ImageFramer Newsletter - June 2010 Greetings from Apparent Software! In this release: ▪ ImageFramer version 2.4.8 is released▪ Generic framing tip


ImageFramer Newsletter - June 2010

Greetings from Apparent Software!

In this release:

ImageFramer version 2.4.8 is released
Generic framing tips
A small bonus for ImageFramer users


ImageFramer 2.4.8 release

In this release, we have added 7 new frames in the Wooden set - enjoy!
As always, in order to update your version, use auto-update or download it here.


Generic framing tips

Just like composition, picture framing is also an extension of the art of painting and drawing.
Framing a picture is more that placing your drawings into a frame. A badly selected frame can kill your picture!
When selecting a frame and a mat, these are a few picture framing principles to keep in mind:
* Detailed or "busy" subjects are displayed best in a simple frame.
* More ornate frames enhance simple subjects.
* A picture will appear to its best advantage when the light from the window or lamp that illuminates it comes from the same direction as the light in the painting.
* Use mats of various colors. It is surprising how a warm gray mat will enhance the appearance of a certain water color in contrast to the usual white. Even a slightly off-white tone may be a vast improvement over a dead-white mat.
* Choose a frame that won't distract from the art itself, but matches the feel. You should also consider the style of your interior décor. Simple, flat black or brown frames can set off nearly any style of painting nicely. Metallic frames with ornate carvings should be reserved for traditional paintings such as portraits, landscapes and still-lifes. Black and white art will probably look best with a white or black frame and mat.
* The greater the proportion of frame width to the painting and frame's visual importance, the more a painting becomes transformed into an art object. A large frame can be useful in reinforcing the importance of an artwork. In a purely practical sense, a wide frame can make a small work big enough to hold a larger expanse of wall.
* In framing a medium or large size contemporary painting, less is more. A narrow molding can properly present even a very large artwork. Rule of Thumb: When in doubt select too thin over too thick. Surrounding a large expanse of canvas, a heavy molding tends to read as clunky.


A small bonus for Cashculator users

We have teamed up with our friends at Karelia Software to arrange a major discount on Sandvox, the website building application for the Mac, winner of an Apple Design Award. If you would like to build your own website, check out Sandvox.

To realize the discount, enter the coupon code APPARENT from Karelia software's online store and you will get 40% off. This offer is good through the end of June 2010.

In addition, you are welcome to check out Karelia's freeware iMedia Browser, which allows you to easily browse your photo, movie, and music libraries -- iPhoto, Aperture, iTunes, etc. -- and drag the files into other applications. It is really handy for apps that make use of your media.


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