UPDATE Loomis Animal Raid After weeks of rigorous and thorough preparation, humane officers from the Humane Society of the Sierra Foothills followed

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shepherd pup

Hospitalized since Wednesday, we're so grateful this little guy is hanging tough. He's one sick puppy.


Loomis Animal Raid

After weeks of rigorous and thorough preparation, humane officers from the Humane Society of the Sierra Foothills followed legal procedures and rescued neglected animals from horrific conditions. Read more..

Removed from a dank and dreary breeding facility in Loomis, 71 animals are now living in a clean, healthy environment, have plenty of fresh water, nutritious food, and are being treated for their critical medical conditions—and that includes the 700# hogs! Today, right now, they enjoy the good life that every animal deserves.

The animals with medical issues are being treated by caring veterinarians and their staff. The young female German Shepherd dog is scheduled for exploratory surgery to remove a large mass in her abdomen but not until the infection on her elbow is under control. Veterinarians are afraid the mass will rupture, so there's no choice but to remove it.

The still uncertain fate of the 6-pound, 10-week old German Shepherd puppy infected with parvovirus has touched the heart of the community. The tragedy and sadness of his condition from alleged neglect penetrates deep into our bones. UPDATE - OUR LITTLE BOY PASSED OVER THE BRIDGE - GOD SPEED LITTLE ONE, YOU SUFFERED TOO MUCH.

Finally, an ultrasound revealed that the pregnant Chihuahua will soon have 6 puppies. We're boiling the water and preparing for her delivery.

HSSF is indebted to the resilience of our collaborative partners. Five different organizations were on-scene to help us make this multi-species animal rescue possible, putting their professional knowledge to work in processing the investigation and seizure.

The expenses incurred from this operation and ongoing animal treatment will continue until all is resolved.

We hope you will consider making a generous donation and consider a monthly donation for the care of these animals. Just click on the Donate Now button below to make your secure on-line contribution or use our Mail In Form

Thank you.



Chihuahua's, Miniature Pincher's, German Shepherd's, a Great Dane and Cockapoo.

We need temporary foster homes for the dogs as soon as possible. They are all very social. Because of the puppy with parvovirus, our veterinarians are recommending no other dogs in these foster homes. If you are "dog-less" and have the time to give one of these dogs some TLC, please complete our on-line Volunteer Application.


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Friends of Placer County Animal Shelter works to find homes for homeless, abused and neglected animals, while the Humane Society of the Sierra Foothills enforces the laws of animal abuse and neglect. Considered "sister" organizations, they work collectively to protect animals and serve the public. Both organizations are approved 501(c)3 non-profits.


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