May 1, 2012 Are you ready for Cinco de Mayo? We are! (It doesn't take much to get us to celebrate!) Two years ago we had tequila journalist and expe


May 1, 2012


Tequila journalist Mike Morales

Are you ready for Cinco de Mayo? We are! (It doesn't take much to get us to celebrate!)

Two years ago we had tequila journalist and expert Mike Morales on the show, explaining the differences between mixto, blanco, reposado, and anejo. We learned a lot, and he gave us his favorite margarita recipe!

We also asked listeners what their favorite margarita recipe was. You will find the answers on this page, along with Mike's recipe and a clip of him explaining about "the worm."

The Ponder section this week is devoted to Cinco de Mayo information, recipes and fun stuff, so make sure to wander on by there!


One of the greatest skills that we need in this world today is resiliency. Fortunately for us, we know a resiliency expert who can share with us methods and skills that we can use in our own lives to not only survive, but thrive! Jeff Vankooten is our guest this week on A Closer Look. I hope you'll join us.

The girls discuss mugshots, DUI's and the Hangover Heaven bus on Life and Other Matters.

Are you on the right career path in your life? Renie decided to find out. See what happens when she takes an "abilities" test.

Thanks for listening!

Pamela Atherton
A Closer Look Radio


Thursday, May 3rd


How we can become more resilient in a chaotic world with Jeff Vankooten

The world seems to be moving faster every day and giving us a feeling of being overwhelmed. Resiliency is more important than ever if we are to survive, and even thrive, in all this chaos. Speaker and business trainer Jeff Vankooten explains what we are dealing with today, and how to hone our resiliency. Whether it’s our businesses that are changing, or the life around us, Jeff gives us the tools we need to keep our heads above water and make all the change work FOR us, not against us.

For more about Jeff, click here.
Thursday at 1pm PT/ 2pm MT/ pm CT/ 4pm ET


Did you miss the show last Thursday?

Kelly McDonald

Kelly McDonald

Thursday, April 26th on A Closer Look
Our country's changing demographics with Kelly McDonald

Marketing expert and author Kelly McDonald is one of our favorite guests on A Closer Look. She has insight on marketing that most businesses miss.

If you didn't catch the interview last week with Kelly, she cracked open the 2010 Census and gave us a report on how the United States is changing and how it is never going to go back to "normal." She also told us:

1. One in three people in the United States are not Caucasian and the U.S. is the 2nd largest Hispanic country in the world.
2. There is a shift where young people are moving out of rural areas and into more urban areas.
3. Why the iconic American Family just doesn't exist anymore. Only 22% of couples are married and 1 in 7 marriages is to a spouse of a different race.
4. Other demographic changes including "grandfamilies" and why many grandparents are raising their grandkids.
5. Why businesses MUST pay attention to these changes and re-focus their messages.

Because this interview is archived here, you can listen to it any time, even while trying to find the "new normal."


Life and Other Matters

Sherri mugshot2

Sherri's mugshot?!

Would you PAY to have your mugshot taken down?

Today on the show:
The gals are indignant! Individuals they don’t even know can post pictures or mug shots of them on the Internet without their permission. And then, in order to get those pictures taken down, the girls have to pay! Isn’t that extortion? Isn’t that illegal? Isn’t that at least immoral? Join Pam, Sherri, and Renie as they discuss mug shots, DUI’s, and hangovers.

You just never know WHERE the conversation will take us! If you missed the show this week, I hope you'll give it a listen at your convenience. Click here to listen to the show, and to find links to the things we talked about.




Many of the guests on A Closer Look have spoken about the concept of benchmarking. One of the ways the term is used is as the process of comparing your business to more successful ones and mirroring their techniques to achieve your goals.

This week Content Queen Anna Alexander uses this process in her own life and compares herself to others. In a good way. To find out more and to chime in on how you can use benchmarking in your own life, click here.

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From the Editor


Renie Stag Smith

"Sarah, Sally & Sue buy a boat" - Taking an abilities test

My youngest daughter convinced me to take an interest and ability inventory recently. I think she wants me to come out of retirement and get a job. She thinks my new habit of talking to total strangers in grocery stores is pathetic and shows I need more human interaction on a daily basis. That, and she’s tired of me saying, “Nope, that’s not in my retirement budget,” when she wants to flit off to Tahiti for the weekend.

The interest inventory was easy and it wasn’t a surprise. After all, if I don’t know what I’m interested in at this point in my life, I haven’t paid attention to anything during my waking hours!

The ability profile assessment took a bit longer than the interest. It was an online test. Six areas. No calculators, dictionaries, or help from others. Timed. No cheating.

I began. The little countdown clock at the bottom of the computer screen started ticking.

Click here to check out Renie's test-taking skills.


Something to Ponder...


Life is simple, it's just not easy. ~Unknown

So why DO we celebrate Cinco de Mayo? Contrary to popular belief, it's not Mexican Independence Day. Instead, it's a commemoration of the Battle of Puebla. Here's a good primer to get you started.

Of course, we DO like our tequila on Cinco de Mayo. But let's make sure we know all the facts. For example, did you know that tequila is NOT made from a cactus, and it's NOT made around the world? Smash the biggest tequila myths by clicking here.


And if you're looking for something yummy to eat for the celebration, how about some Apple-Walnut Crisps... made with tequila! Yes.. the recipe is RIGHT here!

Need some ideas for a party? eMeals has collected several Pinterest pages that give you everything from invitations to guacamole recipes to decorations and games for kids.

(Oh... do remember to check out the margarita recipes that came from our listeners!)

Celebrate with a sense of adventure!


Curiosity is what guides us. What are YOU curious about?

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