> > Mother> > > > in her round power> > > > soothes her belly with bird songs and wintergreen leaves> > > > crushed under paws.> > She breathe


in her round power
soothes her belly with bird songs and wintergreen leaves
crushed under paws.

She breathes up the birch sap
with each contraction, giving flow to life
and anesthesia to winter's sting.

She sings up a grand Menarche in each Maple trunk,
and releases the snowdrop munchkins from hiding.

She hums the bears awake and cracks the chains of early dawn.

Grandmother drum keeps the veil thin while Spring becomes.

-- Ananda Lakshmi, 2008

LSRMarCollection and Spring! 025

Forsythia with flower buds

The peepers and croakers and kingfishers are going wild!! The sounds of spring have burst forth with reckless abandon. I gazed out my open window this morning when I awoke ... in a state of warmth and awe at the budding trees, busy birds, and flush of summer's tease in the air. Soon the geese will arrive and it will be even louder all night long.

Elm Flowers 067

Purple dead nettle (Lamium) in a chickweed patch

The purple dead nettle and chickweed have come out to play.

LSRMarCollection and Spring! 030


My valerian and monarda plants have decided it's time to bust out their fragrant leaves.

LSRMarCollection and Spring! 028

Monarda fistulosa

Oh - and the yarrow, too!

LSRMarCollection and Spring! 029


Very soon, my bowl will be filled with nettle and fiddlehead soups and dandelion fritters.

This I cannot wait for.

LSRMarCollection and Spring! 026

Stinging Nettle

The Poplar bud harvest is over, but I got a fair amount this year and am quite proud of the sexy salve I made from it :) I mentioned it last week, but this week I've got a couple up in the shop for you! Along with an all purpose staple: Yarrow Ally tincture and oil set.

LSRMarCollection and Spring! 022

Photo inspired by Darcey Madrona Blue

Ancient Earth Goddess 018

Ancient Earth Mother Salve ~ Cottonwood - Amber

Along with letting myself be completely intoxicated by the warm weather, I've been in a perfume trance. Concocting Goddess possibilities for my Devi's Temple Devotional Perfume Membership, which makes my heart go pitter-patter. The thought of more women out in the world feeling like gorgeous healthy empowered women and swooning in beautiful plant aromas totally sets my heart ablaze!

Lucky for me, while I wait for memberships to enroll, I get to create lavish plant treasures for my Lady's Slipper Women, who get the Birch-Amber-Rose blend below. m m m

Ancient Earth Goddess 014

Aromatic Blisses and Goddess Archetypes

And for your spring greens and foraged dishes?

Remember to stock up on your high-mineral vinegars!!! The kids and I like to make one every year for a Mother's Day gift.

Apple cider vinegar soaked for 3-6 weeks with spring greens and blossoms is a nutritional powerhouse and a delicious daily condiment.

Dandelions, Chickweed, Cleavers, Violets, Nettles, and Chives are some of our favorites. You can't go wrong. (Unless you use a metal lid = rust!)

Happy Play Days to you, my friend!

Violet gifts

Violet Spring Gifts

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