February Update Marom has had a busy month! Adam and Jackie have hosted Shabbat meals and a Giant Turkey Dinner at the Noam Bayit as well as a brilli


February Update

Marom has had a busy month! Adam and Jackie have hosted Shabbat meals and a Giant Turkey Dinner at the Noam Bayit as well as a brilliant shiur with Rabbi Gordon. Jackie has also already visited Oxford and Cambridge and has been working to plan a Shabbaton in Paris this March. For more information on the Shabbaton please email her at jackie@masorti.org.uk or visit the facebook event. Inbar, meanwhile has been coordinating the Marom European Union conference which we will be hosting in March as well as supporting groups of young adults across the London area. For more information on her work please click here.

This January also saw the inception of our New Marom Student Reps program, with representatives at Cambridge, Birmingham, Nottingham, Manchester, and Leeds. Marom Reps will be planning events for Masorti students on these campuses so keep an eye out for upcoming events!
We are still looking for reps in Bristol, Sussex/Brighton, and London. If you are interested, please contact jackie@masorti.org.uk

Finally, we have begun recruitment for two fabulous Israel trips: a Social Justice Seminar in April and Kelim, a free month of study at the conservative Yeshiva. For more information about these trips read on or click here.

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Upcoming Marom Events
Marom Announcements
Community Events

Job Postings and Community Announcements
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Upcoming Marom events:

5 February: Shabbat Dinner at the Noam House
12-13 February: Shabbat at Cambridge
15 February: Session at Oxford JSOC Gender Conference
17 Februrary: Visit to Nottingham
24-25 February: Noam Bogrim Mobile, part #1
25 February: Lunch and Learn in Oxford
26-27 February: Shabbat and Purim at Oxford
3-4 March: Bogrim Mobile, part #2
5-7 March: Marom EU conference
12-14 March: Shabbaton in Paris
12-17 April: Social Justice Seminar in Israel

For more information on these events, please visit www.masortiyouth.org/marom or contact jackie@masorti.org.uk


Marom Announcements

Marom and Noam Social Justice Seminar in Israel:

12-17 April
This spring Marom, in conjunction with Noam, is hosting a 5 day seminar in Israel examining local and global social justice issues. You will spend each day of the trip learning about a different social issue by engaging and volunteering with various organizations looking for the solutions. As part of this seminar, you will have the opportunity to grapple with social justice in modern times and in the Jewish tradition and to discuss ways to make an impact on these issues in Israel, the UK, and the world.

Price: £170 + airfare

If you would like to participate, please email students@masorti.org.uk by 8 February to express interest as places are extremely limited.

For more information visit our facebook group or our website, or email students@masorti.org.uk.


Interested in developing your text and/or Hebrew skills? Want to learn with world-acclaimed instructors? Itching to spend time in Jerusalem?

Then, consider joining us on Kelim! Together with other British students, you will live in Jerusalem and study at the Conservative Yeshiva for a month. Best of all...the program is FREE!

For more information click here or email jackie@masorti.org.uk.

Marom and London Citizens

At a recent Marom meeting a group of young adults came together to talk about community organising and working with London Citizens. London Citizens is an organisation that develops leadership within communities, supporting people to campaign on the issues they care about. It is based on 'community organising', something that is popular in the United States and has gained prominence since Barack Obama, a former community organiser, ran for President. The organisation works with people from a wide range of faith communities, as well as trade unions, community groups and schools.

London Citizens has a number of branches, each of which is run by a professional community organiser. Branches currently exist in East, South and West London, and a new branch in North London will be operational later this year. The group explored the role that Marom could play in shaping this branch from the outset.

A number of London Citizens and Marom events will be taking place in the coming weeks and months. If you are interested in getting involved, or would just like more information, please contact James Green at jamesgreen455@hotmail.com.

For further information visit the London Citizens website at www.londoncitizens.org.uk.

Calling all Four by Twos* within walking distance of the Islington,Hackney,City, and Highbury areas!

*What is Four by Two? Well, FOUR Jews from Islington, Highbury, Hackney and Clerkenwell decided one day that they had had enough of schlepping to the Northwest London ghetto to enjoy a nice Shabbas dinner. So they decided to hold some Friday night dinners of their own, about every TWO months. Oh and fittingly for the area, 'Four By Two' is also cockney rhyming slang for Jew!

So, if you live in Islington/Hackney/City/Highbury areas, please email us on fourbytwo@gmail.com with your name, age and postcode to gain more details. Kosher dinners are kindly sponsored by Masorti, we ask only that you bring a bottle of wine and a parev (non-milky) dessert.

Young Adult Groups:

Marom helps informal communities and groups of Masorti young adults in their 20s and 30s to engage in Shabbat meals, Jewish learning, social action, and many more exciting events. We currently support communities in Finchley, St. Alban’s, Golders Green, Islington, and in Borehamwood. Inbar has helped facilitate events ranging from Torah Tea parties
If you have your own idea for an event for your friends (and friends of friends) please contact Inbar and she will be happy to help you get started. We are exctied to support everything from Shabbat meals to shiurim, social action projects to social gatherings and more!


