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OPPORTUNITIES ------------------


Take It For Granted

Have a good idea? Of course you do. Idea Café is giving entrepreneurs the chance to win a cash grant and gain media exposure for their businesses. Idea Café's 11th Grant will award $1,000 in cash and $1,500 in advertising credits to the most inspirational small biz owners. Go ahead. Tell them how you're making a difference with your business. Apply for the grant here. (To access the application, you must become a member -- it's free to register.)


Wanna Host A Webinar?

Do you have expertise that can help Founding Moms grow their businesses? Know how to explain the fundamentals of...anything biz-related? Submit your topic right here. Even better, find a partner and co-host a webinar. We're creating a killer series of educational and entertaining webinars and we want you to help us to help you. We want smart, informative, anti-sales-pitch presentations to better our business selves. Is there a topic you'd like to see? Reply and tell me what it is--we'll set one up just for you!


Innovate & Nominate

For the 10th year in a row, the Chicago Innovation Awards are here and nominations are open! The organization's spent a decade putting Second City entrepreneurs first. They know that innovation is the foundation of business, and the awards celebrate the creative spirit of the Chicago region by honoring the city’s most innovative new products and services. As a nominee, you get to attend all kinds of fun events for free, just for entering. Do it here. And hurry, since they close July 31.


Pitch It, Eh?

...and around the globe we go. Visa Canada is offering you lucky Canadians the chance to win $10,000, just for submitting your elevator pitch. Let them know, in a few words--what's your business? Who are your competitors? How do you generate revenue? What’s different about your business? What's your relevant work experience? You only have 1000 characters to make your pitch because if you’re chosen as a finalist, you’ll only have 60 seconds in a 49-storey elevator ride to make your pitch. Entries close June 20 -- get that pitch in here.

WATCH -------------------------

Online Biz Series

Got Paperwork?

Check out our YouTube page where fellow Founding Moms Lisa Guillot of Step Brightly and Vana Chupp of Le Papier Studio talk about paperwork, bookkeeping, online selling platforms and more in their three-video series, How To Start Your Online Business. Brava to these women for helping us all get down to business.

SEE ---------------------------


Startup Roundup

Munchery.com :: helps the average person get a personal chef. Connect with local chefs who prepare and deliver a fresh meal for a set price, on either a one-time or recurring basis. Food is delivered to your home or office, and chefs use locally grown in-season ingredients. Know a chef? Send them here to get listed as a provider.

LocalResponse.com :: a social advertising platform that helps businesses reach customers by responding to cross-platform check-ins. The service aggregates check-ins from Foursquare, Gowalla and other services and allows companies to respond with marketing offers.

Greplin.com :: a personal search engine that allows you to search all your online data in one place. It indexes information you create in your online accounts including Twitter and Facebook and gives you the ability to search across platforms. This site's an up-and-coming competitor to Google and has been getting great reviews.

DO ----------------------------

woman asleep

Set Your Alarm

Need to make sure you remember that conference call? So knee-deep in your work that you might forget to pick up the kids? Chuck those kitchen timers. This ridiculously-named site, Kukuklok.com, is ingenious. Click here to set the timer, pick your noise of choice, and voila! Get back to work and the alarm will sound exactly when you need it to.

Cultivate Your Fanbase

Join me today at 2P CST/1P EST/11A PST/6A AEST for a webinar on Cultivating Your Fanbase: How To Keep ’em After You Find ’em. This free webinar is hosted by the good folks at Naptime Entrepreneurs. I'll be discussing why you shouldn't create a new fanbase but should be cultivating the one that you already have. Find out how I did built a business on these principles three times over -- and how you can, too. Register here, and see you soon.

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