April 2012 News - Unexpected Things As the first quarter of 2012 winds down, I find myself worrying about projects on my work schedule that have fall

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April 2012 News - Unexpected Things

As the first quarter of 2012 winds down, I find myself worrying about projects on my work schedule that have fallen behind where I wanted them to be. Life is full of unexpected twists and turns, and there's certainly no way I could have foreseen some of the paths I've traveled down recently. But then I think, "Look at all you've done this year!"

And it's true; despite those twists and turns, I've published 3 stories -- "The Candle Goes Dark...," "Elf Princess on Mars," and "A Titanic Mistake" (see below) -- plus released the paperback edition of The Crimson Collection. Additionally, "Elf Princess..." included a raft of new illustrations (my first illustrated story), plus a new, free, illustrated edition of the Burroughs classic A Princess of Mars.

Not only that, but I'm close to finishing my new steampunk story, "Heart of Steam & Rust" and re-releasing the e-book version of my first steampunk tale, "The Last Ranodon" (formerly "Of a Feather") -- see the sneak peeks below.

I've also done covers for all of those and a few upcoming things besides -- and I've reviewed all of my original Frost Harrow stories to prep them for publication. Plus, I guest hosted on two episodes of the B-Movie Cast. And that's not even mentioning my non-work-related life stuff!


With all of that accomplished, maybe I should give myself a break on the few things I didn't get done, don't you think?

Thanks for taking this wild ride with me, and be sure to stay tuned for the next exciting chapter of 2012!

This Month's Feature -- A TITANIC MISTAKE

Even with all of that other stuff going on in my life, I still managed to release "A Titanic Mistake" in April, just in time for the 100th anniversary of the famous ship's sinking.

Call it a mash-up or cash-in, if you like, but I prefer to think that some stories just demand to be told, whether they're about Martian Princesses or the sinking of a very famous ship. So, last month we had one, and this month we have the other.


Maybe because my Art & Writing Muses are harsh mistresses (Ask my wife!) -- and I am under their thrall. Maybe because Crimson stands over my shoulder and refuses to tell me a new story of her adventures until I've released the last one. Or maybe just because I love this stuff and I want to share it with you.

Take your pick, but in any case, I hope you'll buy "A Titanic Mistake." I guarantee it's not a shipwreck, and you'll have a fun and exciting time reading it. Plus, as a free bonus, the e-book also includes "The Candle Goes Dark, But the Light Remains" -- the story I wrote for my late friend Aalandria. (Available for e-readers for the first time.)

Click here to buy "A Titanic Mistake" for all e-reader formats (including Kindle), or here to buy it for Kindle (only). Enjoy!

Frost Harrow Update

The most important news on Frost Harrow this month isn't the work I've been doing on the books (though I've managed to squeeze some in around all my other commitments). No, the most important news was the passing of one of my heroes, Jonathan Frid.

You can read my tribute to Mr. Frid here, but suffice it to say that he and Dark Shadows were a major influence on my work, and especially on Frost Harrow. The second book in the FH series, Die with Me -- which I hope to have released well before year's end -- is dedicated to him (and to Kathryn Leigh Scott and Darren McGavin).

So, thanks for everything, Mr. Frid. You will be missed, and your influence will continue to be felt in my work for the rest of my life.


Would you support a Frost Harrow Kickstarter? Drop me a line and let me know!



Editorial Calendar

Keep your eyes peeled for my upcoming releases, listed below, as well as unannounced specials.

Spring/Summer 2012 - Frost Harrow #1 - Scream Lover
Summer/Fall 2012 - Frost Harrow #2 - Die with Me
Fall/Winter2012 - Frost Harrow #3 - Ghouls

NOW! The Twilight Empire: Robinson's War
NOW! The Crimson Collection featuring "Crimson the Barbarian"
NOW! - "Elf Princess on Mars" (includes_A Princess of Mars_)
NEW - Crimson story: "A Titanic Mistake"
May 2012 - "Heart of Steam & Rust" steampunk shared-world project with Bob Vardeman
Later - A Sharky Sequel, Surprise Film Adaptation, BK: Swords & Sorcery, more Crimson, and more steampunk!

Upcoming re-releases still include the e-book version of "Martian Knights" (short story -- also available in the collection Martian Knights & Other Tales) as well as "The Last Ranodon" steampunk story (previously released in the Steampunk'd anthology).

Got something you'd like to see me re-release or a project you'd like me to tackle? Drop me a line!

Looking for some FREE stories?

Even though it's now included with the e-book of "A Titanic Mistake," you can still read the story for my friend Aalandra: "The Candle Goes Dark, but the Light Remains" (a Crimson story) on my site. I hope it will entertain, uplift, and inspire you, and perhaps bring a tear to your eye as well.

You can find links to my other free stories on my site. Click the FREE area in the very topmost banner.

Free Wallpapers!

Faylicia from "Elf Princess on Mars" is in a celebrating mood. Click here to go to my wallpaper page and download her for free! You can get her in either full-figure or full-screen format and with Elf Erotica logo or, if you're the shy type, without.

Appearances Calendar

I probably won't be at as many conventions this year as I was in 2012. Still, there will be places you can catch me.

June 15-16 Southeast Wisconsin Festival of Books -- Waukesha, WI - Tentative
August - Wizard World/Chicago Comicon - Tentative

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