Where's Your #NoamLove? Holy Sasquatch, Batman! There's a #noamlove on the loose! This week everyone is sharing their #noamlove this week because we


Where's Your #NoamLove?

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Holy Sasquatch, Batman! There's a #noamlove on the loose! This week everyone is sharing their #noamlove this week because we all know camp is the best! Also, Israel Tour has a few more spots open, so register if you know someone interested! And the same is true for Summer Camp! Thanks to everyone who filled out our Readers Survey but if you haven't, be sure you do! Additionally, former Mazkira Naomi Russell shares why working for Noam was such a great experience. Dan and Ilana went to a London Citizens training this week, so read all about it! And there is always much, much more including our j4j (Just for Jokes) Gossip Column!

Be in touch and let us know if we are leaving out anything!


Ilana, Dan, Ben, Yoav, Jess, Avigail, & Jessie

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Camp in 1997 marked their diaries!

Diary Time

RIGHT NOW Noam Summer Camp Applications Open
23-24 Feb. 2012: #noamlove
Forthnightly on Thursdays: Moetza Meeting
26 Feb. 2012: Noam Takeover New London
29 Feb. 2012: Mercaz Meeting
7-8 Mar. 2012: Purim!
22-26 Mar. 2012: Marom & Noam Seminar to Budapest
27-30 Mar. 2012: work4noam interviews
6-14 Apr. 2012: Passover (Pesach)
22 Apr. 2012: Yom Masorti at EMS
10 May 2012: Lag B'Omer
26-28 May 2012: Shavuot
3-26 Jul. 2012: Noam Israel Tour 2012
13-19 Aug. 2012: Noam Pre-Camp
20 Aug.-2 Sep.: Noam Summer Camp
NOW:: Drachim Gap Year 2012-2013 Registration Information contact ilana@masorti.org.uk


Noam Summer Camp 2012

Charley 1995

It was even fun in 1995!

As you may be aware, NOAM Summer Camp 2012 applications are now open.

We are filling up quickly but still have a few spaces, and don’t want you to miss out on this opportunity if you are thinking about sending your child to Camp.

We have taken the feedback from last year and Summer Camp 2012 is going to be packed with more activities, full day adventures, and smaller camp groups.

If unsure, just check out all the #noamlove from previous participants on our homepage at noam.org.uk

We can’t wait for what is going to be our best summer yet so Click here to Register!!

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Enjoy that fresh Israel air!

A few spaces left on Israel Tour...

If you know anyone who is interested in going, we have just been made aware that there are some open spaces on Israel Tour this summer. If interested, please contact jessie@masorti.org.uk.




1 man's #noamlove goes a bit too far...

Feb. 23 & 24

On The Web

noamlove is going great!

Share your facebook status a great Noam memory and tag it #noamlove.


Tweet your memory using the hashtag #noamlove.

You can see a live stream of the tweets at noam.org.uk.

Here are some of the highlights from Day 1:

@amelia_morley WHEN NOAM ADDED ME ON SKYPE #noamlove

@taliafromfundon'Chickpeas are required for making me smile.' #noamlove

George the scorpion eater. #tour2010 #noamlove

@ajschonfield Singing "it's your free time you're wasting" to the tune of Amazing Grace with @benosoff @amiel_cohen and the Nevatim Alef tzevet #noamlove

Where's your #noamlove?

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Like sister, like brother. Former Mazkirim and siblings Naomi and Ben Russell

On working for Noam, former Mazkira Naomi Russell said:

‘On the last night of my final Precamp I suddenly felt terrified. As Mazkira I felt the enormous pressure and privilege of being responsible for hundreds of young people who were set to arrive the next morning. I wasn’t sure if I could do it. Then I remembered the core of what Noam was for me; Noam helped me connect with the best in myself and others. All I had to do was be in touch with that. That’s what you get to be as a movement worker. You get to be the holder of the Noam love. Anyone who cares a little bit, anyone for whom Noam has meant something, can do it. And there’s nothing else quite like it.’


Ilana & Dan Go To Citizens UK Training

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Interfaith Vegetable Game

Get organising for the world is organising around you.

