The Little Things . . . a Going the Distance newsletter Mid March 2012 || issue #4 Recovery from a Long Run Fernando Braz The long run is a very


The Little Things . . .

a Going the Distance newsletter

Mid March 2012 || issue #4

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Recovery from a Long Run

Fernando Braz

The long run is a very important training component for your short and long term success at any level.

Your recovery from a long run is imperative in assuring a successful week of training. If you have lingering fatigue, it will affect your workouts and a weekend race.

There are multiple things that you can do to prevent lingering fatigue and they should be done on the same day as the long run.

TLT 1: At the completion of the long run, your focus should be to replenish your body with protein, fluids, and carbs. The discipline should be done ASAP or 30-45 minutes post run.

TLT 2: Stretching, active or static, should to be done 30-90 minutes after the run. Stretching increases blood flow to the muscles and helps relieve soreness for the next day and the rest of the week.

TLT 3: The rest of the day should include moderate intake of fluids, protein, and carbs.

TLT = The Little Thing (your running success is all about TLTs)


Spring Session Signup

The GTD Spring Session begins the week of April 23, with the first onsite workout on Tuesday, April 24. Signup information for the 15-week Spring Session will be on the GTD website soon.

The Winter session finishes on April 15, with the last onsite workout on Tuesday, April 10. The week of Monday, April 16 through Sunday, April 22 is a Program 1 Vacation. Take a break!
Program 2 runners will have their regular program that week.

Spring session signup form
Program payments page


Multi-Month Rate Change for Program 2

To benefit those who pay for 3 or 6 months of Program 2 coaching, we have revised the rates:
3-month new rate = $200 (old rate was $210)
6-month new rate = $395 (old rate was $420)
Program payments page


Run for the Troops 5K, April 1

The purpose of this race is to "help build homes designed for the unique injuries of specific soldiers." It's in Andover (MA) at 9am. Great cause, great location.
For details, go to the race website.


Upcoming Marathons

Boston Marathon, April 16, 2012
Providence Marathon, May 6, 2012
Sugarloaf Marathon, May 20, 2012
Vermont City Marathon, May 27, 2012


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