Hi Viddlers,

In 2006, Viddler’s founding business model was based on the creation of a community site for video enthusiasts and personal sharing. At the time, our business revenue model was driven through advertising. As a Viddler community user, you were a part of this model. Please refer to our Feb. 6th blogpost, Removal of Personal Accounts, for more information.

Changing times and industry realities require that Viddler officially ends our "user-generated" era. You'll need to plan for the cessation of access and services of personal accounts effective March 11th, 2014.

We have created an affordable basic account expressly for our long-time Viddler users. We invite you to upgrade to a paid account.

Team Viddler now dedicates 100% of our collective effort on the delivery of secure, interactive video solutions. We back our offering with a passionate, personal professional services and client support team and every day we strive to be the best in the industry.

If you chose not to subscribe to Viddler's service, please be sure to download a copy of your videos on a personal drive so that you don't lose access to them. While we are sad to see you go, we would be even sadder if you lost your videos.

To Download your videos from Viddler:
1. Log into your Viddler Account.
2. Click Videos.
3. On the video you would like to download, click edit.
4. Click Manage.
5. Choose your download file format.

The future is an exciting place for online video. We're extremely grateful to you for being a part of Viddler's success. We hope that you'll join us as we continue to change the face of enterprise solutions.


Team Viddler

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