Fathers Day Special! Nothing will light up Dad's eyes more than a Dizzy Pig® Gift Pack! Choose from the 3, 4, or 5 bottle versions or go all the way


Dizzy Pig's Gift Pack 5. Custom build it if you'd like, and get samples of the rest of our rubs.

Fathers Day Special!

Nothing will light up Dad's eyes more than a Dizzy Pig® Gift Pack! Choose from the 3, 4, or 5 bottle versions or go all the way with a Gift Pack Complete with all of our flavors. It's the gift that gives back all year long, and makes everything taste better.

All Dizzy Pig® gift packs are 10% off through Fathers Day!!

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This issue of Dizzynews we are starting a column called Dizzytips. Here you'll find info and tips that may help in your quest for consistently wonderful grilled and smoked meats. You may find that what we write is different than what you may have heard elsewhere. There is a lot of misinformation out there, and we've found that what we have learned from actual experience and observation is different. In our first Dizzytips column we will discuss how to get enough smoke flavor on your food without over smoking it.

I've eaten a ton of other peoples' barbecue, and I think the most common mistake is getting too much smoke on the food. The smoke is one of the first things you can taste, and if there is too much it will also be the last thing that you taste. You may even taste smoke next time you burp!

Myth: You need to soak your wood chunks or chips to get good smoke flavor.

This is a concept we have never been able to understand. Have you ever tried to get a campfire going with wet wood? If you do happen to get the fire going, you'll find the smoke to be strong and bitter. Once the wood is dried out, it burns cleanly...so why make it wet?

Using wet wood is the easiest way to over smoke your food. There is almost nothing good about the smell of wood that is trying to burn, but can't. The smoke is brown and thick, it burns your eyes, and your meat only needs to be in that smoke for seconds before it lays down a nasty flavor on your meat that won't go away.

So now you know what not to do, but what DO you do? Use dry wood and don't put your meat on until the smoke is burning cleanly. Generally the smoke will start off as a brown or tan color, and as it dries the smoke will tend toward a blue color. Clean burning wood doesn't always produce visible smoke, so you don't need to see the smoke to taste it. When in doubt, put your face in the smoke and smell. If it burns your eyes, smells strong, or has a tan or brown color then wait.

Sometimes this will take a while, especially if you are bringing your fire up slowly for a low/slow cook. There are many factors that affect how your fire is burning, so be patient. Once you get a nice clean smoke, your meat is ready to put on the cooker.

Hopefully these tips will help to improve your results. Also, use milder woods like fruit wood on milder meats, and you can use stronger woods like oak and hickory on beef and pork. Poultry and seafood are especially easy to over smoke, and we've found that using only the smoke from your charcoal often provides the best flavor.

Happy clean smokin'!


A stepping stone to our new facility, this was Dizzy Pig's first building after we moved out of our house.

The Dizzy Pig Adventure

Challenges are nothing new for Dizzy Pig. We started in 2002 with 2 fantastic rub recipes and extremely limited resources, but soon found a growing base of customers that absolutely loved our product. Still, we realized it would be years before we had enough customers to support the business. Staying true to our product and our customers was our priority, and it was hard work.

When our home burned down 5 years ago, Dizzy Pig was homeless, along with our family. We found other ways to keep the spice grinders grinding and rubs shipping with only minor delays. Our home was rebuilt, and two years later we moved Dizzy Pig back into our basement factory only to realize we were starting to outgrow our space.

Knowing we needed a larger space than our basement, we researched tirelessly with plans to secure a building where we could move our operation. Getting banks to lend money to small businesses was especially difficult a couple years ago, so we leased a space and set up on Mike Garcia Drive in Manassas. Finally, a bank took notice of Dizzy Pig's business plan, and its passionate customers and decided to fund our new space. It was a huge milestone, but then we had the arduous task of designing, architecting and building out the inside of our facility.

Our buildout, perhaps the biggest adventure to date, was over budget and behind schedule. We were amazed how incompetent professionals could be in the contracting industry. Patience and Perseverance were the words of the year in 2010, and in February of 2011 our dream came true, and we moved into our new building at 8763 Virginia Meadows Drive in Manassas, VA...just a couple miles from our old leased location.

