St. Mark's - Weekly Update All Saints' Day Yesterday we celebrated All Saints' Day, the last feast day of the Christian Year. Having come to the con


St. Mark's - Weekly Update


All Saints' Day

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Yesterday we celebrated All Saints' Day, the last feast day of the Christian Year. Having come to the conclusion of our yearly commemoration of the Saints, it is fitting for the last Saint's day to be a commemoration of all the saints - both those known and unknown.

It was wonderful to see so many of you at our All Saint's Day service last night and it was also great that so many of you joined us for dinner at the Rectory. Many thanks to Deacon Kell for coming and participating in the service.

God willing, let us plan to have more Feast Day services and dinners in the coming months.


Diocesan Council - this week


This week representatives of the Diocese gather with Bishop Hicks in Maryland for our annual Diocesan Council.

Unfortunately Fr. Patterson is not able to attend this year (Bishop Hicks has sent him to a different meeting in New York City this week) but St. Marks will be well represented by our 2 lay delegates - Phyllis Darrah and Susan Cassidy.

Please keep the Council in your prayers and stay tuned for a report as to the proceedings in the next couple of weeks.


Lay Ministry


My Philosophy of "Volunteering" is All Hands On Deck

As is the case in most any church - there are a lot of things for which we need volunteers each week. In an effort to help us have a clearer picture of who is doing what, we will begin publishing monthly "lay ministry 'volunteer'" rosters.

The word "volunteer" is in parentheses because when/if there is a need for which no one has volunteered - I am enacting my "all hands on deck" approach to volunteering and signing people up! If I sign you up for something that you are unable or unwilling to do . . . . please do your best to find yourself a replacement.

The first roster will be sent out later this week.

Lay Readers.

On the roster you will see that I have begun to assign certain members of the parish to read the Scripture lessons during our worship services (lay readers may read the 1st and 2nd lesson in Morning Prayer and the Epistle in Holy Communion). Many thanks to those of you who have agreed to serve in this capacity.

We have also increased the number of young men who will be serving as crucifers, servers and acolytes.


Operation Shoebox - a great success


Last Sunday we had a great turn out for our day of shoebox packing - thanks to everyone who helped and thanks especially to Diane McTigue for organizing this wonderful ministry for us.

We packed 140 shoeboxes - wow!

Stay tuned for more ministry opportunities, such as our continued partnership with Bethany House.


On the Calendar


Junior Choir Rehearsal - 9:30 am Sundays.
Men's Prayer - Saturdays at 8:30 am

November & Beyond:

November 20 - the Sunday next before Advent. Join us for Advent Wreath Making and a Potluck lunch.
November 24 - Thanksgiving Day. Holy Communion at 10 am.
November 30 - The Feast of Saint Andrew - Holy Communion 6 pm.
November 27 - The First Sunday of Advent & Vestry Meeting
December 10 - Advent Retreat at St. Marks, 10am-4.30pm. Please mark your calendar and plan to attend!
December 17 - Live Nativity followed by a Christmas Caroling Party at St. Marks