Secret Techniques from WMDEAN on How to Make Your Own RIDICULOUSLY COOL Cufflinks! Thank you again for your recent purchase of wholesale supplies fro

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Secret Techniques from WMDEAN on How to Make Your Own RIDICULOUSLY COOL Cufflinks!

Thank you again for your recent purchase of wholesale supplies from WMDEAN. In addition to being your trusted supplier of cufflink backs and stud button backs, I want to also give you all the necessary expertise that you will need in order to make your own cufflinks. The following report will give you all the information and tools needed in order to get the job done right! If (after reading this report), you have additional questions, please feel free to email me directly at I also want to encourage you to submit your techniques to us so that we can share them with other like minded professionals just like you!

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Tools That You Will Need

In addition to the cufflink backs that you just ordered from WMDEAN, you will need some tools in order to get the job done right. Here is a list of what I suggest:

Wood craft sticks; heavy jeweler’s wire cutter; Loctite brand professional heavy duty epoxy; metal files; digital timer and a bag of craft sand. The items on this list should cost you less than $50.00. You will find these items at most hardware and craft stores.


Okay... Here's the Dirt!

The first thing I suggest is that you find a container to put the craft sand in. You will need this at a later point. Using the wire cutter, clip the craft stick at the end. I prefer a slight angle cut in the craft stick, as it is easier to work with when mixing and applying the epoxy. You will want to lie out all the items as shown in the photo. Notice, at the top of the photo, I have my container of sand. I have this container in order to hold rounded items level while the epoxy dries. We’ll cover more of this in a moment.

Apply equal amounts of the 2-part epoxy to a scrap piece of paper. Be careful not to use too much of each of the parts of epoxy. This product dries very quickly. If you use too much of the products, you will end up wasting more than what you use. I recommend using the amount shown in the photo, which is about the equivalent of a dime. With the craft stick, mix those equal parts together. Set the timer for 6 minutes in order to allow the epoxy to begin to get tacky. While you are waiting the for the six minutes to expire, take the files that you have along with the items that you are setting up. I strongly suggest that you rough up the surface of both the cufflink and the item that will be secured to the cufflink. Doing this, will allow the epoxy to bond even stronger. As the timer reaches the end of 6 minutes, you will need to mix up the epoxy one more time. This allows an even consistency in the mixture.

Now, with the craft stick, take a small, pea sized, amount of the epoxy and apply it to the pad of the cufflink back. Spread the epoxy over the entire surface as shown in the photo. Now, apply the cufflink back to the items that you are securing it to. If you have an item, such as a coin, then make certain that you have a flat surface to place the cufflink while it continues to dry.

Many times, however, you will have an item that is not flat. This can make it very difficult to dry because you need the cufflinks to remain level while it dries and cures. Having a container of sand will provide you a re-usable way to keep your items level while you set them up. In these cases, you will still apply the epoxy to the pad of the cufflink back. When you secure the item to the pad, you will lightly press the item into the sand keeping the pad level as you press the item into the sand.

With each batch, you will be able to set-up up to 5 pairs of cufflinks. When you have set these up, it will be important for you to monitor the placement of the pads until the epoxy dries. It is a good idea to wait up to an additional hour before they are dry. I strongly recommend not wearing these cufflinks for at least 24 hours after set-up.


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