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Newsletter #43 for September 20, 2011

Free Water Quality Tools Webinar Tomorrow - September 21

PAX Water Technologies is offering a free webinar to share information about four water quality tools available for small systems.

Learn how combining these four tools – tank asset management, chemical cleaning, active mixing, and a THM removal system – makes it possible to address threats to water quality from residual loss, thermal stratification, nitrification, iron/manganese deposits, sedimentation, biofilms, and corrosion.

Date: Wednesday, September 21, 2011
Time: 12:00-12:45pm (eastern)
Registration: Reserve your spot or this no cost event.

Thanks to ASDWA for alerting us to this event!


Opinions on Water in the US

This article stood out this week regarding the state of water in Texas. Just a few years ago there was a drought in Georgia, and soon there will be another area of the country dealing with some of these same issues. Whether you agree with the writer isn't important. What's important to recognize is that we're facing these problems now, and will continue to in the future. As a colleague in this industry, you likely are aware of these issues, but are your friends, family, neighbors, and even community water board?

Peter Gleick for Huffington Post (reprinted by Circle of Blue) on climate change, politics and the Texas drought...

"What could the State do beyond prayer? In the short run, far more intensive and aggressive efforts are needed to reduce non-critical water use in the residential, commercial, industrial, and agricultural sectors. Ornamental outdoor landscaping needs to be cut back. According to the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality, as of early August only 665 water systems serving more than 10 million people (out of more than 4700 in the state) were asking customers to restrict water use by following some kinds of outdoor water use restrictions and many of these were voluntary. That’s not enough. This is the time to help communities remove water-intensive landscaping permanently and to plant water-efficient gardens and plants. Commercial water-using appliances need to be replaced with water-efficient ones, including dishwashers, laundromats, car washes, and commercial cooling systems. Homeowners need to be offered information and financial incentives to replace old toilets, find and stop leaks, install more efficient washing machines and showerheads, and other proven water-saving options."


Weekly Reading for September 20, 2011

Each week we'll provide a collection of our favorite links we know you'll love too!

1. Water flows Thursday, help on the way - After five days of intermitted water outages, Ferriday, Louisiana's water plant stored and cleaned enough water to keep faucets around town flowing for the majority of the day.
2. CalPERS plans $800 million investment in California infrastructure - California's retirement system joins worldwide effort to invest in public and private infrastructure projects.
3. EPA releases fact sheet on GWR compliance - The latest in a series of guidance documents intended to provide a simple and straightforward description of the rule, critical deadlines and requirements for drinking water systems.
4. Water testing in Chicago raises concerns about screening process for lead - Results of recent federal testing in Chicago show that although all homes passed that first test, nearly 45 percent had lead levels spike when more water samples were taken directly afterward.
5. We're conserving, but water rates may climb - This article about Seattle Public Utilities does a good job of explaining why rates must increase to keep serving safe drinking water - the fundamentals of this are true across system size.
6. Bricks made from sewage - Yorkshire's latest gift to the world - Innovative bricks made from incinerated sewage and vegetable oil developed by British utility.

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