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20% Off promo code: cupid Exp. Midnight Saturday 01/21/2012
Honey Amber Heart pendant gift w/$50 purch ($19.50 value)

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Dear amber lover... Once you feel the warmth of a Baltic amber heart in your hand & admire the mesmerizing glow, you'll immediately know why our hearts remain enduring classics, year after year. Enjoy sitewide savings of 20% Off sitewide now through Saturday.

Check out earthy, romantic amber hearts & flowers where you'll find extra discounts on some premier contemporary amber hearts in the Spirit, Faith & Grace amber heart series at a savings of up to $72.00 Off... And that's before the additional newsletter subscriber only extra 20% Sale!

All purchases over $50.00 also receive a honey heart pendant, perfect for passing along to a special someone as a token of appreciation.

–Best wishes, Andzia & Holly

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Andzia's Amber Jewelry / is a Certified Member of The International Amber Association.

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