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Summer is just around the corner!

I am looking forward to all that brings including better weather for photographing. If you are planning to send a holiday card to friends and family, summer is a great time to have your portrait taken... you can have the sun in your hair and the grass in between your toes!

If you know a 2010 High School senior who still needs to have photographs taken or a 2011 High school senior that plans ahead, summer is the perfect time for portraits!

Win a Free Session

One lucky person will win a free session by doing one of the easy following things:

1. If you have been photographed by Angie D Photography, send me an email describing your experience that I could use as a testimonial on my website.
2. If you haven't, send me an email stating what type of session you would like to have and who all you would include.

It's that easy. Don't wait, send me your message today... you know if you wait it'll just get added to that mental to do list. If you are anything like me, my list is full!!! Email me at

Winner will be selected by random drawing from all entries received by June 10th

Portrait Specials and Events

May is Armed Forces Appreciation month!
Anyone in the Military receives a half price session and 10% off all orders when they call by May 31st to book. Session must be held by September 30th.

June 5th: Mommy & me or Daddy & me mini sessions $59 ~ Only 8 sessions available!

Take the time to capture the special relationship shared between a parent and child. Choose between a Mommy & Me or Daddy & Me session.

Sessions are 30 minutes in length and include 2 5x7's and 8 wallets.

July: Holiday Preparedness Sessions! :)

Receive 25 flat greeting cards with any session booked in July! Go ahead, amaze

yourself at how prepared you can be this year! The perfect opportunity to plan

for the holidays!

Photography Tip

Red-eye can make the difference between a frame-worthy photo and one you dismiss to box in the closet or never print at all.

What causes Red Eye: when you take photos in a dim or dark setting, the light from your camera’s flash reflects off the subject's eyes. The resulting red glow (red-eye) is the blood vessels illuminated within the subject's retinas.

How to prevent Red Eye:

1. Avoid using flash whenever possible. (Take a few test shots with flash and some without to see

whether you absolutely need it before taking the important picture.)

1. If you have to use flash, ask your subject not to look directly into the camera lens. By looking just

slightly away you'll avoid red eye and have a more candid feel to your picture.

1. Look for the Red-eye reduction feature offered on many digital cameras and hopefully you won't

have to think twice about red-eye.

Thanks so much for reading!
Angie Guy
Angie D Photography

As always, please feel free to share this newsletter with any friends or family you think might enjoy having their portraits taken by Angie D Photography.

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