By Dan Simons

As a chemist I struggled with this statement. I was taught throughout the year that entropy increases the disorder in the universe but Citizens UK provide a different message. The world is becoming organised and its time we all got involved in this process.
Ilana and I have just completed a 6 day Citizens UK training course in Birmingham and have returned with stories and inspiration. Our week began with a big round. All the people on the training were called upon individually to stand up, introduce themselves and tell the room the political story that influenced you. A Roman Catholic priest stood up and introduced himself to the room, a Quaker introduced himself to the room, a woman who trained priests was next up. As the testimonies continued they became more and more powerful. Up stood Mango, a man who fled the Democratic Republic of Congo when his president and friend was assassinated in a coup d’état, and shared his story. Then Karl, an ex-member of a notorious Brixton based gang arose, showed his scars and told us how he brokered peace between his old gang and the neighbouring gang as his final contribution to gang life. I was gripped and knew that this week was going to be a life changing event. A few more people spoke and suddenly Ilana’s name was called out. Ilana introduced the concept of Noam to the awaiting room and spoke with passion and clarity about Veida. The room listened silently and I could tell they approved. The idea that a 14 year old could stand up to the head of the movement was alien to the room and they were won over. Noam passed test number 1.
The following days brought intense teaching on “the argument”. We were all there because we wanted change, be it in society or in our institution. The only way you can make change is through POWER. Power is power by numbers or power by money-the power we are best at is Relational power. This can be gained by creating relationships through 1-2-1s, and only after this can the action begin. This all made sense to us and is a great model for community work. It would be fair to say that Ilana and I buy into this model for creating effective change.
Now that the training has been completed, I not only feel more confident in the importance of 1-2-1s; I also know more about interfaith and inter-cultural work. I have met inspirational people and am looking forward to working with them in the future.
If Citizens UK and their work interests you then we have an opportunity for you. 100 days of peace is a new initiative resurrecting an ancient Greek tradition. In ancient days of the Olympics a truce would be announced for 100 days allowing safe passage to and from the games. London Citizens are launching the 100 days of Peace project. They want 35 Jews, 35 Christians and 35 Jews to meet on the 21st March to plan a big event for 1000 people to come together during the 100 days of peace. If you would be interested in being involved in 100 days of peace please contact me:


Noam eNewsletter Reader Survey

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Help Us Make A Better ePublication! - WEEK 2

Thanks to everyone who filled the form out last week. If you did not get a chance, please help us and fill out our survey to better serve you!.

Think we left a question off? Email yoav@masorti.org.uk to discuss further or even expand on your answer.


Ice Cream & Cookies



A skill everyone needs, so important the Fray sung about it, How to save a life!! Well we have an unbelievable opportunity to offer:

JCC London is offering a small number of highly subsidised places on its First Aid course for young people (15-18). Complete 6 hours training for a nationally recognised certificate as well as the knowledge of how to save a life and respond in an emergency.
March 4th and 18th 3 - 6pm in Finchley.
£30 total cost.
Email sara@jcclondon.org.uk for details and to book
An opportunity not to be missed!!


Commission on Women in Jewish Leadership and Youth Movements

Women are significantly underrepresented at a leadership level within the Jewish community. The Commission on Women in Jewish Leadership (CWJL) - an initiative of the Jewish Leadership Council (JLC) - was set up to look at the issue and put forward recommendations for change. To this end, the CWJL is urging everyone in the community, both women and men, to contribute their views.

We are particularly interested in views of young people, and we do hope you can find ten minutes to complete the survey and will also come to one of our open meetings.

Please complete the survey at here and attend the Open Meetings at 7.30pm:
London - Thursday 22nd March
Manchester - Monday 26th March
To reserve a place or find out more please email jenna@thejlc.org.

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We are starting a Hebrew club!

weekly visitor

Noam Office Visitors of the Week: Harry Jacobs & Miranda Bud

Fantasy Football Top 5:

1 Liron Velleman's Sussex1103
2 Sam Stanley's Zoidbergs XI
3 Abi Woodrow's Bobigny FC
4 Nicholas Hermingham's Pickled Hermans
5 David Pollins' Hotshots
17 Daniel Simons' Charlton Asmathics

Noam Gossip column 'J4J':

Kanye West said if he was Jewish he would be a Noam madrich.
Jay-Z would like to invest in Noam and is looking to sort out Noam with two private jets.
Gordon Ramsey is cooking on camp this year.
Jamie Oliver teaching cookery on Kaytana.
The Pope is joining Noam Israel Tour.
Noam are putting forward a team to compete in the FA cup next year.

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