July 2010 Dear Colleagues, I hope you are having a fantastic summer! In this issue we are highlighting some of the many initiatives underway in the

July 2010

Dear Colleagues,

I hope you are having a fantastic summer! In this issue we are highlighting some of the many initiatives underway in the College and the accomplishments of our faculty, students and alumni. I am always heartened to learn about the difference our faculty, students and alumni are making locally and globally. I hope you will enjoy this issue of the Dean's Update.

Best regards,

Colleen S. Kennedy, Ph.D.
Dean & Professor, College of Education


Shannon Suldo, Ph.D., (l) and Elizabeth Shaunessy, Ph.D., (r)

AP and IB: Who Thrives, Who Struggles and at What Cost?

Suldo & Shaunessy Receive 3-Year, $1-Million Grant from the U.S. Department of Education’s Institute of Educational Sciences

As college admissions standards rise, so does the pressure on students to participate in rigorous curriculum as early in their high school careers as possible. COEDU faculty Drs. Shannon Suldo and Elizabeth Shaunessy receive prestigious federal award to study academic success and mental health among International Baccalaureate and Advanced Placement students. Read more.

cranston-gingras small

Ann Cranston-Gingras, Ph.D.

Cranston-Gingras Receives Over $800,000 from USDOE for Continuation of College Assistance Migrant Program and High School Equivalency Program

Ann Cranston-Gingras, Ph.D., Professor in the Department of Special Education, received $405,086 from the U.S. Department of Education (USDOE) for the continuation of the College Assistance Migrant Program (CAMP). CAMP will assist students from migrant and seasonal farm worker backgrounds in successfully completing their first year of college and transitioning to complete their bachelor's degrees. Students will be provided intensive, ongoing academic support and necessary financial assistance while immersed in a culturally rich and stimulating higher education environment. The USF CAMP will provide a comprehensive program designed to meet the specific needs of each student in the areas of recruitment, academic support, tuition assistance, residential living, career development, mentorship, and cultural and community enrichment.

Dr. Cranston-Gingras also received $409,437 from the USDOE to continue the High School Equivalency Program (HEP) for Youth from Migrant and Seasonal Farm Worker Backgrounds to assist youth who have dropped out of school to attain a GED and transition to post-secondary environments. Students also receive vocational evaluation, work adjustment, vocational counseling, life skills instruction, and post-secondary placement services to ensure successful transition.

More grants here.

phil china

Lixin Wang, Ph.D, Dean of the College of Chinese Language and Culture, Nankai University (l) with Phil Smith, Ph.D. (r)

Phil Smith Visits USF Confucius Institute Partner, Nankai University – Tianjin, China

Bullet trains, waterlillies, and dumplings were all part of the experience for Smith (Secondary Education/ESOL/FLE) who returned recently from a trip to Nankai University in Tianjin, China. Dr. Smith was hosted by Prof. Xiaomei Zu, a faculty member of the College of Chinese Language and Culture at Nankai University, and is on a visiting appointment in the Department of World Languages – USF, teaching Mandarin to students at USF.

Smith said, "It was so helpful to actually experience China and personally meet our partners there." While there, Dr. Smith met with a group of about 80 students from the College of Chinese Language and Culture. He presented information about the USF COEDU’s Master of Arts in Teaching, Foreign Language Education, where students from China can obtain Certification to teach Chinese – Mandarin, in a 1-year intensive studies program.

Additionally, he met with Dr. Lixin Wang, Dean of the College of Chinese Language and Culture, and they discussed the possibility of a further exchange between our colleges. Smith said he "hopes that not only will we be receiving students from there into our program, but that some of our students will be able to go and study in their program as well." He added, "I am grateful to USF’s Global Academic Partners (GAP) program for making this visit possible."

berson thornton

Michael Berson, Ph.D., (l) Stephen Thornton, Ph.D. (r)

Holocaust Education to Benefit from Belfer First Step Program

A Partnership Between AACTE, USF COEDU, and 5 Other Universities

Drs. Michael J. Berson and Stephen Thornton represented the USF College of Education at the Belfer First Steps Initiative in Washington, DC. The “Belfer First Step Program” is a partnership between the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum, AACTE, USF, and five other universities throughout the U.S. In January 2011, the USF College of Education will be hosting a one-day workshop on Holocaust education for at least 100 pre-service teachers from the surrounding areas. Goals of the workshop will be to provide general knowledge about the events of the Holocaust; use the history of the Holocaust as a model for teacher candidates; prepare teacher candidates to teach about the Holocaust in middle and secondary (6-12) school settings; use national and state content standards in teaching about the Holocaust; and consider the ethical implications for classroom teachers in teaching about the Holocaust.

dick puglisi-fed

Dick Puglisi, Ph.D., (l) and Governor Elizabeth Duke, a member of the FED Board of Governors

Stavros Center Co-hosts Meeting with the Atlanta Federal Reserve

On June 3, at the invitation of Mr. Chris Oakley, Senior Vice President and Regional Executive, Jacksonville Branch of the Atlanta FED, the Stavros Center co-hosted a meeting with the Atlanta Federal Reserve System for approximately 67 representatives of financial institutions in the greater Tampa Bay area. In the afternoon session, the meeting consisted of FED representatives and small business owners. The focus of the discussions was on the state of the economy from the attendees’ perspective and what more could be done to facilitate credit for small businesses in the area. Of particular note, Governor Elizabeth Duke of the FED Board of Governors , attended the June 3 meeting. Chairman Bernanke was in Detroit for a similar meeting.

