Special announcement: "Play For All": Playground Innovation Competition now open Apply now and get designing! Click HERE to apply... This is a spec

Special announcement: "Play For All": Playground Innovation Competition now open

Apply now and get designing!

Click HERE to apply...

This is a special mid-month announcement to let you know that the playground innovation competition is now LIVE and waiting for your submissions.

With an amazing prize, international exposure and the chance to SEE your playground design actually built. How can you not apply?

This is not your average design competition.

The Playground will be built on the Thailand - Burma border offering joy, happiness and a better education to over 1000 refugee children who have crossed the border from war torn Burma.

We have spent months preparing a real challenge for all you great designers out there. The winning designer will not only receive $1000 dollars to cover the travel costs and help manage their design onsite but they will be featured on the Open Architecture network that reaches tens of thousands of design professionals, they will be judged by incredible designers on the international judging panel and they will make hundreds of children really, REALLY happy.

We believe that designers can do more than make better can openers, they can make the world a better place, one space at a time and this is a real opportunity to do something amazing!

This competition is open to anyone

Non-proffessionals, students, even kids are all welcome to apply. Anyone who feels they can create an innovative play space that will encourage a child's education and well-being.

Click here for more info.

Interested? have questions?

What about safety?

Can I build a 50m high plastic cubby house in the shape of a lollipop?

What if I WIN and the plane ticket is less than $1000 dollars? Can I spend the rest sipping a pina colada in a banana lounge on the beach?

For answers to these challenging questions and more, click HERE and then browse through the 4 tabs at the top of the page, this will familiarise you with everything you will need to know.

If your still confused you can email us at info@goplayproject.org

or for technical issues you can contact the Open Architecture Network site from their website. http://openarchitecturenetwork.org/contact

We are so excited to offer this opportunity and cant wait to see the entries.

All the resources you need...

We have all information you need to make an truely authentic design. With photos and site plans of the actual site, costs of materials and a budget, this is the real deal from start to finish with a chance to get involved at a grassroots level and make an impact on the world you live in.

To view all the resources click here...

Spread the word...

Have a think. Who do you know that might be interested in entering this competition? Word of mouth is our main source of communication, so please share this link far and wide. Tell your facebook and twitter friends , the local radio, the local newspaper, tell your mum. People can subscribe to our newsletter here...

Thank you everyone for all your support. We cant do it without you...

Trade UP!: From a blue marble to $50,000

Important Volunteer Opportunity

Go Play! and Project Thrive (www.projectthrive.org), an incredible nonprofit that works with orphans in Kenya, are teaming up to create a new fundraiser. The proceeds of this project will support a new project we are planning in Kenya, as well as future projects in the Philippines and Northern India.

The idea is that we start with a blue marble and then trade that for something slightly larger in value. We then trade that for something larger in value. We keep going until we have $50,000. We then use that money to build more playgrounds. sounds crazy but this a tried and true fundraiser where everyone wins and we are excited to be taking it on.

What do we need? Go Play! needs 5 people to help head up 5 teams. We need someone who can help hunt down good trades for us and spread the word. Let us know if you are interested at info@goplayproject.org

We will be setting up a special website in the next couple of weeks at www.bigbluemarble.org. Official launch on November 15th!

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