Hog Canyon Classic The Hog Canyon Classic was one for the record books. It was the largest ever SoCal Series race as we had 287 high school racers! N

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Alex Bagg on the wheel of Wyatt Myers coming through the Clif Feed Zone. The racing was fast and furious at every point on the spectrum! -Photo courtesy Shawn Maurer

Hog Canyon Classic

The Hog Canyon Classic was one for the record books. It was the largest ever SoCal Series race as we had 287 high school racers! No doubt we will have over 300 racers at each race in 2013. It's a strong testament to how fantastically committed the SoCal League family is.

Another testament to how great you are is the fact that this was the first time we have ever held a race in a State Park. Because of the fact that this was a very urban park all eyes were on us and the way we operate. Many people were expecting an out of control mob of mountain bikers. What they found was a highly detail oriented and professional organization filled with respectful supportive riders, coaches, and families! What they may have assumed was that we would come in as a mass of chaos and leave piles of trash (these ARE high school students after all) and what they got was an organized entry into a tight space and nothing but a little bit of flattened grass when we left. Give yourselves a round of applause!

As the League grows and the sport of high school mountain biking takes hold across Southern California and the nation we always want to be looked at as the pinnacle of how a school sport can be run. It's a tough challenge as we "do it ourselves" but lets continue to show all those who are looking that we deserve a spot at the table.

If you missed the race report you can find it near the top of our Press Page. See you in the Dirt Zone at Cruise the Keys!

Matt Gunnell
League Director

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Those fences don't go up by themselves! But when they're up and looking PRO it's sure satisfying for those who put them up!

Volunteers Needed

The SoCal League runs with the help of many dedicated volunteers. If you thought the first two races looked good and ran well that was because of YOUR help! We still have plenty of volunteer positions available for Cruise the Keys next weekend. Though we encourage anyone who wants to get in on the action to volunteer we are especially looking forward to folks from the clubs assigned to the race:

• Hemet HS
• San Gabriel Valley Composite
• Channel Islands HS
• Dos Pueblos HS
• Bakersfield Composite
• Royal HS

To make things easy this year we have put together an easy, online volunteer registration system HERE.

HERE is a link to how our staffing looks currently. Empty spots are spots we need to fill. Column on the right is where those currently volunteering are from. Make sure you're represented! Independent rider families are strongly encouraged to pitch in at any races!


SoCal League letter jacket patches. Legit!

SoCal League Merchandise

Be sure to stop by the SoCal League Merchandise Tent to say hello to our merchandise volunteers and purchase some great SoCal League product! We currently take cash and checks (no plastic). Be sure to visit at each race as new merchandise appears. We now have black SoCal hoodies and our classic navy SoCal t-shirts in stock. At Keyesville we are bringing our key chains back. These key chains look very similar to the medals we present our riders. Our 2012 SoCal Letter Jacket patches and 2012 jerseys are also in. We also have the sizzling new 2012 Series T-shirts, whistles, cowbells, stickers, tall socks, cycling caps, jerseys, bibs, shorts, riding vests, arm and knee warmers, and a limited amount of Mountain Hardware product. All money goes directly back into the League so be sure to stock up!

Cruise the Keys Notes

We are back at Keyesville near Lake Isabella for the second time on March 24-25th. Here are some notes to prepare yourself for the weekend:

Pre-registration for the race closes Sunday March 18th at midnight. You must register online via the Pit Zone. Registration on site is possible but you will be assessed a $10 late fee.
• Please review the flyer and map on the race page for important course notes.
• The venue adjoins private property and we must stay off.
• There is virtually unlimited camping on site. Camping is primitive meaning you must bring in your own water. We will have porta potties on site. Please take a look at the race map! Everyone will try to stuff into the infield to camp. While we can fit quite a few, there are MANY beautiful sites within the course and a short walk from the infield. Feel free to grab one of these camps and spread out.
• There are markets and a few restaurants close by if you need to stock up race weekend.
• This race takes place on BLM land. You may bring UTVs, just make sure you have the correct sticker on them, be aware of cyclists, and be prepared to be "deputized" to help set the course up Saturday morning.
• Any petitions to change category must be received no later than Monday March 19th. No race weekend petitions are ever reviewed.


El Monte RV and a 2011 SoCal League signed Leader jersey go great together.

El Monte RV

El Monte RV is back sponsoring the SoCal League for their second year in 2012. The League has several upcoming races this year where camping will be available either on site or nearby including Cruise the Keys (on site), Victory at Vail (on site), Power the Pinnacles (nearby), and State Championships (on site). Why not up your game and rent a beautiful El Monte RV to spend the race weekend in style? Or rent an RV on a non-race weekend, for a spring break vacation, for trip to Sea Otter, or even for a summer RV vacation before the end of June!

El Monte RV has extended an offer to all SoCal League families and supporters. Take 5% off standard rental prices and also get 50 free miles per rental day. This offer is good through the end of June 2012. First go to the El Monte RV mountain biking website and take a look at vehicle options and pick up locations. Then call (562) 483-4974 and mention code "BIKE."


Keenan Koch of St. Francis HSs MTB Team did a trail work Eagle Scout Project in association with his club and CORBA. --- Photo credit CORBA

Trail Work Day

Trail work is an important part of what ALL mountain bikers should do. We don't have a gym or field that get taken care of. It's up to us to get involved in building and preserving legal trails so that we not only have places to ride but so that we show our sport in its best light. At the national level, NICA has partnered with IMBA to work toward this end. At the league level, we want clubs and riders to partner with local trail groups to get involved in this effort. At our opening race we had at least 600 people present including riders, coaches, and families. If each of these people gave only one 6 hour day of trail work a year that would work out to 3600 hours of work spread throughout trails in SoCal! That's a lot of work with minimal effort.

To that end, Crescenta Valley HS coach Banner Moffat, CORBA (Concerned Off Road Bicycle Association) Director Steve Messer, and the US Forest Service are putting on a SoCal League Trail Work Day. The date is Saturday April 7th and the location is Brown Mountain above the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena.

Look for more information coming soon but if you want to get a jump start Banner needs to start getting numbers together. Please contact him directly at bannermoffat@earthlink.net

SoCal Facebook Pages

The SoCal League has two official presences on facebook. We have left our facebook "group" and gone to a facebook "page" for general league information. Please "like" and share the official SoCal League page by clicking HERE.

We also have a group for our coaches and staff to interact. This is a closed "group" called the SoCal High School Cycling League Coach Zone. If you are currently a coach, a volunteer that is part of the ongoing management at races, or seriously considering launching a new club you can ask to join by clicking HERE.


Mar 25 Cruise the Keys

Apr 7 Trail Work Day

Apr 15 Victory at Vail

May 6 Power the Pinnacles

May 20 State Championships

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