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Welcome to the February 2011 - issue #44 - of the LumberJocks eMag
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From the Editor


eMag Enhancements

As I stated in this month's CreativeHands Newsletter, next month, we are re-introducing the GardenTenders Newsletter and a seed has been planted (pun intended) to possibly introduce a newsletter for HomeRefurbers as well some time in the future.

What this means is that we will no longer be producing the CreativeHands Newsletter, which will result in a revamping of our eMag. All good stuff: perhaps a new format and new look - but still the same content - information shared by your fellow LumberJocks. I'm excited about the possibilities and how this will enhance this resource.

~ Debbie
(as always, feedback on the eMag is appreciated!)

Quick Glance: Past eMag Contents

What's New at LumberJocks?

Screen shot 2011-02-01 at 5.58.18 AM

Widgets & Badges

Or not so new...

did you know that we have a downloadable toolbar? An excellent resource.
you can upload pictures to blogs and comments directly from your computer
blogs are great places to post "projects in progress", wood gloats, family updates, etc (leaving the projects section for finished projects only)
you can link blogs together to create a blog series
there is a toolbar near the bottom of every page, just above the "sister sites" section
when tagging an entry, use the tags provided (first) for consistency and future reference. Other tags can also be added.
on the tags list, the most commonly used tags are in bold letters
project cards let you share your projects using a photo link. (All the projects posted in the eMag are done with project cards). Here is a video "how to".
there are widgets and badges for your personal website. Pretty cool stuff!
you can choose which projects are displayed in your personal Interactive 3D LJ Galleries.


Sample Project Card

Projects: Is It Or Isn't It?

What are "projects"? They are finished wood creations that you have made yourself.

What about unfinished projects that you are still working on? Not finished - the best location is in a blog
What about jigs? As long as they are finished, they are made of wood, and you made them yourself - they are projects.
What about cool woodworking projects you want to share but they aren't yours? 1) respect copyright rules; 2) blog about it or post it in an appropriate forum.
Wood gloats? We have a forum heading just for that - wood and lumber
refinished, refurbished? You may not have made the original piece but the "fixins" are all yours - it's a project.
tools & equipment in your shop? Blog it, review it, or post the information in the tools forum (unless, of course it is made of wood and you made it yourself)
new family members? Family updates: special occasions worthy of special attention - in a blog.

So what will happen if your posting fits better in another section of the site? We'll send you a message to have you re-post it in a different section (and we'll include your written description so it isn't lost). We will then remove the original post. No worries, no problem.

Blogs about Blogs
When you have written a blog elsewhere and want to share it with your fellow LumberJocks, we ask that you "copy/paste" the information into your LumberJocks' blog, in its entirety. You can of course add a link to your original posting.


LumberJocks' Winter Awards 2011

winter 2011-header-logo

I am pleased to highlight the Award Winners for our 2011 LumberJocks' Winter Awards. We had 93 entries, each exceptional in its own right. Our members voted for the projects that they felt most represented "The Art of Joinery" and our top Award Winners are as follows:

1. GaryK's "6" Joint Picture Frame
2. Andy's "Circa 1936"
3. Benji Reyes' "Sulok Sulatan" Working desk

All of the Awards results are located here.
Congratulations to everyone who participated and to our Award recipients.
Also, a big thank-you to our prize donors for providing the amazing gifts for our Award winners.

LumberJocks' Classes


The "Ancient-Style Wooden Bucket" Class

For more information on the bucket, the process, and the class itself, see stefang's blog, here. and the class began here.
And if you just want to make the bucket, you can fast forward to this blog.

COMING SOON!! Chip Carving Class

Starting in March, Marty (MyChipCarving) will be teaching a class on "chip carving". He has a special project in mind to not only teach us how to do this beautiful style of woodworking but also to participate in a fundraiser. Information about this class will be posted soon.

In Memorium...


Our thoughts go out to family and friends of fellow LumberJock, Chip.

Chip, one of our long-time members, first joined LumberJocks in March, 2007. He has been a good friend and, with over 1900 posts, I know that he has helped many woodworkers in one way or another. He shall be dearly missed.

Focus on: Business Tips


Craft Show Display

Recently, someone asked for information on selling woodworking products. Knowing that a number of blogs and forum topics have been mentioned in our eMag over the years, I thought I'd take a stroll down memory lane and see what has been noted in our Tutorial listings.


