Crescent Hill Nursery May E-Newsletter 2012 The CHN e-newsletter is our show of gratitude to the loyal market customers at our many events around the

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Crescent Hill Nursery May E-Newsletter 2012

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Fuchsia 'Firecracker' brightens any shady location.

The CHN e-newsletter is our show of gratitude to the loyal market customers at our many events around the Central Coast. It will serve as a site for seasonal updates, "plant of the month" specials, the "ask a nurseryman" section, links to our partners, and a whole lot more. The e-newsletter is a way to stay connected with our thriving and knowledgeable garden community. Please send us your comments on how to make this e-newsletter more useful to all, and don't forget to pass along the link to a friend!

Happy Planting,
Nathan Krupa (owner/grower)

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Polygala virgata gives BIG color on a drought resistant plant!!

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Leucandendron discolor ‘Pom Pom' after 2 years in the ground. Long lasting cut flowers beautify the interior as well as the landscape.



Please be a part of Crescent Hill's busiest market month ever!! Perennials are blooming, color is intensifying, and countless new varieties are ready for spring planting. Join us May 5 at our monthly fiesta in Cupertino, Ca at the De Anza College Market. Saturday and Sunday May 5-6 we will also be displaying at the Carmel Valley Garden Show in Carmel Valley, Ca. May 6 also finds us at the unique May Day Art and Garden Sale, blocks from the beach, in Santa Cruz, Ca. A new event takes place on Saturday May 12, when Crescent Hill participates in the Alma Heights Flea Market in Pacifica, Ca. For those of you in the East Bay, the always fun Niles Wildflower, Art, and Garden Show takes place on Sunday May 20. Maps and directions are available on the CALENDAR page of the website linked below.

New for 2012 We are proud to offer Digger's gopher baskets at our 2012 markets, and here at the nursery. The industry standard, these well made baskets last 6-10 years in the ground, and are the ONLY real solution to gopher problems. Why purchase expensive plants only to have them eaten by our friends from below? Protect your investment in three sizes: 1 gallon baskets are $3.50 each or 2 for $5, 5 gallon baskets are $5 each, and 15 gallon tree sized baskets are $8 each.

Nursery tours are encouraged. Please come out and see our 2 acre facility in Watsonville. With over 225 varieties grown, the growing grounds are turning into a little botanical park. Please call for an appointment. Groups are welcome.

Please remember Crescent Hill recycles all 1,2, and 5 gallon plastic containers. Drop off available at all markets, or here at the nursery. Thanks again!!

Thank You for all the pre-orders for our local garden markets. Please place orders by the Tuesday preceding your chosen market to insure that we can have them available for the weekend.



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Lavatera clementii 'Kew Rose'

As we enter the month of May, and we honor those special women in our lives, one plant in particular jumps to mind. Crescent Hill Nursery's May Plant of The Month is an eye-catching bloomer which provides a bold display of "garden love" all year long. Lavatera clementii 'Kew Rose' is an evergreen shrub in the Malvaceae family, whose relatives include Hibiscus and Hollyhock. This species takes the "open saucer" flower shape typical to the family and puts it on steroids!! Kew Rose has profusions of spikes, loaded with large (to 3") bright rose flowers and almost opalescently backlit darker pink veins on the petals. The slightly nodding reproductive tube and lustrous white-tipped stamen hang gently from the centers. The result is knockout color spring through fall, whether viewed from up close or afar. Kew Rose prefers a full sun aspect where it can grow to 8 feet or higher by the same in girth. Ideal in the mixed border as a screen/hedge or as a stand-alone specimen in the mid to back border. In this manner, Kew serves as the foundation, upon which the grey/silver and deep maroon/burgundy color palettes combine beautifully. It can also be used effectively in containers, where the size will be much reduced. In any manner, the plant of the month is a vigorous grower which produces seemingly endless spikes of flowers which will fill up your vases throughout the summer months. Don't cut too many though, as the butterflies may get annoyed. Kew is also a tough plant, tolerating poor soil and low temperatures (to 0 degrees F), and showing quite a bit of drought resistance once established. Irresistible, giving, reliable, and lovely........Now, doesn't that sound like that "special woman" in your life?? So this year instead of raising our glasses in salute, how about letting that honor be held by Lavatera clementii Kew Rose!!

Special E-Newsletter Price; $8 per 1-gallon container, $25 per 5-gallon container!! (Usually $10, and $30 respectively). Mention this ad to receive discount.

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Stainless Steel Cement Fountain

Stainless Steel Cement Fountain showing how quality hardscaping gives structure to the garden.

In this quarterly section, we introduce our industry partners that may be of interest to the Crescent Hill gardening family.

RCR Fabrication

Started in 1997 by Ralph C. Royer II, this small custom metal shop in Santa Cruz, California has been doing big work for over 13 years. Ralph has been involved with many forms of sculpture, including some pieces we have listed that he did with his father, the late Ralph Royer I. This sculptural, artistic flare can be seen in everything done at the shop, whether it in the structural steel industry, or engineering for small local businesses, here at RCR we can make metal flow for you.

Ralph currently holds certificates through the American Welding Society (AWS), as well as the State of California. He has just finished his training through AWS and is now a certified inspector. Also a teacher at the nearby Cabrillo College, Ralph strives to run a shop that is not only productive, but a space for employees to be creative, to continue to learn, to give back when we can, and to continue to produce eco-friendly, beautiful, fun pieces for years to come. Please see more examples of our work at the following links: and

Editor's Note: For those of you who need rare and exotic garden art to match your equally alluring perennial gardens, RCR is the place to turn. From gates and handrails to hangers and fountains, these exemplary local artists have got you covered. Whether stainless steel or rusted metal, the result is always clean work with consistent lines and a premium placed on attention to detail. Choose from their pre-made garden accessories or work with the knowledgable staff to create the piece of your dreams!!


"Easter Island-esque" 8 foot rusted steel garden art.