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Congratulations Johanna!!!
Miss Johanna Sambucini was just crowned Miss New York USA 2012 wearing the gown she purchased at Diane & Co. ! She will move on to represent New York in the Miss USA competition. It was a pleasure being a part of this journey with you! We wish you all the best!!!

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Let the ladies of Diane & Co. help you capture the crown at your next pageant.
Our expert staff and pageant professionals are on hand to help you every step of the way. With us by your side, the title is yours!!

Whether you are entering a small local event or setting your sights on the Miss Universe title, the pageant dresses and gowns you choose will make a major contribution to your chances of progressing to the next level or, ultimately, winning. As well as enhancing your appearance, they should also reflect your individual sense of style and personality. There are, therefore, several key factors to keep in mind when choosing a pageant dress.

Among the main points to consider are the style, color, and fabric of your beauty pageant dress. The style needs to be suitable for the occasion. A tailored suit, for example, would be appropriate for an interview, while an elegant full-length evening gown would be the correct choice for a glittering evening event. The colors you select for your pageant dresses and gowns should complement your hair coloring and complexion, as well as being right for the occasion.

Beauty pageant gowns should be made of quality, natural fabrics that will be comfortable to wear. Silk is favored for evening pageant dresses and gowns, not just because of its beautiful sheen, but also because it drapes well and keeps its shape.

After selecting your pageant dresses and gowns and deciding on your accessories, you can plan your hairstyles for each occasion. If you have long hair and are wearing a dress with sleeves or a high neck, you will probably find your hair looks better up, especially if you will be wearing neck jewelry. Your shoes should always complement your pageant dress in style and color, and have a heel height that is suitable for the time and the event. When selecting your shoes, you should try to make sure that they, like your dress, are not only fashionable, but also as comfortable as possible, because the way you walk and stand will attract the attention of the judges. By choosing shoes and a pageant gown that is easy to wear as well as attractive, you will be doing a lot to ensure that this attention is favorable.

When making your final preparations for the various events, make sure the accessories you wear do not distract from your pageant dresses and gowns. The purpose of accessories is to enhance your outfit, not to steal the show. By wearing a little, rather than a lot of jewelry, you will give your own personality and poise, combined with the pageant dresses you have chosen, every opportunity to make a winning statement on your behalf.

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