Magidsohn, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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