Devora of Dig Deep Mission Statement: To be an authority in beauty offering an assortment of fashion accessories, as well as health, wellness, and

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Devora of Dig Deep Mission Statement:

To be an authority in beauty offering an assortment of fashion accessories, as well as health, wellness, and beauty products and services to women and men from all walks of life.

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Devora of Dig Deep's Vision Statement

The vision of Devora is to assist people in achieving the balance of enhancing beauty from within as well as the outside. Dig Deep wants to help men and women overcome health and weight issues that society consumes itself with. Devora believes that when you are confident within yourself it naturally exudes on the outside. Devora of Dig Deep wants to help you Enhance Your Beauty.

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About Devora of Dig Deep Inc.


Devora of Dig Deep believes that if you look your best on the outside it can only build confidence on the inside. By providing exclusive, one on one personal attention, a strong eye for detail and an in-depth working knowledge of fashion and jewelry, Devora is redefining personal styling, health wealth and accessories marketing. Whether for everyday wear or that special occasion that requires special attention, Dig Deep is available when the client is available, works with a resourcefulness that can accommodate any budget and, working with a keen sense of the personality of an individual, executes with an unmatched standard of professionalism.

Dig Deep, Inc. was established in 2007 by Devora Wooden in the fulfillment of a dream. Upon graduating from Johnson C. Smith University in North Carolina, the future founder of Dig Deep began working as an Organizational Consultant and styling her close friends for evenings out and special events. Always the fashionista, one day Ms. Wooden had an epiphany, to take her love of fashion, styling and eye for detail as an Organizational Consultant and combine it with what she was already doing part time for close friends..and Dig Deepwas born!

Devora of Dig Deep is expanding the perspective of what personal styling means. Ms. Wooden and Dig Deep are making a name for herself throughout the New York City fashion community, already having done photo shoots for Hype Hair Magazine and the 2010 Rip the Runway fashion show for BET, as well as consulting and/or styling for funk/soul singer Raye 6. As Dig Deep, Inc. continues to build a reputation for having unique, signature pieces to choose from, Ms. Wooden is actively cultivating relationships with independent designers to not only help to establish these artists but to ensure Dig Deep's clientele have a variety of one of a kind pieces that reflect individual personality. In the future keep an eye out for Devora of Dig Deep. as it continues to grow; Enhancing Beauty one client at a time.

Devora of Dig Deep is available for:
* Personal Jewelry Styling and Consulting for every occasion
* Wardrobe Consultation
* Personal Grooming Consult
* Health, Wellness, & Beauty Products
* Body re-shaping garments
* Jewelry Sales & Rentals (Music/Film/Arts Project and Events, Private Parties, Accessory Displays at events, etc)
* & more....



Check out the official website of Raye 6

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Raye 6 on the Red Carpet of the MTV Movie Awards..."Arm Candy by Dig Deep"

Projects Include:

"I Got It" Video with M.I.G. featuring Red Cafe
(Stylist Vee Vernard)
"Forever" Music Video with Natalie (formerly of Floetry) featuring Musiq Souldchild (Stylisty Shelly Castro)
Universal Lover Japan Album Cover for Artist Raye 6
Universal Lover "The Dirtayyy Remix Video with Raye 6
BET Rip the Runway with Stylist Tennile Green
(Stylist Shatania Amee)
Dru Hill Music Group NYC Promotional Tour
Saffire NYC Performance
(Stylist Eric Santiago of E-Styles, Inc.)

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Plus Model Mag Cover

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Stylist Tuesdai Win

Big Girls United 2011 Collection
Plus Model Mag Cover

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To schedule a an appointment with Devora of Dig Deep please contact:
Devora of Dig Deep
PHONE: 718-809-3084

Event bookings, press, & media inquiries please contact Miss Shani: of Stilettos & Sounds Phone: 347-878-3492

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