April 2010 News Last month, I did a free story for Haiti, gave a heads-up on Luck o' the Irish, and offered a nice discount on Martian Knights & Othe

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April 2010 News

Last month, I did a free story for Haiti, gave a heads-up on Luck o' the Irish, and offered a nice discount on Martian Knights & Other Tales. In this issue, I'll talk about one of my favorite characters - Crimson - and give you a chance to get another free story. You up for that? Good! Let's get going.

Current Projects - Crimson Takes the Internet

Got Crimson? I know that she's a favorite character for many of my fans, and this last month, she became the vanguard of my foray into the Kindle story market. Her origin story, "Forever Crimson," is currently up for sale on Amazon. I was shocked to discover, when I converted the story to the new format, that Crimson's been around for 10 years now. Yet, I've barely begun to tell all the stories I have for her.

A second story, "Crash of the Titans" -- brand new to coincide (and poke gentle fun at) the movie of similar name -- is also available for Kindle. Naturally, it's got all the action, adventure, and monster's you'd expect from my work -- "Adventure guaranteed. (Monsters optional.)" Remember? -- plus the trademark Crimson wry wit.

A third Crimson story, "Time War," is coming out in a short story collection this summer. It features nods to many of the characters and concepts I've worked on over the years, plus a time traveler I've always wanted to write, Keep tuned for info about that.

A fourth Crimson story - or, at least a story in which she features prominently -- is Tournament of Death -- available free online (and scheduled for revision and release in book form later this year.

And a fifth Crimson story... Well, you'll just have to read on about that, and how you can get it for free. But first...

Uncanny Encounters: The Frosts Are Coming

Just a brief detour from the Crimson news for a moment to mention an upcoming project. You'd probably have to be in my family, first readers, or close friends to have heard about the Frosts. Or, if you were very attentive, you might remember some vague mentions of them in Martian Knights & Other Tales or Uncanny Encounters: Roswell.

The good news is that the Frost books -- modern supernatural chillers, and there are currently five of them -- are back on the schedule for revision and release this year. And, if y'all enjoy them as much as my first readers do, there will be more to come. If you like Dark Shadows, you'll love the Frosts. Don't you love it when I tease you?

Crimson on Kindle

Above, I told you that two of my Crimson stories were on Kindle. So, below are some links so that you can buy and enjoy those stories! Just click on the pictures to go to that story's Amazon page.

Of course, if you prefer your stories on paper, you can find "Forever Crimson" in Martian Knights & Other Tales. I hope to have the stories available in PDF format, too, very soon. Look for updates.


FREE Desktop Wallpapers

Just 'cause I love you, I'm putting up links to some very cool desktop wallpapers! on my site. And, since this is Crimson month, there are a couple of Crimson wallpapers among them. One is from "Forever Crimson," the other from "Crash of the Titans." Download them and enjoy looking at your favorite SDS story cover anytime! Let me know how you like this experiment and whether you want to see more wallpapers in the future!

Get a FREE Crimson Story! "Last Gasp"

Okay, I know you can get Tournament of Death for free online right now, but how would you like to get a new Crimson story, not available anywhere else on the net? You would? Great! Here's how...

Step 1: Post a review of any of my products online. - Either on your own site, Twitter, Facebook, or another social networking site.

Step 2: Tell me about it. - Either via email (fanmail@stephendsullivan.com) or via message on Facebook or Twitter.

Step 3: I send you the story! (In PDF format.) To an email address of your choosing or via a free link.

Remember, this Crimson story, "Last Gasp," has not yet been released! As a reviewer, you get to see it first! (As a bonus, it includes an appearance by Starcutter captain, Ali al Shahar.)

Of course, if you want to review more than a single story, I won't stop you. In fact, I might even have something extra for you. So, what are you waiting for? Post those reviews now! (Before you forget.)

Help Crimson Conquer the Internet: Tell Your Friends!

Spread the word! Tell your friends about this newsletter and my stories. Have your pals go to my website and sign up. (Sign up yourself if you got this newsletter indirectly.) Help Crimson and me conquer all of space and eternity - one reader at a time.


See you next month.

Steve Sullivan

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