Active Consciousness Newsletter - December 2011 Two New Active Consciousness Articles! Two new articles pertaining to Active Consciousness have appe


Active Consciousness Newsletter - December 2011


Two New Active Consciousness Articles!

Two new articles pertaining to Active Consciousness have appeared online over the past month. I encourage you to check them out.

The first article appeared in Noetic Now, the online journal of the Institute of Noetic Sciences in California. Entitled The Magic Ocean of Energy and Resonance, it begins with a imaginal description of the world of higher dimensions and energetic awareness, with the power of active consciousness making itself felt through resonance or similarity in vibration.

...Imagine you are a fish in the ocean. All around you, in every direction, are the wonders of the sea. Through the sensation of touch, you feel the ocean waves and the information that is embedded within them. Not only can you sense the swaying of plant life and the gentle eddies created by other fish swimming nearby, but when you tune in very deeply, you detect subtle information transmitted by ocean activity far away...As you close your eyes and settle in more deeply, you begin to sense even more information. Now you notice subtle wavelets crisscrossing the ocean waters that envelop you. These wavelets encode information about what happened in the distant past, even at locations far away. As you gently ride the waves, you realize that embedded within these waters is the entire history of the sea...... READ MORE.

The second article appeared in Hpathy, an online international homeopathy journal. It includes excerpts from Active Consciousness that pertain specifically to homeopathy.



Active Consciousness Tips for the Holidays

Many of us find socializing during the holidays a bit stressful, or at least somewhat annoying or uncomfortable. Why not take your next holiday event as an opportunity for growth, using active consciousness? Here are some ideas to try out during your next holiday party.

Beforehand, consciously decide to view the party as a learning experiment.
Just before you enter the party, form a positive expectation about how you will enjoy the party, not repeat old patterns, and enjoy each interaction on face value and as a learning opportunity.
As you interact with people, notice holding patterns in your body. Try to take note of them and release them. View your reaction with compassion.
As you interact with people, notice thoughts or emotions that come up. Are these thoughts based on stories from your past? Are they supported by what is actually going on? Notice them with compassion for yourself.
Rather than becoming annoyed or negatively affected by someone, try to take more of a compassionate observer's stance. Send love outward, rather than taking negative energy inward.

After the party, mark down your observations and what you learned.



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