The Little Things . . . a Going the Distance newsletter December 2011 || issue #1 Welcome to The Little Things, a newsletter about my coaching prog


The Little Things . . .

a Going the Distance newsletter

December 2011 || issue #1

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Welcome to The Little Things, a newsletter about my coaching program, Going the Distance.

You are receiving this because you are currently in the program or you were recently.

The purpose of The Little Things is to let you know what’s new with Going the Distance, to highlight your accomplishments, and to communicate.

Why “the little things”? As many of you know from our work together, it’s the “little things” that make the difference between a good and a bad workout or performance, and ultimately the ability to reach your short and long term goal. I will be talking about “the little things” in this newsletter. And of course when you participate in the Going the Distance program, you will hear about “the little things” every week.

Please feel free to pass this newsletter along to anyone who may want to improve their running or reach a performance goal.



Little Thing -- Ice Baths

Ice Bath Guide

The ice bath is an excellent resource to use for recovery during a training program. The ice bath reduces inflammation and helps circulate toxins out of the muscles.

Water temp: 55 degrees is optimal ( colder isn’t better)

Time/Duration: 10-15 min ( no longer)

When: after a difficult workout or race and, when applicable, 1-2 days before a big race.

When not to: Just before a workout or race

Additional Methodology To Help Recovery: A Cold/Hot bath where you go from ice bath to hot bath. There is a hormonal response with this strategy, rather than anti-inflammatory. You can use the ice/hot on regular training days. The concept will enhance immunity and could assist shoring up the body’s response to stress.


Winter Program Options

19-week Spring Marathon Training Program

Are you running a marathon in the winter or spring of 2012?
Why not train in the GTD marathon program -- with other runners at your level and with your goal. Let Fernando guide your physical and mental preparation. Whatever your time goal is, you want to arrive at the starting line in peak condition and injury-free.
The 19-week program begins the week of December 5, with onsite workouts starting the week of January 2. If you cannot make the onsite workouts, use the very popular email option.
Go here for more information.

15-week Winter Program

The 15-week Winter Program begins with onsite workouts the week of January 2. Many GTD runners use the challenging winter session to build a physical and mental base that carries them through the entire year. There is a magic that happens as you finish a workout on a crisp winter evening, and you know you’ve gained a personal edge regardless of your goal. You may be training to stay in shape, run your first race, or win your next race. The GTD Winter Program is the path to your goal.
Go here for more information.


Upcoming Marathons

Disney World Marathon, January 8, 2012
Houston Marathon, January 15, 2012
Hyannis Marathon, February 26, 2012
Boston Marathon, April 16, 2012
Providence Marathon, May 6, 2012
Sugarloaf Marathon, May 20, 2012
Vermont City Marathon, May 27, 2012


Why a Winter Program?

The purpose of the Winter Workout Program is to provide an educational running experience and a strength foundation that will enhance your ability to stay healthy and achieve personal goals for the year.

At the conclusion of the program you will understand how to create a strength or base program in the future. You will develop the high aerobic and strength capacity to safely participate in and benefit from the next workout phases and racing in the spring, summer, and fall.


6 GTD Women Break 3 Hours at Philly

At the Philadelphia Marathon on November 20, six women who trained in Fernando Braz's program broke 3 hours.

Jodie Conway qualified for the 2012 U.S. Olympic Team Marathon Trials with a sparkling 2:44:09.
Lory Cavanagh ran a tremendous 2:46:38.

Larissa Park ran 2:52:16, Caroline Bjune 2:53:43, Erin Flynn 2:56:24, and Nina Caron 2:59:54.

Linda Jennings at Philly Half

Linda Jennings won her age division (55-59) in 1:33:41 at the Philadelphia Half-Marathon on November 20.
Linda has competed in the U.S. masters circuit throughout the year, scoring well and achieving world-class age-graded times at all distances. Her half-marathon age-graded score was 92.4, which is astounding.

Sarah Prescott: Ironrunner

An ironrunner is an individual who completes all seven races in the USA Track & Field (New England) Grand Prix Road Racing Series, The races vary in length from 5K to a marathon and (depending on the year) take place throughout the New England states (except Maine and Connecticut). To complete the series, a runner must have mental strength and physical endurance. Those who succeed receive the title of New England Ironrunner.

Sarah Prescott is now an Ironrunner for the 12th year in a row.
From 2000 through 2011.
That's 84 consecutive Grand Prix races.
She's started and finished all of them.
Yes, this is record, and probably one that will never be broken.
Except by Sarah in 2012.


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