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May 2010 Release

2003 Bindi Sparkling Chardonnay/Pinot Noir

2009 Bindi Composition Chardonnay

2009 Bindi Composition Pinot Noir

2009 Pyrette Heathcote Shiraz

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The 2009 Quartz Chardonnay, Original Vineyard PInot Noir and
Block 5 Pinot Noir newsletter will be sent in August 2010.


The 2009 season has produced wines of bright flavour and delicacy despite the vintage being generally viewed as rather hot with extreme heat spikes. Whilst there were certainly some unprecedented extremely hot days the summer was not as hot as 2008 and 2010. We are pleased to report there was no issue with either berry shrivel or smoke taint at Bindi. Flowering was not very consistent and the crop ended up being quite a bit smaller than 2008 and 2010. In the context of the maladies that befell many others we are very happy with the outcome: superb quality in a not unreasonable volume.

It is interesting to look back to just two weeks after the fruit was harvested and see just how accurate the early assessment was (from 10 April 2009 blog on www.bindiwines.com.au) :

“In 2009 the grapes developed their flavours and overall balance at lower sugar levels than in the past four years and the wines are showing a lot of intensity and drive. I believe they will be less textural as young wines than the pleasure laden 2008s but will develop very well over the medium term. It is very, very early days but it seems 2009 will yield wines of brightness and verve. The Chardonnays are displaying wonderful, vibrant, mouthwatering grapefruit and nectarine characters and the Pinots have racy red fruit and bright spice with fine, firm tannin drive (the skins were very thick and the berries small). It will be a great feeling when they are in barrel and resting over the winter.

Looking back over the summer the most immediate thought is that it was an extremely hot season due to the incredible maximum temperatures reached. However the vintage was actually twelve days later than 2008. And later than 2007 and 2006. We almost got back to picking in April! The cool December and January were mainly responsible and the even, mild weather in the second half of March saw a slow finish to the grape’s flavour development.”

The 2009 Quartz, Original Vineyard and Block 5 will be bottled in June and are looking very pure and balanced. There is a charming expression of pure fruit and site character and the overall defining signature is of finesse.


2003 Bindi Chardonnay/Pinot Noir Sparkling

This is the second disgorging of this wine. After six years on lees it is really singing. No malo lactic was undergone and the wine has always been particularly intense and linear. It is the most inspiring of our sparkling releases for mine but can be challenging as the dosage was very low and the mineral factor very high. For lovers of dry, small grower Champagnes this wine makes a lot of sense. The nose has floral, nutty and creamy aromas and is developing some lovely aged, earthy complexity. The palate is very tight, driven and balanced with a delicious interplay between freshness, creamy texture and a powerful, driving finish.

2009 Bindi Composition Chardonnay

The nose is bright in lemon, orange blossom, mineral, fresh pear and spice. The palate is tangy, fresh, tight and intense. There are mealy, lees elements giving fullness and texture which, with the bright acidity in harmony with the fruit, gives the wine drive and length. This wine has a beautiful overall balance of brightness and textural depth. This wine will benefit from around four years cellaring to gain complexity and richness.

2009 Bindi Composition Pinot Noir

The nose is vibrant and layered and offers red and dark small berries, spice and earth. It is really an alluring nose. The palate is intense and particularly pure with complex red berries and creaminess in the mid-palate which become firmer and drive long. This really is a very seductive Pinot Noir. Given three to four years it will become even more delicious and should drink beautifully for a decade.

2009 Pyrette Heathcote Shiraz

This is the most fragrant and pure, and perhaps the most complex, of the nine vintages we have made from this excellent vineyard. The nose is bright in red fruits, creamy, earthy and has some darker fruit and exotic spice elements lurking. The palate is youthful, vigourous and has delicious creamy flavours with excellent weight, balance and length. It will improve further with four to five years cellaring though the balance is such that it is approachable now.


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