Around the World, Robot Rockers Music is going to set you free Noamniks! Come dance along to the Annual 6th Form Tu Bshevat Seder, take on the challe


Around the World, Robot Rockers

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Music is going to set you free Noamniks! Come dance along to the Annual 6th Form Tu Bshevat Seder, take on the challenge of becoming a Noam Movement Worker, or do the hora all the way down in Ketura with Guy, Joe, and Josh. But the best dance of all is the 'mayim' step to the NNLS Asylum Seekers Drop In Centre. Already Meltam has taken on fundraising for the official Noam Charity of the Year. There's been a big hurrah in the Fantasy Football standings! Alas, the greatest macarena of all is this summer on Noam Camp, so if you have not signed up, wait no more!

Be in touch and let us know if we are leaving out anything!


Ilana, Dan, Ben, Yoav, Jess, Avigail, & Jessie

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For 1st, 2nd, or 3rd Year Staff

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If Applying for Rosh, Educator, Welfare, and other Senior Staff Positions

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Diary, Calendar, Dates...

RIGHT NOW Noam Summer Camp Applications Open
7 Feb. 2012: Tu B'shevat 6th Form Seder
8-10 Feb. 2012: Bogrim Mobile II to Oxford, Bristol, Bath, & Brighton
8 Feb. 2012: Tu B'shevat
7-8 Mar. 2012: Purim!
22-26 Mar. 2012: Marom & Noam Seminar to Budapest
26 Feb. 2012: Noam Takeover New London Cheder
27-30 Mar. 2012: work4noam interviews
6-14 Apr. 2012: Passover (Pesach)
22 Apr. 2012: Yom Masorti at EMS
10 May 2012: Lag B'Omer
26-28 May 2012: Shavuot
3-26 Jul. 2012: Noam Israel Tour 2012
13-19 Aug. 2012: Noam Pre-Camp
20 Aug.-2 Sep.: Noam Summer Camp
NOW:: Drachim Gap Year 2012-2013 Registration Information contact
CLOSING SHORTLY: Madrichim & Senior Staff Applications for Summer 2012 DUE!

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He thinks he's a tree...

AMAZING Noam Tu B'shevat Seder for FUN LOVING Sixth Formers - Feb. 7

On the 7th February there is going to be the BEST Noam Tu B'shevat Seder (possibly ever) and what's going to make it EVEN BETTER is that you, yes YOU, dear invitee, are going to attend!
It will be at the Noam Office from 6.30 till 8.30 and there shall be food (vegetarian and brought by the guests [you]), festivities and general celebration because it's the NEW YEAR FOR TREES!

The Facebook event is open to all those in sixth form so invite your friends and RSVP asap!!!!!! We can't wait to see you there!!!

*** - Apply Today!

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work4noam: Here are some of the benefits of being a movement worker.

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Noam Social Action

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Volunteering at NNLS Asylum Seeker Drop-In Center - ANYONE WELCOME

Following our recent vote to select NNLS Asylum Seekers Drop In Centre as the Noam Charity of the Year, we invite all Noamniks to participate in the movement-wide volunteering this Sunday at St. Martin's Primary School, East Finchley.

Movement worker and movement members come together for a day of positive social action on the first Sunday of every month to volunteer with destitute asylum seekers from all over the world, seeking refuge from persecution in the UK but seriously lacking basic necessities such as food and adequate clothing.

Last month there were volunteers from Noam and Marom, Habonim, LJY Netzer and RSY Netzer and all had a great day.

Come again this month, there is something for everyone to do no matter what your experience levels..

Arrive at 1pm for the volunteers briefing and to be given a job.


Meltam Fundraiser (Tron Legacy)

Two Noamnicks, Rachel Rose and Tatiana Hill, lead a fundraiser for the Noam charity of the Year, the Asylum Seekers Drop-in Centre, last week at Meltam. It was hugely successful raising over £115 in one day and made the leadership session much more exciting. With costumes ranging from tigers to skeletons, almost the whole year group were dressed up and cakes were sold. Well done to Rachel and Tatiana, and we hope that this is the start to many more initiatives from our members towards this great cause.


SPOTLIGHT: Drachim's Guy, Joe, & Josh

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Life on the Razor Edge, the Kibbutz Kestory (Human After All)

Guy Pollack, Joe Rose and Resp ‘On the Mic’ Epstein-Tasgal

As we type this, the three of us are lying on Guy and Joe’s potentially bedbug-ridden double bed. Yuk. We’ve each just received our fortnightly 150 shekel allowance because our rooms were deemed clean enough, and tonight we shall tuck in to the large amount of fruit that we obtained from the industrial-sized fridge that we share with around 350 others.

We’ve chosen to spend our final two months of the Drachim programme on Kibbutz Ketura, an American-founded kibbutz deep in the Negev desert; we’re so close to Jordan that, if it weren’t for regular army patrols and a minefield, we could easily stumble out of Israel.

Ketura, like most kibbutzim, is a socialist community where all the members and volunteers live, eat and work merrily alongside one another. Residents, both permanent and temporary, provide all the required services, such as cooking, laundry and working on the Kibbutz’s agricultural projects. Like a Peter Ebdon snooker match, we all cue up and eat in the communal dining hall and take turns to help clean it up after meals. This approach is quite different to our life in Kfar Vradim, which was set up on right-wing values, though they both share a “you can’t piss on hospitality” attitude. As soon as we arrived, we were immediately integrated into native lyfe; on our first morning we were already making our best efforts to endure the vegetables that Josh had woken up early to chop. The situation has not improved. To rake up for this, Guy and Joe have had to work even harder in the gardens.

During our time in Israel we have been introduced to the idea of rosh gadol (big head). Unlike in English, this means to think about the bigger picture and consider things other than yourself and your own possessions. Straight famine or feast, there is definitely a sense of shared Responsibility here. This can be seen, for example, when everyone contributes to setting up the dining hall for Shabbat, or when a person takes our apartments’ shared recycling bin down to the central one for the Kibbutz.

Unfortunately, not everyone here can take on any given responsibility...

Share your comments and read the rest of Facebook.

Israel options

What are you doing next year?

One More Time...

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Fantasy Football UPDATE: Top 5:

1 Liron Velleman's Sussex1103

2 Abi Woodrow's Bobigny FC
3 Sam Stanley's Zoidbergs XI

4 Alex Lishak Lishh

5 David Woolfman's Woolfman's Wanderers
Third from last Richard Sarsby's Sarbizzle FC.

Noam Office Visitor of the Week: Lily Bloch

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