MAY FOCUS: PRAYER: This year on May 5, 2011 we will observe a national day of prayer here in the US. History records President John Adams in 1798 also

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MAY FOCUS: PRAYER: This year on May 5, 2011 we will observe a national day of prayer here in the US. History records President John Adams in 1798 also ordered a solemn day of prayer and in 1952 President Truman declared a national day of prayer. You can read about the history of the National Day of Prayer by clicking here.
In the OT King Solomon called the nation together where he prayed for them and for God’s blessing. Prayer for a nation is key to seeking the blessings from God and His direction. In June our globe will be surrounded by the prayers of many on the international global day of prayer. But, we do not have to wait until then. Will you join us in praying not just for the blessings upon the United States but for all nations and believers that circle our globe? Here are some ideas we found to guide you:

Instruction , Ro 15:4, For everything that was written in former times was written for our instruction, so that through endurance and through encouragement of the scriptures we may have hope.
Honor, Pr 3:6 Acknowledge him in all your ways, and he will make your paths straight.
Obedience Mt 28:20 ,teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And remember, I am with you always, to the end of the age.”
A Teachable Spirit, Ps 2:10,11 So now, you kings, do what is wise; you rulers of the earth, submit to correction! Serve the Lord in fear! Repent in terror!
Family Concerns, Ps 127 If the Lord does not build a house, then those who build it work in vain.......
Integrity,Is 35:4 Tell those who panic, “Be strong! Do not fear! Look, your God comes to avenge! With divine retribution he comes to deliver you.”
Compassionate Spirit, Pr 29:14 If a king judges the poor in truth, his throne will be established forever.
Protection in their area of service, Jn 17:15 I am not asking you to take them out of the world, but that you keep them safe from the evil one.
Faithfulness, Ps 101:6 I will favor the honest people of the land, and allow them to live with me. Those who walk in the way of integrity will attend me.
Prayerful, Lk 11:2-4 So he said to them, “When you pray, say: Father, may your name be honored; may your kingdom come. Give us each day our daily bread, and forgive us our sins, for we also forgive everyone who sins against us. And do not lead us into temptation.”
Humility, 2 Ch 7:14 if my people, who belong to me, humble themselves, pray, seek to please me, and repudiate their sinful practices, then I will respond from heaven, forgive their sin, and heal their land.


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Starting May 2nd, is rewarding people who are using social media to tell others about what we are doing. Over the next few weeks we will be rewarding people who are new followers on Twitter and/or new fans on Facebook.

There are even more chances to win by re-tweeting our designated Tweet or using the hashtag #NETBible to tell others about how much you like the Study Environment.

Each week we will be rewarding people with a NET Bible. There will be 4 winners each week. The more people involved in the process, the better the reward is. Each winner is guaranteed at least a Compact NET Bible, and you could win a Genuine Leather First Edition NET Bible with over 60,000 Translators Notes.

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New Ministry Opportunities


Help us Impact the World

Looking to join a global ministry?
(Volunteer with the opportunity to move to a paid position) Needs:

volunteers/Interns needed: We are trying to improve the navigation of our articles by rating them as to the spiritual maturity level it is targeted at. This will allow our articles to be labeled in ways that will allow our users to more quickly find what they are looking for. The process has been designed we now need help implementing it! see our users group
We are still in need for additional volunteers on Chinese NET Bible project team. NEEDED: Additional Chinese scholars, programmers and people to help build a web site, software products and distribution (read more) Contact us.
Several responded to our call for help: (1) to enhance our NET Bible online environment in Spanish and (2) our Sunday school teachers effort. However, lack of internal staff time and a volunteer to lead these efforts, has caused these efforts to proceed slower than we would like. If you would like to explore leading the effort Contact us.
We are still desiring to work with church mission's committees to build study and resource material that is tailored to the needs of the missionaries they support. The idea would be that we would pull from and the Internet material that would help the mission's committees be more effective and their supported missionaries more productive for the Lord. NEEDED: a person to lead this effort. Contact us


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Promise Keepers and The NET Bible Study Environment

We are pleased to announce that Promise Keepers and have partnered together to provide Promise Keepers the tools needed to provide their visitors and followers an online Bible Study. The NET Bible Study Environment has offered Promised Keepers a Study Environment to call their own.

One of the core missions behind is to support people doing ministry. In our pursuit of doing this not only have we provided over 15,000 articles for people to read/study and enjoy we also have provided one of the most awesome Study Environments on the Internet. For free.

We believe we can come along side ministries and supply them with the tools to do ministry right. Why should a ministry worry about suppling their visitors and their followers with Bible links to verses and studies when they can have their own Study Environment.

If you feel you Organization can benefit from having a Study Environment built just for them, contact Michael Garrett, Dir of Marketing, to see if your organization qualifies for a co-branded Study Environment.


The NET Bible Goes to College

Crown College in Minnesota has just provided their entire campus with the NET Bible Study Environment. We were able to work with Galaxy Software and arranged to have their licenses for the Theological Journals added to the NET Bible Study Environment. Now every student can access the Journals from the Study Environment while they Study. Crown has even made it part of the curriculum. If you feel your school can benefit from this same opportunity please contact Michael Garrett to see how we can partner with your college or university.

header2 reaches pastors around the world has just partnered with "The Institute for Biblical Preaching" in Canada. We will be helping TIBP reach thousands of pastors around the world
by providing TIBP the technology needed to send newsletters, provide material and host radio programs for pastors around the world to download or read/listen on the Internet. This will help pastors grow as they train to preach in their village or towns. They will also be using the NET Bible Study Environment.


