Welcome to the new ChineseFoodDIY.com! Home of the Real and Healthy Chinese Cooking eBook. You are receiving this newsletter because you either signed

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Welcome to the new ChineseFoodDIY.com! Home of the Real and Healthy Chinese Cooking eBook. You are receiving this newsletter because you either signed up for our recipes newsletter a long time ago or purchased our book. If you no longer wish to receive these newsletters feel free to unsubscribe via the link at the bottom of the newsletter.

First let me introduce myself. My name is Xin Lu and I am the new editor of this newsletter for all of you Chinese food lovers. My dad Jian Lu, and my mom Helen Wang recently became owners of ChineseFoodDIY.com and here is a brief introduction about us and our vision for the website going forward.

Who We Are

We are an ordinary family originally from Yangzhou, China. Currently we live in the San Francisco Bay Area, which is a melting pot of different people, cultures and food. In our lifetime, we have experienced great famines and also enjoyed the most expensive dining experiences in the world at restaurants with three Michelin stars. After having tasted the food from all over the world, we still have an insatiable appetite for Chinese food. Chinese food has a long history and is unique in many different ways. It has its own rhythms, melodies, and aesthetics. For thousands of years, it has been evolving in its own ways and nourished generations of the largest population in the world. Our passion about Chinese food is coded in our blood cells and genes. We aim to keep the authenticity of the Chinese food we create, but we are also interested in creating new Chinese food and bringing Chinese cuisine to a new level.

Do it yourself

There is an old Chinese saying” Food is as important as the sky for ordinary people” (民以食为天 Ming Yi Shi Wei Tian). We, the ordinary people, make our food in a do it yourself way. All our materials, ingredients, cook tools and equipments are ordinary. We will cook gourmet meals without gourmet kitchens. We promote self-reliance and self- independent, which is not only a Chinese value, but a virtue valued around the world.

Be thrifty and save money

Chinese food materials and ingredients are inexpensive. You can feed a huge family on just a few dollars. If we all cooked Chinese food more often we can beef up our bank accounts.

Enjoy family and friends

We promote family values and friendships. Our food will act as the cement which binds family members and friends together, create a fountain to spread fun, enjoyment and happiness, and drive away pains, sorrows and loneliness.

Promote Healthy Food

Contrary to popular belief, real Chinese food is healthy. Ordinary Chinese food already provides a balanced diet. However, there is an unlimited field where particular foods are believed to be good to treat different diseases. Scientific or superstitious, there is an unexplored frontier for our adventures.

“One thousand mile journey starts from the first step”. Let’s start our Chinese DIY journey together, with the fun and with the joy, to create the greatest feast which will be enjoyed by our friends and loved ones.

Exciting Changes Ahead!
* Currently we are still selling the original Real and Healthy Chinese Cooking cookbook. The book will be edited and expanded by us in the near future.
* We will include money saving coupons and deals in our newsletter.
* We have a new blog with fresh recipes created by my dad Jian and essays from our family.
* As we create more recipes we will have more cookbooks available.

Stay tuned!!

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