Kaywell Joan

Joan Kaywell, Ph.D.

Joan Kaywell Receives CEL Award for Exemplary Leadership

Congratulations to Dr. Joan Kaywell for her 2010 Conference on English Leadership (CEL) Award for Exemplary Leadership. The Award is given annually to a National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE) member who is an outstanding English Language Arts educator and leader.

2166-deb10 copy

Debra Osborn, Ph.D.

Debra Osborn Receives JoAnn Harris Bowlsbey Award For Excellence

The Career Development Leadership Alliance (CDLA) created the JoAnn Harris Bowlsbey Award For Excellence In The Field Of Technology In Career Development to recognize an individual or organization that has made an outstanding contribution to the field of career development in the area of technology and/or curriculum development. Osborn is the recipient of this award this year. She is also a new National Career Development Association Fellow. Congratulations!


Bill Blank Gives Address at Commencement Ceremony

Bill Blank, Ph.D., (pictured left) was the guest speaker at the Ridge Career Center's Commencement ceremony on June 3. The Ridge Career Center is a Polk County Public School. Dr. Blank, a Professor in the Adult Career and Higher Education Department, said this was, "a great experience!" for him.


Tech-Ease 4 All on USF on iTunes U

Tech Ease 4 All is a new podcast series featured on the front page of USF on iTunes U. The podcasts were created by Luis Perez, who is one of our graduate students in the Special Education Department. Tech-Ease 4 All provides help and “how to” tutorials for using accessibility options in Apple’s Mac OS X and Microsoft Windows. It is supported by USF through a technology fee award to help students with special needs or disabilities more fully participate in the technology resources of the University.

Check out the Pre-Education Advising Facebook Group

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New Monitors in COEDU

You might be curious about the new screens. Soon, they will be up and running and allow us to post COEDU events and other USF informational items. Chairs and faculty will receive more information in the near future when we operationalize the system.

Park small

USF Doctoral Dissertation Completion Fellowship Awarded to Ho Ryong Park, Secondary Education

Congratulations to Ho Ryong Park (pictured left) who was awarded a Doctoral Dissertation Completion Fellowship of $15,000 for one academic year. His project is titled: Four English Language Learners' Experiences and Strategy Use in Learning Environments of Multi-literacies.


Kevin Coggins Named 2010 Southeastern United States Region VIII Educator of the Year

The Correctional Education Association named Dr. Kevin Coggins, lead teacher at the Pasco Regional Juvenile Detention Center, as the 2010 Southeastern United States Region VIII Educator of the Year. Dr. Coggins was chosen among professionals from Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee and Puerto Rico. Dr. Coggins is a USF graduate (Ph.D., Curriculum & Instruction, M.Ed., Educational Leadership, and B.S. Social Science Education) and a long-time adjunct instructor in Social Foundations of Education.

PE pic Bennett

Bennett Smith Accepted to Prestigious University of Northern Iowa Physical Education Program

Congratulations to Bennett Smith, (pictured left) May 2010 graduate in Physical Education, who has been selected to attend the master’s degree program at the University of Northern Iowa. Only a small number of students are selected each year to participate in this program where coursework is planned primarily in the school/community setting and complements a public school teaching experience. This groundbreaking collaboration between the University of Northern Iowa, Polar Electro, PE4Life Institute, and the Grundy Center School District creates a program that uniquely blends the resources of each to provide state-of-the-art information to enhance the impact of physical education through technology. Graduate students work toward a Master of Arts Degree in Physical Education in Teaching, with an emphasis on technology.


Dick Dearolf Retires as Development Director

Dick Dearolf (pictured left) came to the College from IBM in August of 2002. His last day will at work be July 31, 2010. Dick has brought the College to extraordinary donor levels. As of June 5th, the College of Education has reached 83.15% of its $1,322,600 annual fund raising goal, up 38.41% from the same period last year. Across the board and despite a tough economy, the number of COEDU donors has increased 33.30% from this time last year. In addition to Development Campaign priorities, Dick and his staff support numerous COEDU programs and events. It has been a banner year for development thanks to Dick’s leadership. His will be difficult shoes to fill. Please join us for Dick's bon voyage party, Thursday, July 22nd at 3pm in the Raymond James Room in the Stavros Center.


Maria Paul Retires after 20+ Years of Service to USF

Maria Paul (pictured left) came to the COEDU in 1989. Maria reminisced that this was the same year the Berlin Wall came down, a postage stamp cost a quarter, and the 486 series of the microprocessor was introduced by Intel. Just as all of those events shaped the world, Maria shaped our world in so many ways! Maria's last day at work will be August 6th. Please join us for Maria's bon voyage party, Wednesday, August 17th at 3pm in the Raymond James Room in the Stavros Center.


In Memoriam: Dr. Braulio Alonso

Revered educational leader, Dr. Braulio Alonso, (pictured left) passed away on June 5, 2010. He was the recipient of numerous awards including USF President's Distinguished Citizen Award, as well as an honorary doctorate from USF. He was a founding member of the USF Latin Advisory Committee, which provided over 250 scholarships for Latina/o students at USF. Read more.