Crescent Hill Nursery August E-Newsletter 2011 The CHN e-newsletter is our show of gratitude to the loyal market customers at our many events around

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Crescent Hill Nursery August E-Newsletter 2011

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Crescent Hill Nursery at the Moss Landing Antique and Street Fair on July 31, 2011.

The CHN e-newsletter is our show of gratitude to the loyal market customers at our many events around the Central Coast. It will serve as a site for seasonal updates, "plant of the month" specials, the "ask a nurseryman" section, links to our partners, and a whole lot more. The e-newsletter is a way to stay connected with our thriving and knowledgeable garden community. Please send us your comments on how to make this e-newsletter more useful to all, and don't forget to pass along the link to a friend!

Happy Planting,
Nathan Krupa (owner/grower)

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Lobelia fulgens "Queen Victoria showing off its cardinal red blooms. It can even live in a pond!!

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Abutilon 'Nabob' brings vibrant summer color to the shade.


For those of you familiar with Crescent Hill Nursery from our many markets throughout the Central Coast, you know our displays combine education and marketing to create a feeling as unique as the plants we grow. We have been successfully experimenting with the idea of a "pop up" nursery in conjunction with local like-minded businesses. A recent "pop up" event was held at RGR Metal Fabrication & Design in the Costco corridor of Santa Cruz, CA. The meshing of incredible hand crafted metal art with rare and exotic plants created quite a visual stimulation. Have a highly trafficked area/business that could pair with an infusion of color/education for the weekend? Please email if you would like us to "pop up" in your neck of the woods. More information available on the following link to our website.

For an entertaining day out in one of the "hidden gem" communities of the Bay Area, please join us at the 47th Annual Antique Fair and Flea Market in Niles, CA. Shopping, antiques, great food, 200 plus vendors, and an interesting cast of characters await all at the newly renovated Niles downtown area. Sunday August 28th from 6am - 4 pm. Crescent Hill will also be participating at the Burlingame ArtzFest on Saturday and Sunday August 13-14 from 10am-6pm. The "village-like" setting of downtown Burlingame will feature live music, art, gourmet foods and wines, and of course rare and exotic plants. A great way to spend a summer weekend out, soaking up the distinctive flavors of the Bay Area. For more information, please see the CALENDAR page of our website at the link above.

Nursery tours are encouraged. Please come out and see our 2 acre facility in Watsonville. With over 250 varieties grown, the growing grounds are turning into a little botanical park. Please call for an appointment. Groups are welcome.

Please remember Crescent Hill recycles all 1,2, and 5 gallon plastic containers. Drop off available at all markets, or here at the nursery. Thanks again!!



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Cuphea llavea showing off its "bat face".

Bat Faced Cuphea

As summer slowly creeps upon us, and the first wave of seasonal color fades, any garden would enjoy a jolt of inspiration like Crescent Hill's August Plant Of The Month. Cuphea llavea, the Bat Faced Cuphea, provides palpitating color that is sure to keep the hummingbirds "chattering" from now until frost. This 2-3 ft wide X tall perennial gets its name from the upward pointing red petals that form a right angle with the finely pubescent tube of the bloom. It doesn't take much imagination to see that the petals form the ears of a bat, complete with furry eyes and tongue!! Kids and grown-ups alike are amazed, and amused, when they take the time to view the flower close up. Quite the lesson on the value of keen observation. Even without the botanical introspection, Cuphea llavea graciously gives bold, mounding color in any full sun to light shade aspect. As the blooms emerge from the axils, there is no deadheading needed, making it a very low maintenance plant. Bat Face usually lives in the front to mid border, and its "spilling" form works ideally along edges (rock gardens, steps, walls), where it can pillow over and cascade down. This Mexican native variety is a non-stop bloomer from June until frost, providing constant nectar for hummingbirds daily needs. No need for a hummingbird feeder if Bat Face is in the garden. It is also known to attract butterflies, especially larger species like swallowtails. It is quite the sight to see a large butterfly perusing such a tiny flower! This versatile perennial can also be used in mixed arrangements, surrounding a more upright central leader with long lasting, trailing color. Although fairly tolerant of drought, Cuphea llavea looks best, and blooms best, with moderate water. Evergreen hardy to the high 20's, and root hardy to the mid 20's, this intriguing perennial deserves a place in any local garden.

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Plant in mass for a long lasting color punch.

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Ismene festalis 'Exotica', the White Peruvian Lily, showing off its 8" scented bloom!!

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Anigozanthos X hybridus 'Regal Velvet' just waiting for the hummingbird invasion.