From Betsy I am so excited to start teaching my GRANTcoach program that I can hardly wait for the new year to begin it! For those of you already sign

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From Betsy

I am so excited to start teaching my GRANTcoach program that I can hardly wait for the new year to begin it! For those of you already signed up – congratulations! I promise that I was once where you are right now. You're ready for freedom and flexibility, you're ready to be your own boss and not have to answer to anyone else and you're excited about making more money that will ensure financial stability while you actually enjoy what you do for a living. If you haven't yet signed up but are interested in the program, don't wait. I've decided to limit the class to only 20 people to ensure the most personal one-on-one experience possible and you must be signed up by December 6th. Very few spots remain so be sure to register today.

So, are you back into a regular routine yet after a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday? I'm actually excited about the holiday season that has now officially begun which always gets me thinking about the new year ahead. I have all kinds of wonderful ideas for grant writing training that I'm rolling out next year and I'm working on a plan that I'm eager to share with you. How about you? Are you working on your plans for next year for grant funding your organization? Grants should be a very important piece of your fund raising plan and it's essential to organize yourself since grant applications are all about timing. Keep reading below and let me share with you how I am sure to get all of my applications in on time. You can do it too!

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Your Grant Funding Plan for 2011

As a grant writer, it's very important that you get in the habit of planning your year ahead. I find it helpful to have a grants calendar that has my anticipated grant application projects divided by the month.

On the calendar, have a column dedicated to due dates, grant funder contact information, any comments relating to the application, dates for when the decision of approved or denied is received, the grant amount and when it is received and report dates to the funding institution. This is what I find works for me and my clients. Feel free to customize so that the information best fits what you need to track.

Whether you work for an organization as a grant writer or on a consulting basis, all nonprofits like to see what you've planned ahead. To prevent possible communication breakdown between you, the grant writer, and the folks who financially support (pay!) you, present your grants calendar in January and update as needed – usually monthly will suffice.

As you know, 2011 is right around the corner. Now would be a great time to plan your exciting, “fund”-filled year ahead!


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