March 2010 News Following hot on the heels of the introductory letter is this, my first official newsletter. In this issue, I'll tease a couple of up

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March 2010 News

Following hot on the heels of the introductory letter is this, my first official newsletter. In this issue, I'll tease a couple of upcoming projects, give an answer to the most common writing question I'm asked, alert you to an impending price increase on Luck o' the Irish, and - last but not least - the promised announcement about the free story giveaway -- "The Gift of the Dragons" -- to benefit Haiti relief. All this and a discount coupon for Martian Knights & Other Tales, the print book containing the aforementioned story.

Who could ask for anything more?

Project Teaser - The Dinos Are Coming

Okay, I know I promised the dope on current projects and this isn't really one, just a teaser for two coming projects. One is a combination RPG world (related to the Blue Kingdoms) and story series. Details are still being worked out, but soon you'll be able to play your favorite fantasy characters in a dino-infested world.

Second is a short story featuring a modern day dino -- or, rather, a flock of modern-day dinos in a steampunk setting. More about both these projects in upcoming issues of the newsletter. Stay tuned.

Tips & Tricks - The First Secret of Getting Published

When someone finds out I'm a published author, they're likely to respond one of two ways. Either they say, "I've got a great story idea..." or they say, "How do I get a book published?" Let me tackle the second question first. When someone asks that question, I almost always respond with a question of my own, "Have you finished the book yet?" And that's the First Secret of Getting Published:

Finish the work.

The main difference between someone like me, who has 30 books published, and most of the would-be authors in the world is that those of us who are published have actually done the work. Before anyone will publish your book, or give you an assignment writing a book - say, Iron Man: The Junior Novel - you have to actually show that you can handle an assignment, that you can finish the work.

To get my first Boy Detectives novel, I showed the editor my unpublished Twilight Empire novel. Even though the TE book remained unpublished, it showed the editor that I had the drive to finish a novel-length manuscript. (It also showed him I could write.) Finishing is the key. Everyone in the world has "a great story idea." (See, I told you I'd tackle that eventually.) What separates the pros from the wannabes is the ability to carry the idea through to the end - to finish the work.

Price Increase Coming - Buy Luck o' the Irish Now!

When I came out with the new edition of Luck o' the Irish a couple of years back, I thought it would be a cool (and maybe lucky) idea to price it at $7.77. But, as it turns out, not the best business decision I've ever made. So I'm going to bring the price in line with my other books of the same size - $9.99. I will hold the price at the current rate at least until St. Patrick's Day (March 17, 2010). So now's the time to buy it, before the price goes up.

I'm not sure if the Kindle price will remain the same or not. Why take chances? Order now.

And if you want to buy it directly from me, and get it autographed or something, drop me an email (address connected to my sig at the bottom) and we'll set something up. May the Luck o' the Irish be with you.

FREE STORY FOR HAITI - The Gift of the Dragons

The world has come together to help Haiti back to its feet after the devastating earthquake. I thought it would be a good idea to give everyone a “thank you” gift for everything they’ve done so far — and to encourage those who have not donated to do their part.

Everybody who has donated to Haitian relief is eligible to download my Blue Kingdoms story “The Gift of the Dragons” for free. There are three steps to claiming your free story.

1) Make a donation to Haiti. If you haven’t made a donation already, click here to go to the Red Cross site and donate. As I write this, the radio button for Haiti is the last one on the page (scroll down).

2) Publicize your donation. Make a post on Twitter, Facebook, your blog, or some other social networking site telling what Haitian relief charity you’ve donated to. Your post should also include the message:

Free story for Haiti @

Which leaves you 95 or so characters on Twitter (more on other sites) to tell people where you donated and encourage them to do the same. If you want, you can even reference this contest page directly:

3) Sign up for my newsletter. (And if you got this as an email, you already have!) I promise not to sell your address/info or send things other than the newsletter & related announcements. You can use the form on the contest site, if you haven't already.

The deadline for getting signed up for your free story is March 17, 2010. (Shouldn’t St. Patricks Day be your lucky day?) The story will be in the form of a downloadable file suitable for use with a Kindle, computer, or other electronic reading device. The last day for downloading the story for free will be March 31, 2010.

As a special enticement, I've even put up a video of me reading the first pages of the story.

So, what are you waiting for? Send in a donation and get signed up to get your free story today!

Discount on Martian Knights & Other Tales

Martian Knights & Other Tales is the collection of my short stories that contains "The Gift of the Dragons," the story I'm giving away in online form. For those of you who like to read the old-fashioned way, on paper, here's a special offer:

$2 off of Martian Knights when you order online.

Simply use the promo code: 7PBJE6PX in the checkout area of the site. Go here to order:

Buy Martian Knights online.

The book also contains numerous other fantasy, horror, and sci-fi tales, including the title story, "Forever Crimson" (containing the origin of my popular warrior woman), a Frost Harrow tale, "Coils of the Python" (featuring the sister of the lead character in Luck o' the Irish), and my Ghosts of 9/11 pieces - stories I wrote in the days immediately following our national disaster.

Be sure to drop me a line and let me know how you like the stories in the collection -- and if you'd like to see more of the characters involved. Reviews on Amazon are always welcome, too.

Support the Effort: Tell Your Friends!

Help spread the Haiti relief effort. People certainly shouldn't need a free story to help Haiti, but if they're helping, they might as well get a free story. So, tell your friends about this promotion (and the newsletter). Have them go to my website, sign up, and get the story. (Sign up yourself if you got this newsletter indirectly.) Enjoy the story and spread the hope.


Oh, and, hey, look me up if you're going to Gary Con!

Steve Sullivan

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