Business Card/Brochure Holders


A Scrolled "Logo"

Not done yet ... check out these links:

selling from your home
pricing your work (and this one))
starting a business (another blog series)
pricing and marketing tips
social network marketing

Also, don't forget that your LumberJocks' profile page and project page are excellent tools for your business.

And, a final link is to our "Sweating for Bucks" Forum.


FREE Book Draw


See my Review

We have another FREE draw for a book from Fox Chapel Publishing.
The Book: Simply WOOD by Roshaan Ganief
You can read my review here..

To Enter The Free Draw
To enter your name in the draw, click here and answer the two easy questions.

Another big thank-you to Fox Chapel Publishing for their continued donation of books for free draws here at LumberJocks.com.

The Talk of the LumberJocks Shop


One of our "Hot Projects"

Be sure to check out the following:
* Hot Projects (most discussed projects from the last month). See the Projects Page's toolbar)
* Silent Projects (projects waiting for feedback) also on the projects page
* Unanswered forum topics - waiting for feedback

The following are some other projects posted by our fellow LumberJocks.

100 1048

Segmented Ring

Tutorial Highlight:

This tutorial, one of the many "how to" tutorials by our fellow LumberJocks, shows us how to create a segmented ring without using a lathe. Tutorial by scrappy.

Woodworking: A Family Event

Jeff Waggoner proudly (I'm sure) shares the step-by-step process of his family's work.
* Check out "Jordan's Project", a tutorial series of sorts, as we follow a young woodworker building a portable writing desk.
* and here 13-year-old Jalen begins the building of a Davenport desk
* and in this blog we get a glimpse at Jeff's daughter Janae's project blog


Valentines' Day Birdhouse

Gateways to....

The following blogs contain lists of "gateways" that I have compiled:
* projects/skills (ex. everything tagged as birdhouse)
* safety tips (ex. playing it safe at the table saw)

Interview with a LumberJock

In case you missed it in our December issue of the "CreativeHands Newsletter" I had the opportunity to interview:
* GaryK,
* rrdesigns,
* Iris43.

Where In The World Is MsDebbieP?


Sheila Landry/ Scrollgirl

Today we head to the Sheila Landry's (scrollgirl's) to check out the space where she creates her beautiful scrollwork, writes her blogs, and produces her tutorial videos.

Great projects are made in great workshops, right? Not necessarily. Sheila, a master a scroll work, lives and works in a one-bedroom home.

Sheila uses her kitchen, bedroom, living room, and even the bathroom as her workspace. She recently built a storage unit in her living room for storage. "The Project" blog series starts here.

"She must not have much equipment", I hear you say. Not at all. Her main tools that she uses are the scroll saw, drill press, router, Dremel, hand-held orbital sander, and miter saw. That is quite the list and it is basically all that she needs. She loves her work and she loves her space.


Sheila's Work Space

I asked Sheila what she would change about her work space and she said, _"One thing that I would change about my workspace is that I wish I would have more of it. I see pictures of these huge shops and wish that I had more room for larger tools that could be left out and made more convenient to use. However, since I need to work with what I have, I try to utilize every inch of space possible to make things efficient without being cluttered.

One change that I am going to make in the near future is to have better lighting over where I scroll saw. It is kind of in the corner and out of the way and I could use more light there. A nice overhead light placed under the upper cabinet would be a welcome addition that would not cost much and would make a big difference."

As for advice to woodworkers with limited work space, she shared the following words of wisdom: I think the best feature about my workspace is that it is simple, yet functional. I have a small area that not only serves as my shop, but also my living space. Being organized and keeping things clean are very important to me. I like that when most people come over, they can’t believe that I do woodworking here. When I am finished with using something, I put it back where it belongs. I keep things clean and organized all the time. This minimizes accidents too, as I feel that clutter is a huge contribution to mishaps. I like to stay focused on what I am working on, not having to push around clutter and work over mess and cords. No matter what size shop I have, I believe that I will always be that way.

Keeping things neat and having them all organized and in place makes doing projects fun and exciting. When all is done, everything has a place and is neatly put away, ready for the next time. I don’t waste time looking for things that I misplaced and scurrying around when I am in the middle of something. I also feel that by working this way, I accomplish a lot because I don’t start something without finishing it. Having things ‘right there’ encourages me to finish what I start without moving on to something else. If I had a basement shop or a shop in the garage, I may be more likely to walk away from something and move on to something else before the first project was finished.

Sheila, thanks for the visit and the helpful tips!

You can visit Sheila's "workshop" here.

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