We all love it here, and having our own place just feels good. Almost fully settled in, we are nearly ready to open our retail barbecue store. We've been working for weeks, but we're still not quite there. We are getting close though, and the chances are very good that we'll have at least a soft-opening during the first weeks of June. If it wasn't a challenge, it wouldn't be part of the Dizzy Pig adventure! Things are really coming together, and it is clear that it will be worth the effort. Stop by and see what we've been working on, and when you open that fresh jar of Dizzy Pig, remember the challenges we've tackled are part of the aroma and flavor!


Our showroom is almost stocked with great BBQ stuff!

The Dizzy Pig Barbecue Store for serious outdoor cooks to open soon!

Our Dizzy Pig Barbecue retail store is getting set to open very soon. We wanted to open a place where barbecuers, grillers and foodies could find a range of serious cooking supplies not readily found in the area, and a place where customers could come in and tap the knowledge of serious barbecue pros that are all about outdoor cooking. Not only will you be able to pick up the freshest best seasonings on the market, but a carefully selected range of grills, smokers, fuel and cooking tools to take your outdoor cooking to another level.

Among the items we will offer:
* Big Green Egg® smoker/grills and accessories
* The BBQ Guru® temperature controls for your pit
* Thermoworks® products (Thermapens, and many other thermometers)
* Sauces and condiments (our favorite picks, most not readily available in the area)
* Tools and utensils (spatulas, tongs, basting brushes, knives, roasting racks, etc.)
* Pizza making supplies
* Charcoal (several different brands of hardwood lump charcoal)
* Smoking woods
* Books (our favorite recommended titles)

Next time you need barbecue supplies, come visit Dizzy Pig. Everyone that works here is passionate about outdoor cooking, and we plan to make this THE preferred place for serious cooks.

We are located at 8763 Virginia Meadows Drive, Manassas, VA 20109. Click here for directions. Phone: 703-273-3580. We hope to be ready for our "soft opening" next week by Friday June 10th. Please call and check for the latest opening date!


The best dry jerk seasoning on the market today, Jamaican Firewalk is our rub of the month.

Rub of the Month

It's heating up outside, and spicy food is great when it's hot, so June is Jamaican Firewalk month! This month, on our website, it's a dollar off our sweet heat treat. A Dizzified version of the popular Jamaican Jerk seasoning, Firewalk is light years ahead of other jerk dry rubs. This rub provides a tangy hot zing to chicken, seafood, pork...even veggies!

Now through the end of June, it's a buck off a bottle of Jamaican Firewalk™ on the Dizzy Pig website. $1 off each pound of bulk. CLICK HERE to purchase.

There are many uses for this seasoning, so let your mind wander. Here are a few ideas we've tried or learned about from avid Dizzy Pig® users:
* A dusting on the bacon wrapped Jalapeno poppers or ABTs
* It's a great rub for chicken, especially wings.
* Sprinkled in a Bloody Mary. We have a customer that uses it in her bar.
* Rubbed on pork chops or kabobs to grill.
* Great on smoked pork shoulder and ribs.


We had around a dozen folks attend our first class in Fairfax. It was quite successful for our first class.

BBQ and cooking classes

We held our first Dizzy Pig class in early April and it was a big success. Poultry was the subject, and we cooked chicken about every way possible. We learned a great deal, not only about putting on a class, but about what folks want to learn. Our initial schedule of classes has changed, and we'll be dividing the classes into series.


Introduction to Cooking on the Big Green Egg® (Newbie Series)

July 2, 10am-2pm. Manassas, VA
Registration has begun.
This is your chance to learn from someone who has been cooking on ceramic cookers for over a dozen years, and competitively for almost 10 years. This class will highlight the Egg's versatility, and we'll cover the basics for grilling direct, searing and cooking indirect.

Cooking on the Big Green Egg® (Another Level Series)

August 6, 10am-4pm. Manassas, VA
Registration has begun.
This is your chance to learn from someone who has been cooking on ceramic cookers for over a dozen years, and competitively for almost 10 years. In this class we'll dig deeper into the potential of the Egg®, how to use all of your senses, and discuss in detail different cooks and setups and how to get the most out of your Egg every time.