Dallas Theological Seminary now supplies NET Bibles to New Students

If you are a new freshmen this year at DTS don’t be surprised if one of your new books is NET Bible. DTS is now giving every new student a NET Bible as part of their seminary books.


Hardly a day goes by that we do not get applications for volunteers and for that we are grateful. Thank you for taking the time to fill out an application. Because of your faithfulness, we thought you might like to know what becomes of those who interact with us here at One “team” is busy translating articles and books into Spanish. Another is translating articles into her native Ethiopian language. One group is ready to assist when we are ready to dive into the building of the Children’s Newsletter. One has become a paid staff member with the tile Director of Marketing and has also taken the lead on building the monthly pastor’s newsletter as well as tending the Men’s Blog “IMPACT” and doing the new Facebook ideas. One gal is organizing and cataloging the children’s articles into the new library that we hope to offer. The other,a native Romanian is busy translating articles into Serbian. As you can see translation work is a key to unlocking God's truths across the globe. But, we have many dreams here that are on our wish list which perhaps you would feel qualified to “lend a hand”. Our dreams include: a monthly newsletter for women and those in women’s ministry; a person who lives locally here in the Dallas area that would take our bookroom and build a lending library. Another dream is to have an on-site Bible Study for people who work in our building and in our neighborhood as well as a weekly prayer time.

What dreams has God given to you that you think we might accomplish? Here’s what is needed: a desire and willingness to be committed to a task; people who have the ability to articulate a clear personal mission statement; telling us why they want to serve, clearly explaining skills and lastly what you, the applicant, dream of accomplishing for Jesus and for Will you consider volunteering your time and talents to build the kingdom? Will you be specific after praying as to what you are willing to offer as your volunteer project?


May God receive the praise for your sacrifice! You can see by the report this month that we have been able to make more contacts and partnerships to get a bible into the hands of everyone on the Internet. Next month we hope to announce our first product into the mobile space. Please review the attached as a reminder to offer your gift this month to help us continue on this journey into the future.

Note- All income (Donations and Bible sales/revenues) are accounted for. As store sales exceed store expenses those profits will be reported as a donation to the foundation.



MAILROOM: Barnabas was known affectionately as Encourager to the NT flock. As you take time to write us you become our present day Barnabas. May we now bless you with notes from near and far.

From Tami: I read messages on your website almost daily in conjunction with what I'm studying in the Bible on that day. I have found most of the messages to be quite stimulating, but beyond that to really further explain the passage to me, to flesh it out, to help me understand it and to minister to me.

From Amy: I have not been able to afford Logos Platinum (or any Logos for that matter) but have been desiring this for a long time. I just discovered the NET Bible study tool yesterday and have already spent 3 hrs this weekend just studying Matthew - it is GREATLY aiding my Bible study time and gives me quick references and resources - especially in the ThM program, I covet having easy access to additional tools for my Bible study time because I think too much!
From Pastor John: I have been reading. I have read the bible for 90 days. Since Feb it has increased my knowledge tremendously and my preaching is not the same. God bless you.
From Jam: I needed a puppet/skit for a Wednesday night missions night meeting on .... "Our marriage to God & our Spouse". After much prayer and finding this link, God lead me to this skit. It has already helped some to have a deeper relationship with God and their spouse; even mine and my husband's. Thank you for serving God.

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Easter Survey Winner

EASTER SURVEY RESULTS: We had so many entries! It was hard to narrow it down to just one, but we were touched with one answer in particular and with the depth of how God is using this time in this person's life and in her circumstances. Please rejoice with us as you read the following survey result from the opposite side of the globe.
The winning entry came from Jenny C who wrote:
"Easter has meant endurance and growth. Endurance in my circumstances in Afghanistan. Not knowing the spiritual condition of soldiers dying around me. ...Read More.. .

Social Networking News


Blogs: The blogging revolution has certainly taken our world by storm. How thankful we are to those who take time to write; time to read; time to respond. Each day check out the blogs page both on the main site and those on the users site.

MAY CONTEST: Our contest for May is for you to tell us how blogging is impacting your life, your understanding, your sharing of ideas, especially in your ministry. Which blog was your favorite so far and why? Just fill in our Web Survey: blogging! and become a winner! As a friendly reminder be sure to include your email so we can contact you.


Facebook:Michael Garrett is our new Facebook “host”. Each week Michael will be choosing a new topic to follow and all topics will be from Thanks to all 14,069 for joining us on this adventure. Be sure to join in on our Facebook page.

Exciting New News

mi women

The Center for Christian Leadership along with the Association of Women’s Ministry Professionals is pleased to host the sixth annual All About Influence: A Women’s Leadership Conference on the Dallas Seminary campus. This year’s event will be on Monday, November 14, 2011, featuring Eliza Morgan as the keynote speaker. The women of have just been approved to present a panel discussion for this next conference. The workshop topic featured will be:

Got an Internet Connection? You Can Have a Ministry!

Regardless of where you are in life, geographically or chronologically, if you have an internet connection you can be salt and light in a dark world. Come have your horizons expanded and see how you too can use the internet to explore and utilize the world wide web resources, all the way from free online Bible research study tools to using social networking for Kingdom purposes. This panel discussion will share their insights and take-away resources as well as demonstrating what real-time ministry looks like with a laptop and internet connection so you can see it done as we do it. Have a laptop? Bring it and join in the fun--see what is available and how to utilize these resources. A handout will be provided as well.