Community Events

1-22 February: Prayer Learning Series, New London Synagogue, 8 pm
Sessions every Monday, £6 each. Choose from Siddur SatNav and different weekly options:
Feb 1st - Hallel (part II) - Chazan Stephen Cotsen
Feb 8th - Kaddish - Chazan Jacky Chernett
Feb 15th - Bircat Hamazon - Chazan Stephen Cotsen
Feb 22nd - Aleinu - Rabbi Jeremy Gordon
Email office@newlondon.org.uk for more details

14 February: Karen Armstrong on The Case for God, New London Synagogue, 4:30 pm
Karen Armstrong is one of the world's leading commentators on religious affairs. She spent seven years as a Roman Catholic nun in the 1960s, but then left her teaching order in 1969 to become a full time writer and broadcaster. A passionate campaigner for religious liberty, Karen Armstrong is an outstanding and inspiring speaker.

Members £5; Non-members £7, price to include coffee and light refreshments. Please email office@newlondon.org.uk

18th February: Ivrit b’Ivrit, New North London Synagogue, 8 pm
Ellen Goldberg, Director of the New Israel Fund will be discussing human rights in Israel – in Hebrew!

26 February: NNL Young Adults Egalitarian Kabbalat Shabbat and Dinner
At the Wittenberg family home, 10 Amberden Avenue, N3. Please email NNLSYoungAdults@googlemail.com if you would like to come.

27-28 February: Purim at New North London Synagogue
7:30 pm- Egalitarian and traditional megillah Readings followed by our Purim Spiel! If anyone would like to get involved in the Purim Spiel – as performer, writer, stagehand etc… please contact Rivka at events@nnls-masorti.org.uk

8:30 am- Shacharit
9:30 am- Separate Traditional and Egalitarian Megillah Readings
10:30 am- Massive Purim Carnival for all ages – belly dancing lessons, live music from Shir, Persian Café, Shushan Market with activities, arts & crafts etc. for adults as well as children, Costume parade with categories including best (adult) cross dressers!
12.30 pm- Purim Seudah (community lunch) for which people will need to book in advance

27-28 February: Purim at New London Synagogue
7:00 pm- Megillah reading followed by Hamentashen reception

10:15 am- Shacharit
11 am- Megillah reading followed by Purim Seudah

14 March: Babes Quiz Night, New London Synagogue, 7:30 pm
Help raise money for under 5's! £15 per person including dinner. Email office@newlondon.org.uk to RSVP or for more information

17 March: New Jewish London Museum Opening

Job Postings and Community Announcements

The NIF/SHATIL William Frankel Social Justice Fellowships

These fellowships enable a cadre of post-university Jewish professionals to spend 10 months immersed in the movement for social change in Israel. NIF/SHATIL William Frankel Social Justice Fellows spend 32 hours per week interning in an approved, individually-selected Israeli non-governmental organisation (NGO), active in one of the following areas:
• Safeguarding civil and human rights
• Pursuing environmental justice
• Promoting Jewish-Arab equality
• Advancing the status of women
• Fostering tolerance and religious pluralism
• Bridging social and economic gaps
Additionally, Fellows engage in monthly enrichment programs and periodic site visits to further develop their understanding of Israel, Israeli activism, and their role as activists both in Israel and at home. Fellows also receive training in leadership and community development. Because Fellows intern full time in an Israeli NGO, successful applicants must have either excellent Hebrew language skills, or good Hebrew with strong Arabic skills. Living expenses are covered by a modest stipend.

For more information click here

National Survey About Jewish Opinions Towards Israel

The Institute for Jewish Policy Research (JPR) has been commissioned by the Pears Foundation to carry out the first ever national survey of Jewish opinion about Israel. The research is being administered by Ipsos MORI, and we would very much like you to take part.

This important online survey will only take 15 minutes to complete and does not require any special interest or knowledge about Israel. We want to hear your views, whatever they may be. The results of the survey will help us better understand the feelings, attitudes and attachments Jews in Britain have towards Israel.

Take part now by clicking here. Respondents need to be Jewish, living in Britain, and over 18 to participate.

We hope you enjoy completing the questionnaire. If you have any queries, please email israelsurvey@ipsos-mori.com

D'var Torah Beshalach

I was surprised when I read through the Parshah this week. The stories are familiar to me - the parting of the Red Sea, the song of praise from the Children of Israel after they were safely across and the Egyptians drowned. However, from each part there was something missing. I realised that I was surprised because I understood each story differently from how the Torah renders them.

The reason for this is that the commentators and the midrash have added greatly to the events in this week’s parsha. They show them from a different perspective, shedding a new light onto them.

To continue click here.

Featured Link

Big Green Jewish Website : The Big Green Jewish Website is a resource for Jewish people. It is the on-line meeting point between Jewish and environmental ethics. It seeks to educate about climate change and aims to inspire you to make a difference to the planet.