CardShark June 2012 Newsletter Wake of the Pro Tour and Grand Prix Last month we saw a Pro Tour and a Grand Prix. These events were important becaus

CardShark June 2012 Newsletter

Wake of the Pro Tour and Grand Prix

Last month we saw a Pro Tour and a Grand Prix. These events were important because the format of choice was Innistrad Block Constructed. The reason that it is important is because this is how Standard will look in around six months when Return to Ravnica is released. I thought that I would paste a quote here from Daily Magic that I found interesting:

"And while this was the last hurrah for the Innistrad Block format, this tournament may serve as the template for Standard's future as block formats often do. It could be that months from now we're watching Wolfir Silverhearts face off against Hellriders and Champions of the Parish every week."

Because certain decks stand out in a major tournaments, there should be cause for notice in both Magic buyers and sellers. The core components of these decks are going to be in high demand in the coming months. So buyers need to get them today and sellers need to be priced accordingly to meet the demand and capitalize on it.

Preparing for Block Rotation

The release of the final set in a given block heralds the curtain call for the previous block of cards from Standard. As you know, upon the release of a new Stand Alone set, the oldest block in Standard rotates out and is no longer legal for that format, which is the most popular format for Friday Night Magic. Therefore, it is imperative for Standard players to begin preparing for block rotation as soon as the final set of a block is released.

While we don't immediately know what decks will be the king of the sea at this time, what we do know is that the Dual Lands of Scars will be leaving, therefore we need to ensure that we get a playset of the Duals found in Innistrad... right now! Check out these prices (prices may change at any time):

Clifftop Retreat $1.94
Hinterland Harbor $2.50
Isolated Chapel $5.25
Sulfur Falls $2.99
Woodland Cemetery $3.75 (Prices may change at any time!)

Oh yea, and you will need to bite the bullet and get a set of Cavern of Souls. Sorry, it is already expensive. Good news is that it won't lose value for a long time!

The other thing that we know is that Miracles are going to be in high demand. Don't think so? Ask the PT Champion about Miracles. It looked like he was playing with 'BIg Boy Cards' during the Top 8 matches while everyone else was playing with decks limited to a small pool of cards. To me, Miracles have the same feeling that Wishes had back in Judgement. They don't look that good in a vacuum, however when your opponent uses them just one time, you will get a wake up call and start hunting for them. Don't wait for that to happen to you. Get them now! Take a look at the 4 Miracles used by Alexander Hayne (PT:AR Champion) (prices subject to change):

Devastation Tide $0.99
Temporal Mastery $16.99
Terminous $3.25
Entreat the Angels $15.99

Finally, another Miracle that you will be seeing for the next year is Bonfire of the Damn. There is no reason to not play it (barring cost and availability). Get it while you can and be prepared to devour your competition.


Attention Sellers - Avacyn Restored!

You know that the set has been released, but do you know what cards are in high demand? It is time to hit the books and study the trends from local events and high profile events to find out what decks are hot and what is on the horizon. Remember, players tend to play the top tier decks, so you must know what is hot and what is cooling.

What did we learn from Pro Tour: Avacyn Restored?

Miracle purchases are most likely going to increase due to the winner playing a control deck that featured 16 Miracles.

Also heavy in the Top 8 was Green, Green, and more Green! Wolfir Silverheart was a beast and was everywhere. Restoration Angel was also very prevalent and relevant to the outcome of the tournament.

What did we learn from Grand Prix: Anaheim?

Boros is still very strong and Silverheart is looking like a true champion of a card. Expect the key cards of these deck archtypes to be in demand!


Buy Cards While on the Go!

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Innistrad Block Sets

In the flavor of Pro Tour: Avacyn Restored and Grand Prix: Anaheim, below you will find quick reference to the sets found in the format that the Pros used -- Innistrad Block Constructed:

Innistrad (Magic / MTGO)
Dark Ascension (Magic / MTGO)
Avacyn Restored (Magic / MTGO)


Magic Online

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