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Welcome to the May 2010 issue #35 of the LumberJocks eMag
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From the Editor


May - the month of "Mother's Day" and one of the greatest mothers of all time is Mother Earth. From Mother Earth's arms grow the trees from which we create our woodworking projects.

Sometimes when I read the descriptions of projects I can sense an appreciation for wood that exceeds the typical love of the grain and other aspects of the lumber. There are times when it appears that the woodworker is a sculptor helping the wood become whatever is inside it rather than forcing the wood to fit the woodworker's plan. As the LumberJock describes the process of a creating a project I envision the artist looking at the finished piece just as parents look lovingly at their child.

Happy Mother's Day, planet earth, and thank you for the trees with which we express our creativity and our skills.

Now, back to this issue of our eMag. I hope you enjoy this edition. As always I would love to hear your comments about the content. You can post your feedback here.

LumberJocks' Challenge: Gorilla Glue


Have you done your reusing and recycling project yet?

You don't have much time left to enter the Nothing New Except the Glue Challenge offered in partnership with Gorilla Glue

Gorilla Glue products, t-shirts and the grand prize of $200 - now that's a sweet motivation to participate in this fun challenge. All you have to do is "create something unique by reusing and recycling old materials… the only thing new will be the glue."
Currently 30 entries and counting

Deadline to enter: Friday May 7th
Read more about this LumberJocks' Challenge

LumberJocks Connect & Other LJ Events

Checking The Event Calendar

Check the Event Calendar for future events.
May 8: Southeast Michigan
May 29: Alabama

Picture 3

LumberJocks Around the World

Who's In Your Area?

looking for other woodworkers in your area? Start a blog and send me a note and I'll add it to our eMag!
when plans are confirmed for a picnic or other LJ event, send us an email with the following information for the Event Calendar: Title, Date(s), Location, Description (1 paragraph), Link to blog or forum post with more details.
New England May 8

Interview With A LumberJock: David


This month, in our April issue of our LumberJock eMag, I had the privilege of interviewing David.

1. David, how did you find LumberJocks and what was the key feature of the site that kept you coming back?

I found Lumberjocks doing a random Internet search one evening while passing some free time. I spent the rest of the evening exploring this wonderful woodworking treasure trove and I’ve been coming back ever since. The site is uniquely organized to allow, not only interaction between woodworkers, but also easy searching and posting of content.

Read the rest of the interview here...

The Talk of the LumberJocks Shop

Since the beginning of Lumberjocks.com we have had many blogs, projects, and forum discussions that have been the "talk of the shop". The following are just some of our postings:

Carving Fluted Columns
Basic Mitred Box
Router-Based Inlay
Old School - New School
Bending Chair Parts
Bandsaw Walking Stick
Hammer Veneering
Scratch Stock Moldings
Pen-Making Bench
Cutting Board
Build a Box
Bidding on Jobs- Advice


LJ Shop Project: Birdhouses


A Mother's Day Gift

Whether it is spring, summer, fall, or winter, there is no better time to build a birdhouse than right now. From personal experience I know that each of the steps of planning, building, finishing, waiting for the birds, and then enjoying watching them flit in and out of the holes is very rewarding.

Special houses, such as this Mother's Day gift made by BowenBirdhouses, takes the experience to yet another level - making the birdhouse for someone else.


A Gift for Mom

Of course, every birdhouse is special, whether is is small like this treasure made by one of our young woodworkers, or gigantic like one of John's Extreme Birdhouses.

Some birdhouses are inspired by people's homes, a special occasion, or just the desire to use up some scrap wood. Regardless of the why, there are some important tips to remember.

* the size of hole determines what type of bird will move in
* some birds like the hole close to the floor and others like a deep space
* birds do not like the aroma of finishes
* perches make it easy for predators to access their lunch
* different birds like different heights off the ground
* some birds like secluded birdhouses and others like wide open spaces
* some birds only want a platform and some like a roof but no walls
* and what about cleaning out the birdhouse at the end of the season!

So much to think about - or just slap some boards together and add an entrance hole. It can be as simple as that.

For more inspiration and information check out the following:
* Projects
* Blogs
* Forums

Where In The World Is MsDebbieP?


Ready to get jealous? This month we visit the shop of Dustmite97, who, at the ripe old age of "teenagerhood", has recently set up his own shop, moving out of the garage shared with his Dad.

I asked Dustmite if he would change anything in his shop. His response was that he would "build two more walls and add a door to make it a separate room in the basement. I would also add a couple of 220 volt outlets."

Picture 4

Check out Dustmite97's workshop

I also asked for some tips regarding a woodworking shop and he replied, "My best tip for a woodworker setting up their shop would be to start out simple with an area in the basement or the garage and equip your shop with affordable but quality tools. That's a good start and then when you get into it more, add more tools and step up to a bigger shop."

Great tips. I've heard it mentioned over and over again that you should discover what you really love to do in woodworking before focusing on setting up your shop. Your passion will guide your tool requirements and placement of equipment to aid workflow.

Check out Dustmite97's shop here...

Book Review: The Ultimate Band Saw Book


The Ultimate Band Saw Book by our very own Donna Menke

As always I am as fascinated by the author's story as I am the book itself. From having the balance of a mother's push to try new things along with a father's guidance at doing a job well, to using art, math, and engineering skills to create the plans for the band saw boxes, well, I was hooked from the start! I knew the book was going to be amazing.

Read the book review here...

LumberJocks.com Stats

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30,000 Projects: April 9, 2010

Looking Back

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2008: 4,280 woodworkers making 200,715 comments on 7,225 projects, 4,368 blogs, 319 reviews and 3,145 forum topics. In April 2008, we had reached 4,000 members and 200,000 comments!

A Word From Martin

Debbie: You have been busy lately with some fine-tuning at our sister site, HomeRefurbers.com. What's happening at "HR"?
Martin: I've decided to revamp the forum categories at HomeRefurbers lately. My goal is to encourage more activity resulting in better discussions in these refined categories that fit Home Refurbishing / Remodeling / Improvement better than the older ones. You may check the new forums layout and start some good discussions here.

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"I must say I love this LJ network and have learned a lot from it." ~Bearpie

Sister Sites



You've spent time building that special outdoor space and now it's time for some plants! Check out this use of hibiscus!

And... on April 12/10 GardenTenders reached 1,000 members! Congratulations.



Want to "snazzy up" that bathroom? Here's some inspiration!

And on April 12/10 HomeRefurbers reached 1,000 members! Congratulations.

Also, there are been site updates!
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