Please visit our EventBrite site to keep an eye out for future classes, and email or call us with any questions. Check back often, as we'll be adding classes.

Stay tuned for details on September, October and November classes.

Hope to see you at a class this year!


The Dizzy Pig team were Reserve Grand Champs in Edenton North Carolina this April!

2011 Competition Season

The Dizzy Pig team is 3 competitions into the season. We are off to a decent start so far, and our Big Green Eggs® have been cooking solidly again this year. Still having a few issues with what some judges think of our food, but overall we're happy with the season so far.

Our results so far:
April 15 - Salisbury, MD
116 teams
26th Overall
23rd Chicken
44th Ribs
75th Pork
16th Brisket

April 29 - Edenton, NC
42 teams
2nd Overall (Reserve Grand Champions)
17th Chicken
4th Ribs
4th Pork
6th Brisket

May 20 - Middletown, DE
47 teams
12th Overall
12th Chicken
19th Ribs
7th Pork
18th Brisket

Our schedule is up on the Dizzy Pig® website.

We hope to see you out there on the trail!


Welcome Rodrigo!

Originally from Lima, Peru and new to our team, Rodrigo brings a great deal of experience to Dizzy Pig. He is already a huge help in our production department, and we expect him to be around for a long time. His goal is to move up to supervising our production department once Kenny moves to travel abroad. Rodrigo is extremely easy to get along with and we're excited about his future with Dizzy Pig. He loves soccer, plays guitar and is an absolute music nut.


Welcome Ravi!

Ravi has been working with us for the last couple of months in our production department. Attending NOVA College locally, he brings a fantastic work ethic and attention to detail to Dizzy Pig. We assumed he was moving away to another college after the summer, but looks like there is a chance he'll stay around and work with us a bit longer. He plays basketball and goes fishing whenever he gets a chance and is studying Business Management in school.


Welcome Heather!

No doubt a record, Dizzy Pig has taken on 3 new team members in a short time, and Heather is the third! With a background in graphic design, and equipped with a can-do attitude, Heather will be able to compliment our staff in many ways. She has already been working on sales, but she'll be helping us make our retail shop look sharp, as well as our internet sites and marketing materials. She is into some really interesting hobbies....like racing cars and playing hockey...and we look forward to watching her grow with us.



Steakhouse Ribeye

If you have ever had an amazing steak at a high-end steak house you know how good a properly cooked steak can taste. But why spend 50 bucks when you can do better with your grill and some Dizzy Pig® Cow Lick rub. Sear your steak at a high temperature, then roast to perfection. Here’s how!

Selecting a good steak is the first step in cooking your best steak ever. We enjoy rib eye steaks very much for their flavor and fat content, and this is what we used here. A New York strip, tenderloin, or even a sirloin will work as well. Make sure to purchase USDA Choice grade or better, and get your butcher to cut it 2 inches thick.

Start your grill. You’ll need a decent load of charcoal to reach searing temperatures of at least 650 degrees.
Apply Dizzy Pig® Cow Lick™ generously to one side of the meat. Wait 10-15 minutes for the rub to adhere, then flip and repeat on the other side. Thicker steaks can always use a little extra salt, so you may want to begin with an even coating of coarse salt before you apply Cow Lick.

Stabilize temperature at 650-750 and be careful with this very hot fire. Place steak on your grate and close lid to begin the searing process. It’s hard to know how much time the sear will take, so you’ll need to watch closely. Generally 3-5 minutes is all you need to get proper browning on one side.

When the color is right (see picture below), flip the steak over and sear the other side. Side two generally takes less time to sear, since the meat is already warm.

Once both sides of the steak are well browned, remove from grill. Measure the internal temperature with a meat thermometer to determine whether additional cooking is needed. A thinner steak may already be done, and a thicker may need additional roasting. For reference, USDA calls 145 degrees “medium rare”. We call it “medium well”!
If additional roasting is needed, close down your vents to get your cooker below 400 degrees, or with a drip pan to protect the steak from direct heat, and roast steak until done to your liking.

Check out our Recipe Section for more great recipes.

We hope you enjoy!
The Dizzy Pig BBQ Company


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