Get people back into the kitchen and combat the trend toward processed food and fast food. Andrew Weil   My grandson Miles' latest favorite song is

Get people back into the kitchen and combat the trend toward processed food and fast food. Andrew Weil


My grandson Miles' latest favorite song is "I've Been Working On the Railroad". He especially likes the part that goes--come on, sing along--"Someone's in the kitchen with Dinah. Someone's in the kitchen I know!"

Well as I listened to those lyrics I'm not really sure WHO is in the kitchen with Dinah, and if he belongs there, but that is besides the point. The point is that SOMEONE's in the kitchen. As I look back on my childhood, the kitchen was the hub of so many wonderful memories. My maternal grandmother's kitchen at the holidays, the smallest room in the house, but the place everyone gravitated to. My grandpa or uncle trying to snatch a piece of turkey while it was being carved. Having a cup of tea with grandma in the kitchen. My paternal grandma, always in an apron, pulling something magical out of her double oven. My mom, serving us toast and tea as a light evening snack. My dad making sandwiches for his lunch.

And now I'm the grandma, and I'm in the kitchen with my grandson Miles. Oh someone's in the kitchen, I know! I think one of the most significant things we can teach the next generation is how to cook and how to prepare foods that promote outrageous health.

The kitchen needs to become the heart of the home once again. Eating out needs to be a special occasion, not a routine event. If the bulk of what we are eating is handed to us through a drive through window, we are in serious trouble.

Our Kitchen Nutrition classes (see photos above) proved that food can be fast and healthy. My heartfelt thanks to all who attended, and to my amazing volunteers. I believe we are changing lives, one meal at a time. Classes will start again in the fall, so stay tuned!

Let's join Dinah and get back in the kitchen with our families. It is the MOST SIGNIFICANT thing you can do to improve your health.



Top Tips To Get Back in the Kitchen

1. Grocery shop regularly. If you don't have good food readily available, you will be forced to "grab something." Farm stands or farmer's markets are great for mid week pickup of all those fruits and veggies you are eating!
2. Set aside some time for planning and preparing for the week. Take a half hour on Sunday evening chopping veggies (ready for salads or stir fry), boiling eggs for quick protein, making a batch of whole grains like brown rice or steel cut oats, making individual bags of trail mix for snacks, etc.
3. Involve the family. If mom or dad is in the kitchen alone, there is a problem. Everyone helps, and that includes clean up. Make it fun, put on some fun music, eat on the patio, spread a picnic blanket in the living room Be creative. Check out Super Healthy Kids for kid friendly foods.
4. Have "theme" nights. This makes planning easier. For example Saturday is BBQ night (be sure and cook once, eat twice and grill extra), Thursday is Stir Fry night, Friday is leftover night, Monday is Crockpot night, Wednesday is fish night, etc. OR designate nights to family members. Monday is mom's night, Tuesday is kids' night, etc. That person is the head chef and plans and preps the meal (with help).
5. Keep it simple during the week. Take the pressure off yourself. Every meal doesn't need to be amazing. Simple, real food is delicious all by itself. Experiment with new recipes on the weekend when you have a bit more time.


Real Food, Real Fast!

Cantaloupe Aguas Frescas

cantaloupe agauasfrescas

Aguas Frescas

Did you know eating cantaloupe can reduce your risk of cataracts by 37%? That is because cantaloupe, and all fruits and veggies orange in color, are high in beta carotene, which the body converts to Vitamin A. One cup of cantaloupe is just 56 calories, but provides 103.2% of the daily value for vitamin A.

I served Watermelon Frescas at our last class, but had never tried it with Cantaloupe. It is SO delicious, and tastes like a dreamsicle. Give this a whirl, even with cantaloupe that is a tad too ripe too eat.

4 cups cantaloupe, cubed
juice of 2 fresh limes
mint for garnish
stevia, if desired (not needed if cantaloupe is sweet)

Put cantaloupe and lime juice into high speed blender. Blend until smooth. Sweeten with a pinch of stevia if needed, pour over crushed ice and garnish w/mint.



Real Health Query--Can You Lose Weight AND Eat Out?


Finding healthy menu items can be tricky

I get asked this ALL THE TIME. Most of the folks who come my way are doing A LOT of eating out. Off the top, you will eat 30% more calories, sodium and sugar when you eat out. So the short answer is NO. Being willing to drastically reduce the number of times you eat out will significantly improve your weight loss efforts.

I'm labeled as "picky" in my family, but the truth is, once you have enjoyed clean eating and all its benefits, eating out loses its appeal. You quickly realize that what you can make at home tastes better, costs less, and has no aftereffects (bloating, indigestion, headaches, weight gain, etc).


Real Health Testimony!


Tracy before

Tracy 42 pounds lighter

Lovely Tracy, 42 pounds lighter

Meeting nutritionist Eileen Vollmer has been such a blessing. Before meeting Eileen, I struggled through many different diets and programs. I know now that the reasons that they didn't succeed for me were many--life is not about "counting points", taking pills, liquid diets and prepackaged frozen diet meals. Real health is simply "real food plus real moving." Eileen helped to set me back on the Real path to health by making lifestyle changes. She helped me to be more positive, and to realize that real health was very achieveable. Changing my old habits was not so hard once I saw how the new habits became a part of my life--a life back to real health, fitness, energy, positivity and happiness.

Thank You Eileen!



Local Notables:

Swansea Farmer's Market has moved to the Rural King parking lot on Thursdays from 2-6 pm
Looking for a local co op? Check out Community Helpings Produce for biweekly baskets of local produce that is fresh and seasonal.
Crazy Bowls offers healthy fast food (you can get brown rice or quinoa) and is coming to the Dierberg's plaza in Shiloh.


Really, What Are You Waiting For?


You have a vision of where you want to be; I can help you one step at a time.

I'm here to help! Having support and accountability makes all the difference in the world. Don't go it alone this year. You are not SUPER woman or man. You are supporting many others, my question is, WHO IS SUPPORTING YOU?

If you've been wanting to transform your health, your happiness, your life, then give me a call for a free 20 minute consult to see if working with a nutrition and coaching professional is right for you.

Make an investment in YOU. You are worth it.

Check out what O MAGAZINE has to say about Health Coaching.


Eileen Vollmer is a Certified Holistic Health Coach. She is the owner of Real Health Nutrition, a nutritional coaching service dedicated to helping clients reach their health and weight goals through incremental, lifestyle changes. Eileen firmly believes that Real Health Begins with Real Food, so it is her mission to help her clients eat more real food and less chemical-laden, artificial, junk food. She has found that a personal approach to wellness provides support and accountability, which makes all the difference in her client's success. Make your health a priority! Call 618-580-3771; or visit TODAY!

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