The Little Things . . . a Going the Distance newsletter Late March 2012 || issue #5 Post-Boston Recovery Are you running the Boston Marathon on Ap


The Little Things . . .

a Going the Distance newsletter

Late March 2012 || issue #5


Post-Boston Recovery

Are you running the Boston Marathon on April 16?
Have you thought about the best way to recover?

Your body and mind will want to enjoy their accomplishment.
But they also want to be taken care of. And you will want to continue running this spring.

For participants in the GTD Spring session, Fernando offers a 4-week Post-Boston Recovery Program. You will receive this program before you run Boston, so you will have Fernando’s detailed recovery guidelines when you need them.

Two steps:
(1) Sign up for the GTD Spring session
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(2) Send Dave an email telling him you’re running Boston and want Fernando’s Recovery Program
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Spring Session Signup

The GTD Spring Session begins the week of April 23, with the first onsite workout on Tuesday, April 24.

The Winter session finishes on April 15, with the last onsite workout on Tuesday, April 10. The week of Monday, April 16 through Sunday, April 22 is a Program 1 Vacation. Take a break!
Program 2 runners will have their regular program that week.

Spring session signup form
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Nutrition to Maximize Marathon Success

Nina Caron, MS / Human Nutrition
(978) 376-2493

I am consistently amazed by how well informed the majority of my clients and friends have become with respect to food choices and the importance of regular exercise. Consumers are choosing fresh, seasonal fruits and vegetables, whole grains, extra lean cuts of meat, plenty of fish, as well as the “healthy” fats essential to our diet. Thankfully, portion control, as opposed to elimination dieting, is being practiced and regular exercise has become a priority for many individuals who previously chose to be sedentary.

Lack of motivation with respect to exercise and, more specifically, with regard to competitive training is rarely an issue for the running population. In fact, runners as a group are typically guilty of just the opposite. We all seem to be able to get the workouts in (sometimes actually overtraining), however it is the fueling piece, the foundation and lifeline of our physical training, that always seems to take a backseat. The truth is that even a solid training program put together by the best coach (thank you Fernando!) will not translate into successful running and a solid competitive performance without proper nutrition.

Day-to-day eating for health and high energy is critical for competitive success! With the Boston Marathon quickly approaching, I thought I would provide a few helpful nutritional tips to maximize stamina, endurance, and recovery for those competing. The following are what I would call “top sports foods” – foods that are readily available, ready-to-eat, and nutrient-dense. Top fruits for vitamins A and/or C: oranges, grapefruit, mango, bananas, melons, berries (particularly blueberries), and kiwi. Top vegetables for vitamins A and/or C include broccoli, spinach, green and red peppers, tomatoes, carrots, sweet potato, winter squash. Lowfat milk (regular, almond or soy), lowfat yogurt (Greek is my favorite), calcium-fortified OJ and tofu are great calcium-rich foods. Convenient pre-cooked (or no cook) proteins for building and protecting muscles include roast beef, turkey, water-packed tuna, salmon, hummus, peanut or almond butter, tofu, cottage cheese, canned beans (pinto, kidney, garbanzo). Finally, easy, cook-free grains for carbohydrates and fiber include high-fiber breakfast cereals (preferably iron-rich), wholesome breads and bagels, and whole-grain crackers.

A high-energy sports diet should include a foundation of carbohydrates from grains, fruits and vegetables, comprising between 55 and 65% of total caloric intake. Protein intake needs to be adequate to ensure proper recovery and muscle repair. You can estimate your protein needs by multiplying your weight by .5 to .75 grams of protein per pound. I am often asked about how much red meat should be included in overall protein intake, if at all. The fact is that red meats are indisputably excellent sources of high-quality protein. They are also rich in iron and zinc, two minerals important for optimal athletic performance. Honestly, it comes down to assessing an individual’s specific profile. Fish is a “super-protein”…….low in saturated fat and rich in omega-3 fat. Finally, I recommend that healthy marathoners target a sports diet with about 25% of the calories from primarily “healthy” fats such as olive oil, salmon and other oily fish, all-natural peanut butter, and nuts.

To summarize, adequate fueling for competitive running starts with proper day-to-day nutrition. Your food goals are to eat at least 3 kinds of wholesome foods at each meal; at least 2 kinds of wholesome foods for each snack; evenly-sized meals about every 4 hours throughout the day (as opposed to crescendo eating” with a small breakfast and a large meal at the end of the day). Plan ahead and keep your pantry and refrigerator well stocked. Take time to eat before a workout (ideally between 1 and 2 hours beforehand) and then fuel 20-30 minutes post-workout for optimal recovery. Remember, optimal athletic performance is impossible without proper nutrition!

Best of luck to all of you who are running Boston!!


Run for the Troops 5K, April 1

The purpose of this race is to "help build homes designed for the unique injuries of specific soldiers." It's in Andover (MA) at 9am. Great cause, great location.
For details, go to the race website.


Grand Prix 5K Change

The USATF New England 5K Championship race has changed from the Legacy 5K in Dedham on September 23 to the Jack Kerouac 5K on Sunday, September 30, in Lowell MA.

The Legacy 5K will not be held this year. The Kerouac 5K will start at noon at the Kerouac Commemorative Park on Bridge Street in downtown Lowell, and finish at Hookslide Kelly's Sports Bar, 19 Merrimack Street.


Upcoming Marathons

Boston Marathon, April 16, 2012
Providence Marathon, May 6, 2012
Sugarloaf Marathon, May 20, 2012
Vermont City Marathon, May 27, 2012


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