Live at The Blue Monk 1 Year Anniversary Party Hey folks, Just over a week until the release of Dope Grindwork, and it's now available for pre-order

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Live at The Blue Monk 1 Year Anniversary Party

Hey folks,

Just over a week until the release of Dope Grindwork, and it's now available for pre-order on iTunes and Bandcamp for only $10 (that's 33% off!). You can head over to either store and get your pre-order on - the Bandcamp order comes with an immediate advance download of the first single, The Elmwood Attitudes, a spicy ode to the food truck movement, featuring Dr oOo and A.L. Third. So be sure to handle that.

In the meantime, this week's free mix is DJ Cutler: Live at The Blue Monk 1 Year Anniversary Party. Get it while the gettin's good... and if you're in Buffalo NY be sure to head out to the Blue Monk this Monday for a special live performance.

Lastly, the Dope Grindwork Launch Party is going down on 11-11-11. We'd love to have you there to celebrate with us! Space is limited and the guest list is filling up fast, so be sure to RSVP to today for the Psuper Psecret location.

Thank you for your continued support,

Tony Caferro, DTR45


Live from the Blue Monk

Live from the home of our weekly Monday night "Blue Collar Funk at the Blue Monk" all-vinyl soul & funk get down. this set was recorded live on the one year anniversary party of Blue Monk Buffalo, one of New York State's premier beer bars. the place was packed with friends, family, beer lovers and music lovers all night, and this set (full of party jams) kinda reflects the all-consuming festive air of the evening... we had a mic going (though not through the mixer we were recording directly from), hence all of the pulls. Next time we'll get all of LoPro's toasts recorded and we'll bring an echo chamber. Also throwing down were the mighty LoPro, DJ Daringer, and the homie Adverb showing love from Toronto.

Announcing, Pseudo Intellectuals’ “Dope Grindwork” Release Party at…

On Friday, November 11th, the Pseudo Intellectuals, DTR45, LoDo Industries, and The Good Neighborhood will gather nearly all of the players from the album and a few special guests to release the album on the sly, at a downtown Buffalo location to be revealed before the event but remain beneath the radar. Emceed by Shane “BBoy Depree” Fry and Seamus Gallivan, the 11/11/11 throwdown will charge $11 admission before 11pm, which includes a choice of either a Dope Grindwork CD, commemorative Pseudo pint glass, or Pseudo coffee mug.

This just in from LoDo chairman Irv Funkenstein: “The compositions on this album are, for the most part, functional rather than developmental. Tone’s usual polyrhythmic beatsounds and Cutler’s stylish scratchthings are further propelled and fortified by the desirable guitar work of young VJ Brown, the vital new link in the six-stringed lifeline from Charlie Christian to Barney Kessel to Kenny Burrell and Grant Green.”

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