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Newsletter #54 for December 6, 2011

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Map Shows Drought Effects + Water Supply Planning Handbook

Record-breaking drought conditions this year have taken a toll on groundwater levels in many areas of the US, with Texas and other parts of the South hardest hit. A new map based on satellite data shows the change in aquifer and soil storage of water compared to an average of the last half-century.

Water supply managers may be interested in the new Climate Change Handbook for Regional Water Planning when considering how to create and implement plans for addressing short and long term climate variations. Small communities should be looking to coordinate with regional planning authorities, but may find particular value in Appendix B: Vulnerability Assessment Checklist of this new handbook, for use as a quick-start guide to initiate local discussion.


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Weekly Reading for December 6, 2011

Each week we'll provide a collection of our favorite links we know you'll love too!

Mobile Apps for Public Utilities - Engineering firm Baxter & Woodman is beginning a video series reviewing mobile applications useful to local governments and public utilities. The first two have been posted.
Infographic Explains Pharmaceuticals in Water - For communities helping to protect water sources from unnecessary additions of pharmaceuticals, infographics can be helpful learning tools.
Moonshine Still Discovered in Water Plant - Add this to your list of what-not-to-do while working for a public water supply.
Water Emergency Declared for Kentucky Community - All four storage tanks were found to be empty and had been drained to a nearby creek.

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Upcoming Free Webinars

December 7 - Water Quality
This webinar explains the basic characteristics of water to help participants understand what is natural and what has been compromised by pollution. This event is sponsored by the Montana Water Center.

December 8 - Best Practice Approaches in the New Economy
The presentation outlines five pillars of success in the New Economy while providing small community examples. This event is sponsored by the Greening Michigan Institute.

December 16 - Community Water Fluoridation
This webinar explains the importance of community water fluoridation programs and notes the outcome of such programs in Iowa's public water systems. This event is sponsored by the Iowa Public Health Association.

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