Nonprofit News, Reviews & Resources   ||   Issue 89 June 2012 Winter is definitely upon us here in Melbourne! Rain, drizzle and 'lazy winds' as they

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Nonprofit News, Reviews & Resources   ||   Issue 89 June 2012


Winter is definitely upon us here in Melbourne! Rain, drizzle and 'lazy winds' as they say in Yorkshire; winds that are too lazy to go round you so go through you instead. :)

For our readers down south, we hope the resources in this issue will add a little warmth to your day. For those of you basking in the summer sunshine further north, we at least hope you'll enjoy reading this month's offerings.

Sue & Chris
BJ Seminars International

Adults Who Make a Difference


In this blog post about character strengths, Marilyn Price-Mitchell talks about six qualities that exist in adults who have made a difference in the lives of young people: She explains: young people from 44 states shared with me how adults outside their families positively influenced their lives. They said the behaviors most likely to build character came from adults who:
* Supported and encouraged
* Listened
* Set high expectations
* Showed interest in them as individuals, separate from academics, sports, or civic activities
* Fostered self-decision making
* Provided another perspective during problem-solving

Hardly a surprising list, is it! But it certainly affirms how important all these qualities are for parents, teachers, youth workers, coaches and all those who interact with young people.

For more information see Civic Learning at the Edge: Transformative Stories of Highly Engaged Youth on Marilyn Price-Mitchell's website.

Do You Give a Gonski?

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In 2010 the Australian Government commissioned a Review of Funding for Schooling.

Chaired by David Gonski, the review panel received more than 7000 submissions, visited 39 schools and consulted 71 key education groups across Australia. The Review Panel presented its final report to the Government in late 2011.

To download a full copy of the review, read what has happened so far since the review and to have your say, visit the Australian Government's Your School Our Future website.

The Australian Education Union is also actively pursuing increased funding for education on Australia.

Visit their I Give a Gonski website for articles, videos and other resources as well as an opportunity to register your support if you wish to do so.

Book Clubs Online


Folk who love reading can be found gathering at local book clubs in homes and community centres in almost every neighbourhood. But for those who love talking about books, joining a local club is no longer your only option. Here are a few links to information about online book clubs and discussions:

Book Clubs – they’re not just in your neighborhood anymore
A blog post by Tamara Ward, with a particular focus on the Good Reads website.

Online Book Club

Online Book Clubs and Web-Based Book Discussion
Very comprensive list of online book club sites. And if you're very keen, this site also offers Tips for Starting and Running an Online Book Club.

First Tuesday Book Club on Facebook
An open discussion page on Facebook for ABC TV's nationally televised First Tuesday Book Club.

Online book clubs are certainly convenient - perhaps especially in drizzly, cold winter weather like we're having in Melbourne at the moment! Unfortunately the pleasures of wine and cheese are not included. ;)

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Dates for Your Diary


Gallery Sunshine Everywhere
30 June - 22 July: Tanzania Photographs
Granary Cafe, Sunshine VIC

2012 Regional Achievement and Community Awards
Nominations close 17 July 2012

Fairground Youth Sector Conference 2012
July 19-20 2012, Perth WA

Matrix On Board: Workshops for NonProfit Board Members
Different workshops, various dates from 7 June to 12 September

Parkinson’s Australia National Conference
13-14 July 2012, Brisbane QLD

2012 Primary Health Care Research Conference
18-20 July 2012, Canberra ACT

Associations Forum National Conference
25-26 July 2012, Brisbane QLD

Better Practice 2012
Aged Care Standards and Accreditation
All states. Dates from 19-20 July, Sydney to 15-16 November, Gold Coast

6th Australasian Better Boards Conference
27-29 July, Melbourne VIC

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