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Welcome to the first Piwik newsletter. You are receiving this newsletter because you have signed up during the Piwik installation to receive the community emails.

We have been busy at Piwik and would like to share some exciting news with you all.

Piwik user interface new design: Give your feedback!

Over the last 2 years, the Piwik User Interface has not changed much in terms of design. We are now excited to announce that the time has come to give Piwik a makeover – a new and improved look and feel. Check it out in the blog post, and leave your feedback. We will take in your feedback and update the mockups before starting the implementation.

View new Piwik design proposal

Piwik 0.6 released with many new features

We listened to your feedback and got to work on a few of the most requested features:
* Support for Timezone
* Support for excluding visits by IP and IP ranges, and/or using a cookie
* Support to exclude URL parameters
* New User settings screen (edit name, password, and update preferences)

Download Piwik or check out the list of changes

German version of Piwik.org

Piwik is an international open source project. We are proud to release the German version of Piwik.org, hosted at de.piwik.org. If you have any feedback regarding the German website, please contact Peter at peter@piwik.org.

We are also actively working on providing piwik.org in other languages. If you are interested, contact us to get started: Piwik website translations

Piwik Blog: http://piwik.org/blog/
Piwik Email: hello@piwik.org

Click here to download Piwik

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