Monday, 14th February Otherwise known as Valentine’s Day. Val’s Day. V Day. VD. Oh look, that’s the same abbreviation as for Venereal Disease, and wh

Valentine s Day

Monday, 14th February

Otherwise known as Valentine’s Day. Val’s Day. V Day. VD. Oh look, that’s the same abbreviation as for Venereal Disease, and what a coincidence that both are a potential, unfortunate consequence of entering into a romantic liaison – if you’re not careful.

Ahem. Sorry for being crude. But we’re not wild about Valentine’s Day. All it brings is horrible pressure all round, whether you're single or taken. Naturally, we have much to say about this. Visit the blog and hear us roar about Valentine’s Day. Then please leave quietly.


No date for the 14th: what are the loveless to do?

KATE COLES: "As a singleton on the 14th, rather than indulge in contrived notions of introspection and ego inflation, show some love by genuinely thanking the barista for your coffee or smiling at someone on the tube ..." Read the full story.


What if you just can't be arsed?

NAOMI SAFFERY: "It is just as bad if you are in a relationship: the pressure of actually having to get on with each other is immense. What if it is one of those days where you just can’t stand the sight of one another?" Read the full story.


Love, actually, is all-year-round

ALICE LINLEY-MUNRO: "I just don’t consider Valentine’s Day to be the be all and end all of a romantic year. I’d much rather my (non-existent) boyfriend did little things all year round like de-ice my windscreen on a frosty morning or make dinner after I’ve had a hard day..." Read the full story.

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Tapping at your last nerve: two perspectives on the pitfalls of office typing

NAOMI SAFFERY: "Just the sound of typing drives me mad – I mean, what are these people doing? Emailing their mothers?"

ROSIE MCGEE: "I am that irritating person sitting near you in the office who types in frenzied, noisy bursts." Join the debate.


Job hunting isn't half hard work

SHELLY BERRY: "Gone are the days when you bought the paper, kept your eyes open for notices in the window of local businesses and popped down the job centre..." Read the full story.


One is certainly not on work experience!

MARTHA CASEY: "I appear to be doing a fairly good job of masquerading as a responsible adult. So why have I noticed certain older colleagues treating me, and talking to me, as if I’m somewhere between six and 16 years old?" Read the full story.


Upselling: how upsetting!

MADDIE YORK: "The waiter’s once-simple task of listening to a table of customers make their order has turned into an elaborate upselling opportunity. 'Any side salads with that? Fries? More drinks?' No, no, and no." Read the full story.


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