This summer, Studio-X NYC hits the road! On Friday, June 8, at 6pm, Venue — a pop-up interview studio and multimedia rig traveling around North Ameri

Meadowlands for Venue

This summer, Studio-X NYC hits the road!

On Friday, June 8, at 6pm, Venue — a pop-up interview studio and multimedia rig traveling around North America through September 30, 2013 — launches at the Nevada Museum of Art, in downtown Reno, Nevada.

Venue is an important new initiative in Studio-X NYC's ongoing efforts to provide an expanded platform for research and conversation on the future of cities. North America is an increasingly urbanized continent, but you cannot hope to understand its cities without exploring their various -sheds — the watersheds, foodsheds, and other resources, from minerals to clean air, that supply an enabling context for human settlement.

Over the next sixteen months, Venue will go behind the scenes of the twenty-first-century metropolis to visit the remote landscapes — the quarries and mines, reservoirs and farms — that both form and are formed by urbanization. We'll be traveling in a series of discrete routes around North America as we record and broadcast hundreds of original interviews, tours, and site visits.

Throughout Venue's travels, you can follow along by reading our latest dispatches and you can join in by suggesting sites and people we should visit. We'd also love to see you in person en route — check out our schedule, follow us on Twitter, and sign up for the Venue mailing list to stay up-to-date with our current or future location.

Of course, we'll also be providing regular reports on this mailing list, as well as hosting Venue-based events and installations at Studio-X NYC. Stay tuned!

Venue is a project of the Center for Art + Environment at the Nevada Museum of Art, Studio-X NYC, and Future Plural, with funding provided by the Western States Arts Federation (WESTAF), Nevada Arts Council, and the National Endowment for the Arts.

Theres No One There flyer

"There's No One There" Exhibition
Studio-X NYC, 180 Varick St., Suite 1610 (map)

On display from Wednesday, May 23–June 12, 2012; weekdays by appointment only.

Don't miss Joe Alterio's newest work, a serigraph series entitled "There's No One There," that examines the conflicting responses that arise when human beings occupy both real and digital space in their daily lives.


We're also delighted to announce that we have a few more video recordings of Studio-X NYC events online for your viewing pleasure.

We hope you enjoy the finale of Breaking Out & Breaking In, our distributed film festival, featuring FBI Special Agent Brenda Cotton, Bank Robbery Coordinator for the Bureau's Bank Robbery/Kidnapping/Extortion Squad; Retired FBI Special Agent Thomas McShane, former undercover agent with the Bureau's Art Crime Team and author of Stolen Masterpiece Tracker; Scott Macaulay, editor-in-chief of Filmmaker Magazine; Matt Jones, designer and principal of BERG; and Jimmy Stamp, writer and editor at the Yale University School of Architecture, and co-organizer of Yale's 2011 "Fugitive Geographies" conference, exploring the architecture of the getaway, the hideout, and the cover-up.

In addition, you can now view X-Cities numbers 2 ("My Life Inside Big Data: Power Struggles in Information Security, Open Government, and the Real Time Milieu" with Sean Gorman of GeoIQ) and 3 ("Heavy Weather — Design and Governance in Rio de Janeiro and Beyond" with special guests Guru Banavar of IBM and Leif Percifeld, creator of DontFlush.Me) online. X-Cities 1 "Making the Case for Smart" is also available, as is X-Cities 5 ("Apps That Engage").

Watch out for more as we catch up on our video backlog this summer!