November 2010 News - Coming Attractions Being a writer/artist/publisher is a learning process. One lesson you'd think I'd know by now is that, in the

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November 2010 News - Coming Attractions

Being a writer/artist/publisher is a learning process. One lesson you'd think I'd know by now is that, in the words of Murphy, "Everything takes longer than you expect." Often, I have so many irons in the fire that it's hard to know what to concentrate on -- what comes next. In the past you've heard me talk about Crimson, Snowraven, dinosaurs, and various other projects . . . And all of them are in the production line.

But the other thing I'm learning is that it's important to set release dates -- so people know what to anticipate when. So, that's my new goal, and here's my current release schedule:

NOW: Crimson & Dragons (Finally! See below.)
December 26 - Frost Harrow: Scream Lover (FH1)
December 31 - Blue Kingdoms: Mages & Magic
January 21: Snowraven
February 15: Kidnapped by Saurians (Dungeons & Dinosaurs)
March: Frost Harrow: Vampire's Dance (FH2 - tentative)

Look for more about these projects in future newsletters (and some below). Don't forget to mark your calendars and tell your friends!

Crimson & Dragons is Here!

I've been talking about it for months, but right now -- even as you read this -- Crimson & Dragons is available for your e-readers on (Kindle) and (Kindle and all other e-formats). Click the image at the right to go to and buy it in the e-format of your choosing.

And, because you're reading this, you can use this special coupon code at checkout to get 50% off. -- EF93J -- But don't hesitate, 'cause the coupon will expire in the next few weeks!

C&D is also available at (for Kindle) - though Amazon's not coupon friendly. (Sorry!) But Smashwords has Kindle (Mobi) format as well. Want to get the book for free? See the Free Stories article below.

Here's the first line from the story to wet your whistle:

"Is there anything in the multiverse worse than waking up naked and chained to a dungeon wall? I say, Yes: dying before you get to pay back the son-of-a-bitch who put you there."

This is what you've been waiting for. Buy it now!

New Time War Desktop featuring Crimson!

Three new Time War wallpapers (featuring Crimson) are available on my FREE desktops page. And while you're there, why not download a Crimson & Dragons desktop as well? Just click the picture above to go to my site and download free wallpapers to your heart's content!

"Time War," by the way, is my featured story in the Stalking the Wild Hare anthology available at It features stories by a lot of great authors and makes a perfect holiday gift. And speaking of gifts...

Announcing My FREE Story Sampler Book!

I recently began adding sample chapters to all of my existing e-books. And as I did this, I thought, "I could make a book out of just these samples!" So I did.

And the best news is that it's FREE (on Smashwords).

Just follow this link to go to the page for the Sample Book and download it for FREE!

Of course, if you like these samples, I'm hoping you'll buy the books they come from. I'm also hoping that you'll tell your friends. (You will, won't you?) And don't forget to leave a nice review!

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Free Stories & Special Free Offer!

In addition to my usual policy (below), I've got a special promotion going right now:

I will send a FREE copy of Crimson & Dragons to the first 10 people who write to me and agree to post a review of it online. So, if you feel like writing, don't delay!

Just click this link to email me!

Otherwise, my "write a review, get a free story" policy continues -- and some folks are building up quite a free story collection! So, if you've posted something on your blog, or Facebook, or Amazon (or elsewhere), let me know. You can contact me through those services, my website, or just write to

For your efforts, I'll send you a free story in PDF, or a format you prefer. I'll even try to send something you haven't seen before. And, those who put up reviews are also likely to get a first look at my new stuff (like my upcoming Snowraven story , or Dungeons & Dinosaurs, or even "The Last Alchemist"). Such a deal! So, what are you waiting for? Hit your keyboards!!

Coming Soon!


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